Good Deal or Not? Ivy Covered Edition


This home is located at 4418 14th Street, NW:

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The flyer says:

“Welcome to this Oversized and Very Well Kept Traditional Row House. This home boasts five spacious bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a sunroom, a breakfast room, a 3rd story deck, and much more! Your buyers will also love the vast green space that includes an ivy covered trellis, an English garden with flowering shrubs, climbing roses, azaleas, hydrandeas and perennials.”

More info and photos found here.

There’s lots of nice original details in this home. I guess the main question I have – would it bother you to live on a really busy street like 14th? Does $500,000 sound reasonable for this 5 bed/3 bath (even though the kitchen looks like it needs some updating)?

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  • Seems steep for an unrenovated house directly on 14th st. I like the original details, but I don’t think it will fetch $500k. If it was on the quieter 15th st or a side street, maybe. but not on 14th.

  • This part of 14th is busy but not excessively so. You’ll have more trouble from your loud neighbors blasting their music on the porch in the summer. Judging by the work it needs or some decent staging, its overpriced by $50,000 at least.

  • I’d say overpriced by at least 100K. Nothing about that house screams “Buy ME!”

  • I think it’s worth it. This screams home not house. Plenty of room which is hard to come by for less than 500.

  • I would guess that when it sells this will roughly be the sales price though I would bet it going for a little less. Yes it needs significant upgrades in the kitchen and bath and the location is not ideal for kids, but it is 5 bedrooms and 3 baths in a relatively good location.

    My house in a good location on the Hill but only 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bath would have sold for about that price during the boom.


    I really like the green space, someone really put a lot of work into making a nice garden area. The house itself doesnt knock me out though.

  • definitely needs some modernization, but actually looks better than I thought it would having only seen the outside for quite some time.

    I was actually surprised by how there hasn’t been a half-ass attempt at renovation. For the price, size and neighborhood I think it’s pretty good (note: bias neighbor). Yes, 14th street is less than ideal, but i think the place has good potential and actually sits up off 14th street a bit.

    @ ET, re kids friendly, I would disagree. Across the street is a baseball field, tot lot, pool and dog park. The neighbor has two small kids too. Kids in the neighborhood and there’s an active neighborhood group,

  • I couldn’t figure out the floorplan to save my life, and usually I can figure that out – when the realtor provides useful photos. Where is the room with the fireplace mantel? At the back of the house?

  • janie4

    OK – one of the full baths and a second kitchen are in the basement, so it has income potential, but given the condition, I’d say 25k for renovation to make it into income producing.

    Downsides –

    No central air
    far from metro
    not updated kitchen (although nice retro stove)
    Based on the age of the renovations/bathroom, you’re looking at electrical and plumbing issues.

    It looks like whoever this was loved gardening and the outdoors, and not so much on interior work. I’d say you’d be into it for at least 75k to get the renovations done.

  • This is a lovely home in a very nice neighborhood. It’s a lot of house for the money, and although not updated, it’s appears to be well cared for. Good deal.

  • Hello, 2009? This is 1981 calling. I think I lost my kitchen and bathrooms. Can you help me find them?

    For half a mil, a large house in a decent, if a little bit noisy, location. With some renovations, a $700K house. Good deal. If you want to renovate and end up with a $700K house on 14th Street.

  • Looked at this place a few weeks ago. It’s nice, just doesn’t do anything to make me ‘need’ to live there – certainly not at 500k. Upstairs has weird layout, both kitchens and numerous fixtures need a redo. Solid, but it wants money. And, as noted above, even after all that you can’t solve the fact of being directly on busy 14th st. Toughie.

  • Remove all the furniture, then take the pictures over again.

    Any plans in the works to bring metro farther north?

  • Oh hells no!

    Drop it down to $300k and let’s talk.

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