Help Find a Missing Cat – Simba

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“Dear PoP,

My cat Simba has been away from home since Sunday afternoon. He is a tan tabby, and is very friendly with people. He goes outside regularly, but he usually returns home in the morning. If we’re not home when he wants to go in, then he usually goes into the basement apartment. But he hasn’t seen him either.

He lives on 13th St., in between Irving and Kenyon. I have walked around looking for him, and I can’t find anything. Also, I called Animal Control and they do not have him.

Again, he is a male, tan tabby, wearing a black collar and has a lil bump above his right eye.”

Please email me princeofpetworth (at) gmail (dot) com with any sightings.

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  • He’s a beautiful kitty. I remember seeing him in the contest. I hope you find him soon.

    And commenters for the love of god, please no finger-wagging diatribes about not letting cats roam. Whatever your feelings are on the subject, this is not the time or place to air them.

  • Thank you Divine!

  • I hope Simba gets home safe and soon!

  • On a lighter side, do you think Simba met up with Lumpy to take out Dr. Dre?

  • I remember Simba from the pet contest, and have actually met him in person walking along 13th Street. Here’s a photo I took of him. At the time he had a small wound on his head so he must get into scrapes on occasion. I hope he’s OK- traffic is pretty heavy on 13th Street!

  • Well I did give him a bath on Sunday afternoon. So he was definitely ready for a night on the town.

  • Simba, I hope you find your way back home. Love, Grandma

  • I actually think its the owners of cats who dont let them roam that are aweful. If I see one more fat depressed cat in a 600 sq foot apartment Ill snap. I’ve never seen a house cat that didnt look downright miserable.

  • I had a VERY similar looking cat named Nala. She was one of those funny polydactyls (7-toed cat).

    Good luck on your search.

  • I’ve seen a similar cat recently in the alley between Monroe and Park, closer to the 14th St side.

  • Dear Other Anonymous – I think if cats could talk, they would express a preference for living in a smallish apt where they are loved and cared for over, say, being put to sleep because no one chose them at the shelter. Apt cats might not lead the most exciting lives, but it’s better than the alternative for many of them. Regards, Anonymous Two/Too

  • Not to start a big “cat fight” and trying to remain constructive and positive, but for the record, all the major animal welfare organizations disagree with Anonymous 4:07. My cats have been indoor-only, and have lived happy (and safe!) lives. Oliver gets PLENTY of simulated-hunting playtime. You just need to be a little creative and vary the routine:
    There you go Anonymous 4:07, now you can say you’ve seen a house cat that certainly doesn’t look “downright miserable.” You should see him when we get the laser pointer out! 🙂

  • MR T. If you kept me locked up all my life I’d get a kick out of batting at plastic shit from petco too. Your cat just has Stolkholm syndrom thats all.

  • I came across a very sad scene 2 weeks ago in front of my place @ 13th and Irving. Poor kitty was struck and killed. I went door to door looking for the owner and was greeted by 3 people with a curt “What do you want.” When you find Simba safe, maybe give some serious thought to letting her roam. Our neighborhood is indeed lovely but the unfortunate truth is that there is a lot of traffic and folks driving just way too fast.

  • Mr. T is right. And Oliver is one cool cat!

  • Mr T – Well you tried to make a good and fair point (even using photographic evidence), but clearly Anon 4:07 is one of those people who has nothing useful to say but still feels compelled to comment on postings for their own childish purposes. In fact he sounds a lot like someone else I’ve encountered previously on PoP whose only “goal” is to make obnoxious, moronic comments in response to people who have asked for help. A lot of class, all of it low.

  • Anonymous: I didn’t want to start a brouhaha but please see the literature from the ASPCA, HSUS WHS, etc. or ask any reputable veterinarian before spouting off about “locked up” animals. Why not let all dogs roam “free” too, they’re basically wolves? I’ve been a responsible cat owner for 20 years, have thoroughly researched the issue, and will not be discouraged by anonymous attacks on the internet. I certainly know Oliver better than you do, and he’s surely happier playing indoors than being run over by a car, used for training attack dogs, or infected by a diseased feral cat. Or, just going missing…

  • Actually, I THINK I saw this cat run through the alley behind the Embassy apartments (Harvard & Mt. P) around Thursday morning. He was heading west down the alley. He didn’t look like a stray. The owner may want to put some posters up there as the alley may be his stomping grounds.

  • So sorry to hear that he’s missing! I see Simba all the time on my way home from work and he’s always super friendly. I’ll keep my eyes peeled in the neighborhood.

  • Stephanie – hope Simba comes home safe. You did however, choose to share your pain and anxiety with this online community, so you also have to accept the inevitable chastisement from those who believe it is wrong to let cats roam at will in a busy city. This site is full of pet lovers. We’re all feeling bad right now and hoping your friend is found.

    But I’m also resentful of having to feel vicarious (though comparatively minor in the scope of world hurt) pain.

    Twice recently my (ancient but still atavistically (sorry, is that even a word?) feral) dog has broken the leash to chase loose cats. Once running into the street, where a horrified driver braked just in time. Could have been one dead cat, one dead dog and two injured people.

    Please re-think the Wild Kingdom fantasy.

  • Thanks all. I put a bunch of flyers up around Columbia Heights. I came across a similar looking cat, however he did not have a collar on, nor did he have the bump above his right eye.

