Good Deal or Not? “Pets but no Dogs” Condo Edition

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This condo is located at 2627 Adams Mill Road, NW:

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The flier says:

“Top floor 2 level spacious, sun-filled living with stunning finishes throughout. KIT w/ custom cabinetry, granite counters, GE appliances. LRG bedroom w/ ample custom closets. Bathroom w/ walk-in shower, designer vanity & sink. 9’+ceilings, hrdwood floors, W/ D in unit, controlled building access. Roof deck w/ stunning views. Low condo fee, walk to METRO, Adams Morgan, Kalorama, Woodley. Pets but no dogs.”

You can find more info and photos here.

I gotta say this looks much nicer than I thought it was going to. What do you think of the condo itself? Does $369,900 sound reasonable for this 1 bed/1 bath?

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  • That’s the Avalon that was all-but gutted by fire and water damage back in 2007. One thing is for sure, you’ll be getting a brand new unit…

  • I love the hardwood floors! The kitchen is a little cramped, and it looks like there’s either space for a dining room table or a sofa, but not both! Pretty unit for a single person.

  • where’s the W/D?

  • Wait a minute, is this the condo building where Gary Condit used to live, and where Chandra Levy was a regular visitor?

  • Are dog restrictions common for condos? I thought one of the reasons you bought a place is so you could do whatever you want with it. I understand restrictions for rentals because people are concerned about damage, but I though most condos allowed dogs.

    This seems to be a negative even if you don’t have a pet in that it limits your possible buyers when you sell it. I suppose there are some people who might think a building with no dogs is desirable but I would think for most people, living in a dog-free building is either neutral or a negative.

  • I for one would love to live in a dog-free building…

  • Looks like a pretty sweet batchelor’s pad. 625 feet split between two levels is a bit cramped though. Great condo fee if it stays that low. Overall, I think it’s a pretty decent set-up for someone that doesn’t mind living in a smaller space.

  • It’s hard to figure out what rooms are on what levels. I can’t get a sense of the layout of this place at all from these photos. Where is the staircase in relation to the kitchen and the bedroom?

  • This place was fixed up by the same company who was lined up to do the building on Mt. Pleasant St. that was destroyed by fire…Unfortunately the owners of that building are such slimeballs apparently that company had to stop working with them.

  • No Mr. T. The Condit building is next door…2611 Adams Mill.

  • I’m voting “no” due to the low square-footage as well as the no-dogs policy.

    I don’t understand condos that prohibit dogs entirely. I can understand a size limit, but absolute prohibition is just ridiculous. It’s unfair and, as Jamie stated, it limits resale opportunities. There’s always a compromise. Too bad people insist on being so rigid.

    However, the dog prohibition could not legally apply to someone who has a service dog. So, I’m really hoping someone who has one falls in love with this unit and buys it. Screw you, anti-dog people. 😉

  • Perhaps because the units are so small, ANY sized dog’s barking is un-neighborly. And regarding service dogs – they aren’t barkers. It seems that to have a choice to not hear barking would be pleasant. Since all other condos apparently allow dogs, this would be quieter if quiet was important to a buyer. Have a dog? Buy anyplace else but here.

  • Agreed, I love dogs, but not the owners who can’t care for/train their dogs to be good neighbors in such tight quarters. Most people don’t train their dogs for condo living, so I don’t think that “no dogs” is an unreasonable rule.

  • dogs in condos are awful. barking, peeing in elevators, etc etc. no thanks.

  • I’m trying to understand what is “custom” about the KIT cabinetry. Is it because it was ordered at Home Depot for especially for this unit?

    My dogs are barkers so I guess I won’t be moving here.

  • The building shown is 2611. It’s the Gary Condit building and I used to live there.

    2627 is the building to the left. It was redone after a fire a couple of years ago.

    A certain ESPN show host lives there.

  • I thought I recognized the building in the photo as Condit’s, but the unit for sale is actually in the building next door? I wonder what became of Condit’s old unit.

  • I think the building pictured is 2627. To the left is 2633 and to the right is 2611.

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