Graham Announces Re-election Campaign


From a press release:

“In an email to supporters, D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) formally launched his 2010 re-election campaign.

“We should all be proud of the progress we’ve made,” Graham said in the email, “But there is more work to be done addressing the challenges created by these tough economic times.”

Graham was first elected to the D.C. Council in 1998. In 2006 he won re-election with 86% of the vote in the Democratic primary and 97% in the general election.

“Ward One is home to the most amazing people I have ever met,” said Graham. “In Ward One there is an abundance of great ideas, hope and hardworking people with a shared commitment for a better future. We are faced with challenges everyday, but we tackle them by working together and building on our accomplishments. It is an honor to represent the residents of Ward One.”

Support for Graham across Ward One –the most culturally diverse ward in D.C.– is indicated by the backing of an overwhelming majority of ANC Commissioners including, in a preliminary list, support from 5 of the 8 ANC Commissioners in Adams Morgan. Tenant leaders in the big buildings lining 14th Street and key Ward 1 business leaders including Kamal Ali of Ben’s Chili Bowl, Andy Shallal of Busboys and Poets, and Constantine Stavropolous of Tryst/Diner have endorsed Graham.

In his email, Graham cited accomplishments in his fight for safer neighborhoods, preventing gang violence, tenant rights and affordable housing, environmentally friendly cost-effective urban transportation, small business opportunities, creating jobs, and better schools. A detailed list of these accomplishment is available on the campaign website,”

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  • Did he mention Oscar Fuentes, the dead 9 year old, when he mentioned “safer neighborhoods, preventing gang violence, tenant rights and affordable housing…”?

  • Ironically, at 14th Street and Columbia Rd some of the “affordable” housing is to blame for an unsafe neighborhood and is a destination where gang violence or just violence occurs. I wonder what would happen if the government got out of the affordable housing business and focused on the safe neighborhood and gang prevention business. If more areas were safe and gang-less would we have a larger supply of housing that would keep prices lower… I think so.

  • why are there not term limits for our council members ?

  • Jim Graham may be doing a lot of good, but I’m having trouble with the coerced abortions thing. And the lack of Metro accountability. And that burnt out eyesore on Mt. Pleasant St. Hopefully there will be a better choice available to us come fall 2010.

  • 10 Years on Metro’s board…known safety problems with “collision avoidance”…9 people die…Catoe subsequently gets a lifetime pension from Mr Graham…

    1 payment for a coerced abortion for his chief of staff’s ex girlfriend who he is charged with assaulting and who’s arrested in an FBI sting for accepting bribes from cab owners to influence Mr Graham which will raise the cost of cabs for the average DC resident.

    Brilliant! He’s got my vote!

  • was Ted Loza at his reelect announcement? or is he still in jail?

  • Dirty, you’ve touched on one of my favorite current conspiracy theories re: DC continued crapulence. In my mind, there is an abundance of affordable housing throughout much of the city, in fact much of it is so affordable it is abandoned and boarded up. While not immediately liveable, it should at least be a prime candidate for fixing up. However, the problem is not affordability, but rather safety. The housing is very affordable in, say, Anacostia, but many people try not to live there due to the violence. But just think, were all these underutilized areas to suddenly become safe and desirable, what would happen to home values in NW? If thousands of new classic townhouses and rowhouses suddenly came on the market, wouldn’t the ultra-posh areas of DC decline somewhat in value? Do you think that market dynamic causes our leaders to keep much of DC poor and violent, in that their prime constituencies (developers, landlords, rich people etc) profit the most from that?

    My other conspiracy theory relates to federal assistance for the poor. You got to figure that in DC, every person below the poverty line is worth a significant dollar value to DC government, which collects and misappropriates tens of thousands of dollars per impoverished person every year. What is the incentive for DC government to move people out of poverty in that situation? Does DC gov not do very well with its hundreds of millions of dollars in federal poverty assistance? And by “do well” I mean stealing it, a la the recent coverage of misused HIV funding?

    There, I’ll go put my tinfoil hat on, look forward to any comments.

  • By DC standards The Grahamstander has presided over “progess”. By the standards of those not on drugs or dependant on the status quo for their daily bread he simply sucks. DC will continue to be a depressing place to live long term until people like The Grahamstander are tossed out on their corrupt asses.

  • Ward 1 has progressed tremendously in the past five years or so. Perhaps not fast enough for some, and perhaps not in every way we could hope, but to claim the ward has either stagnated or regressed over that same period seems a stretch. From what I can tell he has not overtly attempted to impede that progress. I can’t say one way or the other whether he deserves any credit for it. So long as this continues he has a job for life, even with the corruptions issues surrounding him.