    Also, Simba was rescued in Missouri as an outdoor kitten. Trapping him indoors is not an option. He gets feisty.

  • All creatures can learn to live new lives.

  • I’ll be looking out for him — please post something to let us know once he’s found!

  • I am happy to report that Simba has made his way home. He was waiting at the back door early this morning. I gave him plenty of food, and he is now cuddled on the bed 🙂

    Thank you all for your help and concern!

  • Yay! Congrats on Simba’s return, Stephanie – always good to hear a happy ending!

  • Nothing tomcats like a tomcat…

  • Whew!!! I am so happy to hear he came home and is safe now. My prayer was answered.

  • Whew! Glad to hear he’s returned and is OK!

  • So Grandma with the prayer mojo – could you please take care of Afghanistan next?

  • Definitely got the prayer mojo working on Afghanistan among other things.

  • Hi Stephanie,
    FYI – your cat is not a tabby. He is a domestic shorthair.
    The American Shorthair Tabby is actually a very different breed. More information here:
    As the owner of an American Shorthair Tabby, it frustrates me to no end that people have this ongoing confusion.
    In short, not to sound snobby, but your cat is plain. Tabbys are purebreeds.
    And while I’m at it, as long as you insist on having your cat outside (ugh!), I hope you at least have him fixed. You do, right?
    (Even fixed cats can cause terror on other cats and birds)

  • Thought: My cat it not fixed, he actually underwent surgery to have his ball enlargened. So he’s out there creating more “Tabby’s”! Watch out, your child is next!!!!

  • And Thought: Thanks for your concern over Simba’s safety. I’m glad you “really” care about my cat.

  • Thought: A tabbly is a cat with stripes, not a breed of cats.

    Tabby cat
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The tabby cat has a distinctive coat that features stripes, dots, or swirling patterns, usually together with an “M” mark on its forehead. Tabbies are sometimes erroneously assumed to be a breed of cat.[1] In fact, the tabby pattern is found in many breeds of cat, as well as among the general mixed-breed or mongrel population. The tabby pattern is a naturally occurring feature that may be related to the coloration of the domestic cat’s distant ancestor, the African Wildcat.

  • Grandma Stephanie,

    Glad to see you find stray cats mating with other strays so funny.

    Next time you lose your cat, a more accurate description would be to call it a tan domestic shorthair tabby (color/breed/coat); doing so will keep people from looking for any old tan tabby cat. Thats like saying “look for the tan car” vs. “look for the tan Honda Accord.”

    As for me not caring about your cats safety, I wasn’t the one that repeatedly let it outside in a densly populated city. I do, however, care about the other cats in the neighborhood, as well as the seasonal migrating birds that pass over the DC area.

    I’m glad your cat finally returned after you let him outside, but remember that those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it. A trip to the WARL or Humane Society would be an eye opening experience for any owner who lets their dog/cat outside.


  • Stephanie – you were really kidding about Simba not being neutered right? Please tell us you were kidding.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ok, I gotta jump in here. Yes, I’m certain Stephanie was kidding. I don’t really think she had the cat’s balls enlarged. Tabby or not this is getting a bit ridiculous. That cat was lost. The cat is found. This is a happy ending. Lets move on…

  • Is Dr. Dre ok? I’m convinced that Simba was teaming up with Lumpy to send Dr Dre on a trip, like down at the bottom of the river.

  • Prince Of Petworth: You’re right, we did have a happy ending and were moving on until “Thought” jumped in with his negative comments. I’m done. Simba came home and that’s all that matters.

  • That’s not really all that matters – I know Stephanie was kidding about having her cats balls enlarged, but she did say specifically “My cat is not fixed.” As a neighbor and an animal lover, I’m concerned about the cruel fate of the 50+ “accidental” alley kittens that an un-neutered male cat may have generated in his 2 days of roaming.

    I’m tired of seeing cat pizza in the road, torn-up cat carcasses from fights and shriveled dessicated skeletons. This isn’t the Garden of Eden.

  • Victoria: We are helping control the pet population by having all our pets spayed or neutered. So no worries from Simba.

  • Don’t let this happen to Simba (from todays’ WPost):

    Tabby victim of car

    35TH ST. NE, 100 block, Oct. 29. After examining the severely decomposed body of an 8-month-old male tabby, an officer determined it had suffered injuries consistent with being hit by a car. The owner said the cat typically spent a lot of time outdoors and had not been seen for several days.

  • Victoria: I understand about animals being hit. My dog Bandit (an entry in the Pet Contest this year) was hit by a car last March. Even though he survived the crash, after spending over $10,000 to do everything we could, the damages were too severe and we had to put him to sleep 🙁

    It’s tough being faced with the decision to let him out. And I just hope that he comes home everyday. But, he enjoys the outdoors, and keeping him inside is very difficult. He becomes very miserable and starts attacking me.

    I just know I drive more cautiously in the city now.

  • Grandma / Stephanie:
    So even after spending $10,000 and losing your dog to being hit by a car, you still insist on letting him out because “he becomes very miserable and starts attacking me”?
    I would rather suffer the pain (?!?!) of my cat “attacking me” than see him get hit by a car. But hey, what do I know?

  • I’m so glad Simba was found! I love how he always says ‘what’s up’ to me when I’m walking home from the metro. That’s an awesome cat!

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