Good Deal or Not? 1915 Classic Row House Edition


This home is located at 1838 Monroe Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Historic integrity joins tasteful updates in this 1915 classic row on quiet strt. 3BR, 1.5BA (. 5Ba on main flr), covered fr prch, inlaid prqt flrs, wd brng frpl, pkt drs, updated kit w/ granite cntrs/new gas range & d/w, brkfst rm at rear, new bath w/ dbl vanity. Reces lts, 2nd flr balc/deck, full bsmnt frnt & rear entrs, fenced rear garden. Sold “as is” but w/ HMS Warranty”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

I think the folks who like old school details are gonna love this one. Like a few other recent GDoN posts this one also has some sweet floors. One of the few negatives I can see folks bringing up is the fact that it only has 1.5 bathrooms. So do you think $599,000 sounds reasonable?

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  • My guess? This house goes under contract about 15 minutes from now.

  • The real downside to this block is the regular gun violence stemming from the drug dealers who live across the street.

  • “The real downside to this block is the regular gun violence stemming from the drug dealers who live across the street.”

    Um, what? My brother and his family live a few houses down from there, and have for 15 years – and I was there for about 10 years. I can count the number of gun shots in that time on one hand.

  • I think “Ron” just wants to scare people off so “he” has time to make an offer.

  • I’m sure an out-of-towner unfamiliar with the ‘money’roe drug crew will snatch this up since it looks like a pretty good deal IMO. Aside from that drug house it’s a really nice block. [unintentionally channeling Barry with his whole “aside from the murders DC has very little crime…”]

  • Ron- Please. Everyone knows there is a drug house there. But regular gun violence? Ha. Are you just fear mongering or are you planning to put an offer in and trying to keep the competition away? The “drug house” will eventually fold anyway. This house is a steal. I was expecting much worse of the interior pics at this price. My guess is there is already an offer or two on it.

  • OH MY GOD, that’s a steal by easily $100-200k. That’s priced to move.

  • Anonymous at 1:18 pm: Perhaps you’ve been away from the neighborhood for a long time:

  • I think the Hipchick follow up on this one will show it goes for 25k over asking.

  • Ron continues to amuse. Idea of regular gun violence is 1 incident in years? I guess you could say I “regularly engage in threesomes with hot chicks” by that definition.

  • I don’t know this particular block well, but the house itself looks great –not overly-done or stripped like so many.

    Can’t wait to see what this sells for and what sort of bidding war ensues…

  • could Ron be the dweeby reporter that wrote about getting a handgun because MTP was a rough neighborhood?

  • Ron, I regularly visit the block despite not living there. There have been more gunshots by my new place in Petworth in the 3 months I’ve lived there than the decade I lived on Monroe Street.

  • I love how everyone automatically assumes that a house with a Mt. Pleasant address should have a selling price of $800k+. Nobody’s going to offer a $1-200k discount in that neighborhood just to sell it quick. I’ll bet that if you toured the place you’d find out exactly why it’s selling for less than other addresses on that street.

    And the drug house across the street is no joke. I lived down the block for two years. And while the gun violence is really only occasional and it’s otherwise a very lovely street, I finally decided that I wasn’t all that comfortable living there anymore, when there were people with guns driving up and buying drugs in plain view all hours of the day, and the police were unwilling or unable to do anything about it.

  • In the last 20 years I believe there were 4 shootings at the drug house and about 20-25 drug-related arrests. Jim Graham finally took the house seriously, and now it’s been completely shut down.

    However there is another drug house directly across from this property that is not the house people are talking about here. That house is home to a dealer who was convicted of dealing.

    Regardless of that, the backyard of this house backs up against property going for $2 million. that block remains very nice and the block behind it on Park Rd consists of real mansions and the Rockefeller family compound is 3 blocks away.

  • You can add a bath for under $20K. Still a good deal. Nice house

  • It will sell quickly, and probably for more than what it is listed at.

  • Anon 1:33 – Where in Petworth do you live?

  • Further details: it was listed Friday, and in the “Directions” field (nominally for driving directions to the property) they’ve put “OFFERS REVIEWED WED EVE, 11/18.” Definitely priced to move. I wonder what the hurry is.

  • They’re probably in a hurry to escape the menacing atmosphere of drug violence that envelopes that street. Maybe the owner is deeply in debt to one of the drug dealers on the block and needs to get out quick.

  • Great deal – but the floors look like they have some serious stains and will need to be replaced or covered up with some good rugs. Why didn’t they put photos of the basement in the tour if its finished? Me thinks it has some serious issues that need to be investigated – hence as is and no basement photos.
    If it’s too good to be true it probably is.

  • re Ron, I assume it’s the same “Ron” who just asked on another post if Well Dressed Burrito has valet parking for their tiny alley establishment, so I’m thinking maybe he’s new in town…

    Two things re this house: are those huge stains on the floor in the living room, dining room and foyer?

    And, what is up with these otherwise gorgeous Mt. P houses with the chain link fences? Ugh.

    I mean, it’s unlikely either of those is a deal breaker, but (for me at least) they’re huge glaring issues in an otherwise gorgeous house.

