Good Deal or Not? Multiple Reader Request

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This home is located at 734 Rock Creek Church Road, NW:

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The flier says:

“Beautifully renovated 1910 townhome on a quiet street just one block from Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro/Shopping Ctr. Main level entry with artfully exposed brick, LR w/ fire-place, elegant dining, btfl kitchen. Second level 3BRs, ldry rm, 3rd level light-flooded master BR-Suite w/sitting area, study, his/hers closets, dbl vanity and jet tub, lwr lvl 2BR aptmt with Cert. of Occupancy,rent $1500/month”

More info and photos found here. I’ve received the most emails requesting a GDoN for this house. It does look pretty nice, but most who’ve written think the price may be a bit high. What do you guys think of the home itself? Do you think $724,900 is realistic?

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  • Nice big house, but defin. overpriced for the area. Should be about 500 to 550.

  • Sorry, don’t like. Ridiculous price.

  • Lots of room but overpriced by about $225,000. Please tell me those aren’t popcorn ceilings I’m seeing or is it a bad stucco job?

  • I like it (though yeah, those do look like popcorn ceilings) and the location is great but it is a bit overpriced. Probably will sell somewhere between $550 and $600.

  • For what it’s worth, NOT Columbia Heights.

  • WAYYY over-priced. These people are out of their minds. The kitchen is crap – mismatched appliances and cheap looking cabinets – and what is that big white thing stcking out near the door. For this price I would expect custom finishes, not lowest common denominator kitchens and baths.

  • That basement apartment door does not meet code. I bet the basement unit is illegal, built without building permits or zoning approval.

  • way too expensive. Petworth isn’t quite there yet.

  • zip code is Columbia Heights on that side of Rock Creek Church

  • The ad says C of O for a two unit, which means zoning and someone signed off on the renovation. (given dc that may mean $50 and a cheeseburger) Of course when you go to register it, good luck w/ the inspection.

  • Way overpriced…and what is going on with the kitchen floors? Seems nice enough but it almost feels as though the decorator touches make it seem a little bit nicer than it actually is…does that make sense?

  • So would that basement 2 bedroom really get $1500 a month? I’m genuinely curious.

  • uh. If I’m looking in that price range I’m looking in Mount Pleasant. No offense Petworthians and Parkviewers,.

  • or you could buy this house for 70k less. Can’t find pics of the inside but the description sounds similar

  • If I was a realtor and went to this house for a consult and the owners told me they wanted this list price. I would take off my tight driving glove one finger at a time and slap them across the face with it. Then giggle and leave. Please post the follow up to this house.

  • Is that actual popcorn that has been glued to the ceiling? Gross.

  • plus, you really won’t like living on that block. Some sketchy dudes to hang out with between there and your walk to the Metro.

  • I think it’s worth $600k, $500k if the basement apartment needs to be dug out to meet code.

    Also, don’t popcorn ceilings indicate the ceilings have been replaced due to a leak? I’d want that inspected pretty thoroughly.

  • The toilet in the master looks like it escaped from the early 90’s, the bathroom vaities are cheap and old. Totally overpriced. You could get a nice place in a better NW neighborhood for that. How long till a major price reduction?

  • Not a bad house. Decent rental unit. I echo the $600k worthy factor.

  • That is a great location, directly across the street from the Metro. For 725 though I would expect something spotless and stunning because a buyer would know they’d be buying the nicest and most expensive house in the neighborhood and hoping for the values of the area to catch up eventually.

  • its a nic e block. it’s in Columbia Heights. Rents run between 1000-1300 in this market. I should know, I own of total of six rental units on this stretch of Rock Creek Church Road. Price-wise, its more like 500-550. $729k is way too high. Good luck though. If it works, look for more to come because I’ll put my units up too.

  • the house is nice..but the price is apsurd

  • The ad might “say” they have a CofO for 2-units, but that doesn’t mean they do. That porch is in public space. You can have a projecting bay into public space, or a porch in public space. You can’t have both. That enclosed room under the porch is not legal. Neighbors have that condition too, so let’s just say lots of stuff got done between 85 and 95 when DC government couldn’t tie it’s shoes. If the new owners go to make it official with Zoning today, they’d be told to take a hike.

  • Used to live right next door to this house. Remember how we used to love the back of the house, since it is enclosed and nice (ours had a small fence and grass). But, to be honest, ours looks better, the kitchen had all in stainless steel and last time I checked, the house I used to live in was worth around a little less than 600k

  • Way overpriced! That street is sketchy & from the exterior this house looks sketchy. The slate on the porch is nice, but the rest of the front needs an overhaul. The kitchen & baths need to be done properly. The popcorn ceilings need to go & the interior needs crown molding. The fact that it does have a lot of space & is close to metro is a plus. As an interior designer who has sold many homes all within a few days, I would do the necsary upgardes, stage the home, & lower the price to $575,000.

  • Would you believe, according to the archives held at St Gabriel, this house was a convent for The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary from 1924 to 1925 when the convent at 719 Varnum St was completed as the order was founded in Montreal in the 19th Century by Mother Rose Durocher.

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