Good Deal or Not? “gorgeous heart-of-pine floors” Edition


This home is located at 43 Seaton Place, NW:

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The flier says:

“Price Reduced, Seller says bring offers!!!Elegant renovated Victorian row house includes historic charm with modern upgrades including kitchen and bathrooms. Original period architectural details including gorgeous heart-of-pine floors, fireplace in formal dining room and pocket doors. Over-sized master bedroom includes box bay window and walk-in closet. Parking in back. Property also for rent”

More info and photos found here.

Well, it’s no secret I’m a big fan of Seaton Place. You can see another GDoN from Seaton Pl from a few weeks ago. I have to admit I was blown away by these floors. I don’t know if it is because some of my own floors are so screwed up but these look amazing. Does $550,000 sound reasonable for this 4 bed/2.5 bath?

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  • they seem to have mislabeled the “recreation room” photo. clearly it’s a bowling alley.

  • “Honey… why is there a sock in the lasagna”

    Your picture above has a window unit, but the basement appears to have a ductwork and the listing indicates CAC. I wonder if they undersized the unit to save money and now can’t get the house properly cooled. Seriously, the listing should say “washer & dryer hookup-in the kitchen!”

  • Dirty,

    I was going to comment on the w/d too. The kitchen is narrow and small and doesn’t have that warm feeling a kitchen should have and that industrial looking w/d don’t add any warmth to it.

  • I’m also not too crazy about the w/d in the kitchen, but I suppose there are worse places to put them. I really like the color scheme in there, though. Those blue cabinets are gorgeous. Sounds like a good deal, but what’s the neighborhood like?

  • went to see this property a few months back when it was priced $5k *lower*…then the priced dropped to $535k…and then they raised it back up to $550k (i think around the time the other seaton pl house went on the market!). really strange. anyway, i think it’s priced a bit too high for what it is. the kitchen was actually fine for my tastes, but the basement ceiling was crazy low (esp w/ the ductwork), backyard was tiny, and we were a bit confused by the window units when the listing said it had central a/c. it *is* pretty inside, though. love those floors!

  • Vonstallin

    The trilogy of Terror….N.Cap, Rhd.Island, Fl. Ave…. lol

    Love the colors… to me its not worth the asking price, but im sure it will sky rocket in another 5 years once even more places in the general area gets built/modernized.

  • I hate the W/D in the kitchen and suspect the cabinets are Ikea. Those floors are incredible, though, and give me hope about our upstairs floor, which is currently under carpet.

    And before anyone else says it, that 3rd bedroom IS tiny, but we have one the same size and it is working perfectly as the baby’s room.

  • I like this place. At 1900 square feet plus paring that seems like a good deal to me.

  • I think it is a pretty good deal. As someone who has been dragging laundry up narrow DC basement stairs for years I would LOVE to have a washer and dryer in my kitchen.

  • Herb – I totally get that, I have moved my W/D from my basement to the main living level. I just think they should have enclosed them in a closet instead of having them in the open.

    Maybe they also use the washer to clean lettuce?

  • The price seems fair for the location. It might go for something closer to $500K, but $550 isn’t far off. I’m surprised it hasn’t sold yet actually. A number of places a little further north (on 1st Street and the unit blocks) have recently sold in the $500-$600K range.

  • We moved the w/d in our row house from the basement to the second floor (bedroom level) and it has been life changing.

  • Like Bloomingdale, I’ve been keeping an eye on this house for a while now and wonder why it hasn’t been selling. I just assumed that it didn’t have central air (given the unit in the window) and probably hadn’t been properly upgraded (wiring, etc.). Anyone have better insight that have actually walked through the house?

    With that said, there are at least two other houses on the unit block of Seaton that went on the market and will go sub-300K but would need serious work.

  • lordscarlet

    @Matt — Didn’t gk describe the place from someone that had been there?

  • vonstallin Says:
    November 10th, 2009 at 2:01 pm

    The trilogy of Terror….N.Cap, Rhd.Island, Fl. Ave…. lol

    the trilogy of terror!??? ouch.

  • This is the smallest version of the row houses on the block and way overpriced. The house has been on the market for over 270 days…I recall the asking price being even higher before. $565 LOL? I think they might want to look into getting a new real estate agent. I think that $520 is really what they should be listing price.

    Homes have been snapped up extremely fast on this block with multiple offers…not this one. I think the Sellers need to be a little more realistic on the asking price. 30 Seaton which underwent a complete remodel and 3 times larger sold for roughly $530K. There are other homes which sold in the $550 range, but they are huge in comparison.

    Things working against the seller:
    – Except for the master bedroom, the rooms are tiny. Good luck in trying to get furniture up the stairs and then fitting the rooms.
    – Only 1 full bath upstairs, again small.
    – Basement could not be used as a rental unit. Ceiling is way to low.
    – no central AC (window units being used, obviously the system can’t handle) There doesn’t seem to be any new duct work.
    – Kitchen is pretty much a galley and feels cramped.
    – No working fireplaces

  • Oh where to begin… I know, the real estate agent that is apparently out of his/her mind. Yes, the floors are beautiful, and the paint choices are wonderful…BUT, those are the only things going here. Here are a few of my observations after looking at this house when trying to purchase last year:

    1 – Despite the debate on whether W/D is acceptable in kitchen, there is no choice. There is not enough clearance to get any size unit through basement door, or upstairs if you were to find the space (I measured).

    2 – The cabinets in kitchen are from IKEA, do not fit in with period of the house at all, and they will not last long (given usual IKEA product track record)

    3 – Powder room is located IN the kitchen, lovely.

    4 – Only one full bath upstairs, and it is too small to carry a household, so plan on sinking at least another $20K to convert master closet into second bath.

    5 – Backyard is a disaster, period.

    6 – Central A/C huh? When first looked at this back in april, the window units were hidden in a basement closet, which clearly indicated there’s not enough juice to cool this house. The unit, located in rear, is smaller than what I’ve seen in 1BR condos. Whatever price you bid, plan on adding at least another $10K for a second zone.

    7 – The basement is completely unusable, for rental unit or otherwise, ceilings too low and just oddly shaped.

    I have recently purchased on this street, love every bit of it, and have seen a frenzy whenever a house is put on the market. This property is going on a year now, with price fluctuations up and down to try and capitalize on influx of homebuyer traffic. The owner/realtor is completely out of their collective minds if they think they will get close to even their lowest asking price, and should really consider negotiating if they get any sort of interested buyer. Despite the nice appearance, most people will look beyond that, and the fact of the matter is this place needs a lot of work to become more functional.

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