  • refinishing entire first floor

  • I went to the open house for this on Sunday and thought the house was pretty nice. The floors needed refinishing (particularly in the kitchen and breakfast nook), the house was pretty narrow (I think the guy said 16ft wide), and the closets are tiny. The basement is super unfinished, but does have a W/D and a free standing toilet (does anyone actually use those?).

    I wouldn’t pay $600,000 for it, but I really don’t know anything about real estate prices in the neighborhood.

  • I thought the same thing this was was a steal based on the pictures. I went to the open house this weekend and learned that I should hired this photographer if ever have a place to sell. It is not nearly as renovated as it looks, besides the above mentioned stains in the floor, there are a number of random cracks. A lot of the stuff, the floor included looks to be about 20 years old and rather cheap at that. I also noted a number of soft spots in the floor. l have the sense that there are some majorish structural problems with this place.

  • something that hasnt been mentioned is that this house has front basement entrance. Which is notable because it would allow the new owners to make a real basement unit complete with cert of occupancy. Because MTP is a Historic Neighborhood if you do not have a front basement entrance already you can forget about putting one in. It would never be approved. A nice basement unit in this location would go for 1,300 a month.

  • 1:57- I have friends on that street and you’re just being ridiculous.

  • I would think easy access to good drugs would ADD value to the house. It’s about to be winter, who wants to run all over town to get their fix?

  • It would have to be an extremely nice English basement to rent for $1300/month on that street. The going rate for the average basement unit in that hood is closer to $1000-1150.

  • The unusually low price for the neighborhood combined with the long history of violence and bloodshed on that block makes me wonder if those stains aren’t the result of a drug-related homicide. I guess it’s probably good to check into these things before signing on the dotted line.

  • dude, i want to hear more about drug houses in Mt. Pleasant. I thought that neighborhood was 100% nice. Anybody who can explain what the deal is?

  • I visited this at the open house, and though the photos look great, this house needs A LOT of work – not tons of major work, but billions of little things. And the basement is unfinished, though with a decent investment it would be rentable. Back yard is like a waste dump, though I’m sure it could be good with some clean up. No parking, no A/C (or was there?), old windows, no rental – price will probably be about right, IMHO.

  • How come no one has put two and two together on this house? Stains on the floors plus gunshots in the neighborhood = drug dealers broke into the house and mowed down the owners. Duh.

    Oh, but also, what’s up with the backyard of the house 2 over to the east? Looks like they’ve got about 4-5 cars packed in their.

  • Errr, I was marvelling at the satellite photos of the backyard of that house to the east and didn’t see Nick @ 3:01’s post until after I submitted mine. Don’t want anyone thinking I was stealing their joke.

  • Clearly, the cracks and softspots in the floor hide perfectly circular holes cut by dealers, in conjuction with Wile E. Coyote, with a long saw to hide the stash and ACME rocket propelled roller skates. Caveat emptor!

  • @andy: nothing is 100% nice. this is DC.

  • As a former resident of that block, it is a great place. Many of the neighbors know each other and spend time together on the porches. There have been incidents with drug dealers on the block, including shots fired about 2 years ago. Moreover, at the corner of 18th and Monroe, there are frequently dealers who know all the alleys or skidaddle (sp?) over to Bancroft as needed.

    In the 8 years I lived on the block, however, no one I knew was a victim of violent crime. I have to admit, I did not know the people living in the house where the shots were fired. That said, I did have my car stolen from in front of my house on that block, but ruling that out would rule out most of DC.

    If the house is in prime shape, it would be worth well over $600. What’s hard to say is how much work it would need. These houses are great, however. That block has lovely oak on the first floor, with the alternating light and dark narrow strips. Most of the houses on that block, however, were built without fireplaces, for what it’s worth.

  • I am amazed at how people will write anything here about “Bloodshed” when they truly have no idea what they’re talking about and they’re incredibly, foolishly wrong. Nick, if you’re ignorant of the crime on the block STFU and let the adults speak Jr.

    You know who lives on this block? Dan Searing the bartender.

    Now I’ll wait for you to fawn over Temperance Hall.

  • Neener forgot to take his meds today everyone. Neener- Look back at the posts you have attacked in the thread. They are OBVIOUS JOKES

  • Regarding the anonymous post about not being allowed to build a front basement entrance — actually, Historic Mount Pleasant has recently issued guidance on how this can be done.

  • For $600k, I expect more than 1.5 bathrooms.

  • I’m not sure I’d want to live on a block that is home to mostly drug dealers and bartenders. Look at the DC crime map and you’ll see that there have been nearly two dozen violent crimes within 1500 feet of this block in the last year. It’s a bloody war zone.

  • Here’s a definition of a joke:
    “Something said or done to evoke laughter or amusement, especially an amusing story with a punch line.”

    You tell me if 9:26 qualifies as a joke. It’s not funny and it doesn’t evoke laughter or amusement and it has no punch line.

    I rest my case.

  • Just because one’s sense of humor isn’t developed enough to find the humor in something, doesn’t mean it’s not a joke.

  • Get over yourselves. Is it a dangerous neighborhood? Yes. Will you likely get shot in the time you live there? NO!

  • Neener needs to get a blog of his own. It could be called “The District according to Neener” I would be a regular troll making fun of what a dunce he is.

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