Good Deal or Not? Reader Request

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middle home

This home is located at 1317 Wallach Place, NW:

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The flier says:


More info found here and a virtual tour found here.

The reader writes:

“Here’s one I think your readers will have a field day with. Just wow.”

I think the reader is referring to the paint choices and decorating. It definitely has a consistent style. Do you dig it? This 3 bed/1.5 bath is going for $820,000.

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  • Whoa! Someone’s been hitting the Wednesday antiques auction out at Crumpton, MD.

  • I didn’t know Elton John had a place in the city!

  • I feel like I just got off a roller coaster. That yellow kitchen paint kinda hurt my eyes, and this was just a photo.

  • It’s a lot of look.

  • Someones got their weave on too tight if they think that is worth 820K!

  • $820K for a house with no updated kitchen or bathrooms? And here I thought the real estate market had come back to normal…

  • ouchie, my eyes. still, if its in good condition, that’s probably a great deal for a 3 bedroom house in a pretty much ideal location. the kitchen looks like it could use an update. the other decorating choices can be fixed with a dumptruck and a coat of paint.

  • That dining room green reminds me of the green in Mount Vernon dining room. I sort of like the color (not including the kitchen – too bright and I hate, hate, hate yellow) and it sort of nice to see colors that aren’t muted.

    I do love those stairs and railings and all the trim work is good. I think it seems a bit price and would be surprised if it sold for over $800,000.

  • That price is ridicuous. Should be on the market for while. I have been watching the market around the U Street metro, and only recently renovated homes of that size with parking are going for that much money or slightly more…

  • My type of house after I gut the kitchen and bathroom and repaint everything. They’ll be lucky if they get $735,900 in this economy.

  • They took a box of chicklets to Sherwin Williams and had a perfect color match done.

  • If it means the house I just bought in Petworth will be worth as much in 7-10 years, then YES it’s worth it. If not, then NO WAY!

  • @MK — really? I was thinking $735,850 tops. 🙂

  • The sellers should agree to repaint all the walls, I can’t imagine trying to paint over some of those dark colors. Yuck. Could be a cool house though with better paint and decorating choices (but still slightly overpriced given the kitchen and bathrooms).

  • “We went back and forth on the interior design, but eventually settled on a fusion style combining both garish Victorian and contemporary Vomit.”

  • Please PLEASE stop commenting or at least reduce all the comments on the decor.
    So immature.

  • Houses around U street can pull this kind of price… but not this one. Other than hideous paint, nothing has been renovated. It doesn’t even appear to have central air. The most updated things are the 80s basement and kitchen and both require full renovations at this point. Biggest problem with it is the unseen — the fact that it shares an alley with the Rite-Aid and other shops on U Street. That makes for a really bad neighbor. Also, I can’t imagine resale being very good once construction begins on the hotel proposed for that corner of 13th and U and a tall sun-blocking bohemoth of a building is constrcuted in this house’s backyard. So, without considering the alley\future hotel, it should fetch low to mid 700s, maybe 750 if lucky. Giving thought to the future hotel and nasty alley — I wouldn’t buy it even if I could pay with someone else’s money.

  • It seems overpriced given its current state, but how much would a renovated home on Wallach (an admittedly great street, right by the metro, etc.) cost?

  • All the colors of a pride flag inside! This homo is impressed.

  • I…I don’t know quite what to say. It’s hard to see past the decor, honestly. I’m puzzled by the chair in the middle of the bed frame…

    I think that’s a big price tag given what “bored at work” shared about the location.

  • Not sure if they’re serious or fishing. That’s a seriously lazy staging effort. If I was serious about selling, if nothing else tone down the color. I’d probably recommened toning down the furnishings too.

    A savy buyer gets past these things, but a savy buyer is tuned into price too, and this seems a little high. I would only put up with this stuff for some level of bargain. Maybe the sellers have an ideal price point and they’re seeing if the market has corrected enough to realize it.

  • The backyard is awful. The colors are bad -but it is just paint. I can’t believe devaluing a house because of paint. I do agree on the kitchens and baths and whoever saud $735K.

  • Yeah I have to imagine the alley here is a HUGE problem. I looked at another house on that block, and once you go out your back door, you are greeted by fast food restaurant dumpsters lined up across the alley. I’m guessing this could be one of the most rat-filled alleys in the district.

  • @bored at work: the hotel will be on the north side so will not block a singal ray of light. it could even bounce a little light back into the backyard… just sayin’.

  • @14t: True, but the alley will be narrower. Currently, as can be seen in the tour, the alley is very wide because there is some extra space (for dumpsters, cars, and rats) between the alley and the back of the shopping strip. The hotel, however, will fill up the property up to the alley. Even if not directly blocking sunlight, the hotel will be much closer than the current low level building seen beyond the alley and at least two to three times taller (or more), thus resulting in a really tall wall (and likely no privacy) right across the alley from this property. Not to mention the fact that the construction of the hotel contemplates a garage meaning the construction site (once it starts) will be a big dig for some time.

    Heh… it sounds like I’ve got something against this property. I really don’t. As a U St. property owner, I want nothing more than higher values. But this one at $820k is just ridiculous and I wouldn’t be surprised if the sellers know full well of this hotel plan but aren’t planning on disclosing it to buyers.

  • Construction will rattle all the existing structures nearby.
    Expect cracking foundations and all that goes with it.

  • whoa, you don’t often see Haute Bordello these days….

  • holy paint job jesus christ

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