    I’m not particularly for or against him. Just calling the situation as I see it and going on how local politics tend to take shape in most towns, especially this one.

  • Pennywise – you are not alone… I just had a really long post swallowed by the depths of hell.

    Quick summary – less crime, less cops, less dues, smaller union, less votes. Food assistance, same thing… less poverty, less gov’t mgmt, less dues, smaller union, less votes.

    You have producers of tax revenue and consumers of tax revenue…

    This is one of my favorite stories…

    “To accommodate any big box there would require a public-private venture,” he said.

    That may be a deal breaker. A spokesman for Mayor Adrian Fenty’s economic development office, Sean Madigan, said any assistance for Wal-Mart is off the table.

    “Over the last couple of years we’ve had numerous discussions about [Epperson’s] plans for his site next to Poplar Point,” Madigan said and added: “We’re not entertaining any subsidies to bring Wal-Mart to the city for any site.”

    The economic development office doesn’t want jobs and affordable goods in an area of the city that desperately needs both… Wal-mart happens to be non-union, say it ain’t so…

  • oh my goodness anon 4:26, that link was so inappropriate and so hilarious!

  • I largely agree with you Jimmy D re the Ward’s progress in the last 5-10 years. When I moved to the area the gang problems were worse than now (even considering the recent shooting). There was no yellow line to Ft Totten. And of course there was no DC USA. Aside from the yellow line, though, I don’t know how much credit Graham deserves for any of this. I do know he has also pushed for more roads (reopen Klingle Road), opposed support for some city development (Nationals Stadium), and then there is the whole Loza association – none of which I like. It could be an interesting race to watch, but on the other hand, it could be like you say, a job for life.

  • @ inmtpl

    A while back the citizens of the District overwhelming voted to approve term limits through a referendum…the Council overturned that. At the time it was overturned, the Grahamstander vowed to adhere to what the citizens wanted…obviously not so much.

  • All donations can be palmed to Teddy in $500 increments.

  • Graham’s made his share of mistakes, but I think they are outweighed by the good things he’s done for Ward 1.

    I wonder if he’d ever consider running for mayor.

  • I just hope folk will really examine Graham’s record pros and cons. Then think about our future and make a choice and then become active in the process. Most key development was in the pipeline before Graham was in office. He help to unstick some projects and on the other hand jam other projects up. He and his team are good at addressing low level constituent services issues, but has missed real opportunities to make solid progress in terms of public safety, parks, schools and other neighborh infrastructure issues. He has totally mishandled the redevelopment of Georgia Ave. and the 14th St. above Monroe St. and Below Harvard St. His overall grade as a CM would be about a “C”. The question is is a “C” good enough for Ward 1’s future. In my view its time to thank him for the good he as done and look to new leadership to move us forward.

    Graham has been looking to run At-Large at least since 2003/04 and it has shown in his performance. He’s been coasting since.

  • the last thing we should do is listen to W Jordan.

  • I’ve liked Jim Graham. He’s served his constituents well, and is the best of the three councilmen we’ve had in Ward One since home rule. That doesn’t mean he should be our Ward One councilman forever.

    Just as he comes from a generation when character was everything; elective public service wasn’t a career either.

    You served a term or two in the thankless job of public office because someone, some honest elder had to step down to do it, then moved on, and let another honest elder make the sacrifice to serve -and serve honorably.

    Problem is that it’s no longer a step down, but much too often a step up. Nor is it a sacrifice to serve with much too many perks and unqualified, overpaid staff that could never make those salaries in the private sector. His chief of staff is a crook and on paid leave. Where’s the accountability. In the private sector would the crook be on paid leave awaiting a trial ?

    Too bad he couldn’t excercise better judgement, have better expectations and higher standards of his staff as he does for the devotion of his time and his personal attire. Unqualified staff remain in his office; former bartenders, etc. making salaries they could never make in the private sector.

    We deserve much better public servants in the District of Columbia both elected and non-elected officials. Just as citizens, we should have higher standards of who we elect; the elected and the non-elected professional managers (all of them public servants) should excercise much better judgement, have higher standards of who works for the city from the bottom up, and much, much, much better oversight and accountability of the public till.

    Ten years is enough. Thank you for your service, Jim Graham. Keep your word on term limits.

    It’s not a step down either for the only very poor alternative thus far, community organizer Bryan Weaver, who shouldn’t hold any public office.

  • @Anon 2:48 pm: Whoa what’s that about Bryan Weaver? As far as I know he is a stand-up guy and I’d wager incorruptible. Tell us more.

  • I would wager that @Anon 2:48 p.m. is a cranky Adams Morgan business owner….but seriously @Anon 2:48, if you’re going to lob accusations about someone (Bryan Weaver), please follow them up with some facts, something substantial.

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