Gay Dance Party to Launch at Wonderland Nov. 18th


“Dear PoP,

I’m starting a new gay dance party at Wonderland, the third Wednesday of every month, and it would be so awesome if you could maybe run a story about the launch of this. The area currently doesn’t have a LGBT night anywhere so this is kind of a big deal!”

Press release:

“The Wonderland Ballroom Returns to its Roots with Launch of new monthly eccentric/alternative gay Dance party!

The Wonderland Ballroom, the dancing/drinking oasis for Columbia Height’s hipster sub-culture, launches new monthly gay dance party, Pink Sock, the third Wednesday of every month. Starting Wednesday, November 18th, Pink Sock marks a return to the bar’s roots as it once served as an African-American gay bar in the early 70s.

This time around, Boston-native DJ RAD (Twitter: @ForeverRAD) will be MC’ing an orgy for the eyes and ears, as he pumps out the hottest ass-shaking jams from the most innovative and avante garde performance artists from the 70s-disco era, 80s-new wave, 90-house & hip-hop, to the freshest electro music of today. We’re talking everything from Grace Jones to Prince, Madonna to Lady Gaga, Miss Kittin to MSTRKRFT. To further stimulate and entrance you, there will be accompanying visualizations and home-made music videos that are sure to delight and disturb.


Pink Sock @ The Wonderland Ballroom

The Third Wednesday of Every month

Launches Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
1101 Kenyon St, NW (11th & Kenyon)
Doors open @9:00pm
Free (As Always!)
$5 Pink Sock Shot & PBR Special


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  • I’m fine with it as long as there is not sex in the champagne room–last thing we need is more dead bodies in C-H.

  • Vonstallin

    what do you mean? I know nothing about wonderlands history or champagne room or dead bodies….. dead bodies a slang term for ropes?

  • Ha! This place used to be called Nob Hill and there was plenty of raucous, gooey “sex in the champagne room” back in the day!

  • grrrrrrrrrrlllllllll! i am THERE! bring on the boys in their pink socks….and nothing else!

  • This would be illegal under the DC Human Rights Act. A business cannot discriminate based on sexual orientation.

  • note to self: register domain name before promoting party

  • Uh, obviously they’re not going to turn people away. In no way is this illegal or discriminatory.

  • Vonstallin

    lol@ nob hill

    hey charming fred….did they have straight nights with plenty of raucous, gooey “sex in the champagne room” ????
    haaa haaaa

  • Can Wonderland also have a straight night with Arm Wrestling and Wet T-shirt contests?!?!

  • “Whites” night would be illegal. “Blacks” night would be illegal. “Straight” night would be illegal, and “Gay” night would be illegal. If they’re not going to turn people away, why isn’t it just called a “dance party”?

  • Go and see? Wearing pink socks would be a nice touch.

  • Don’t be willfully obtuse. You understand perfectly well that this will be a dance night primarily attended by gays, just like a “gay bar” is primarily (but not entirely!) patronized by the gay community. In neither case is anyone excluded by the establishment, so bringing up the DC Human Rights Act is patently ridiculous.

    Quit being a dick just to make some “point”.

  • Hey, that’s right after baby happy hour, and I work late, so I guess we won’t be hanging around too late after 8 pm. Why did they have to pick Wednesday? F-dat.

  • I would love to see a wet T-shirt contest with sexy babes from the burbs. In fact, you could call it “Babes from the Burbs” Night–Instead, we’ll get Jim Graham with his fist up some misguided youth’s ass. Oh well, that is typical DC for you.

  • Great to see a thread devolve into a launching pad for anti-pc and b.s. “reverse discrimination” troll claims. There aren’t any gay bars in CH right now- “straight night” is every night at every other bar in CH. Can’t there be one bar in CH with one gay-oriented night a week without people bitching and moaning?

    Oh waaaait, you guys are just trolling and trying to get a rise out of people- YOU GOT ME! YOU GOT ME GOOD!

    Newbie- you better get out of there fast ‘cuz them gays are gonna be all over you!!!

  • >>>>instead, we’ll get Jim Graham with his fist up some misguided youth’s ass.

    I still giggle when I think of that google maps image of Uncle Grambo driving by that sex club.

  • Nothing wrong with a night at a bar, or a bar itself, that attracts a predominantly gay crowd. Nothing at all. However, there is a legal problem with a night at a bar, or a bar itself, only for gays.

  • here here. notice “interesting” didn’t mention having a problem with a “ladies night”. built in his own little hetero-loophole.

  • I do have a problem with “ladies” night for the same reasons.

  • Nothing wrong with a night at a bar, or a bar itself, that attracts a predominantly gay crowd. Nothing at all. However, there is a legal problem with a night at a bar, or a bar itself, only for gays.

    Actually, there’s not – it’s simply a way to make it explicit that the LGBT community is welcome there – something I certainly didn’t know (and why I’ve never gone). The DC Human Rights law does not allow for limiting the attendance to those of us who are more fabulous, but by explicitly inviting us, we know we won’t run into the dreaded “only one in the room” phenomenon. I love my straight friends, but there are times I want to be around my own kind and relax – this kind of thing allows that.

    Trust me, all the straights out there are welcome at the Green Lantern, or JRs, or the DC Eagle, as long as you don’t freak out at two guys holding hands or kissing, which is about as far as the PDAs go in most “gay” or “lesbian” bars in this town. The law does not allow those establishments to refuse service to the breeder community, but it does allow them, as with this night, to advertise to a predominantly gay crowd through fliers, advertisements, etc.

  • I’m sorry guys, the website launches tomorrow. Got a little ahead of myself, but I hope you all turn out! It’s going to rock your pink socks off! And I’m a total non-discriminator… gay, straight, bi, whatever you’re more than welcome to join in on the festivities. Share the love.

    Follow Pink Sock on Twitter: for more info leading up to the Nov. 28th opening night. That is already up an running already 😉

  • “And I’m a total non-discriminator… gay, straight, bi, whatever you’re more than welcome to join in on the festivities. Share the love.”

    That’s all I needed to hear. Hope it’s a great success.

  • This sounds like a perfectly good idea to me, and a neat tip of the hat to the old gay bar that used to exist on the site.
    The argument by “interesting” that this is somehow discriminatory reminds me of the similar argument “voiceofreason” made against a holiday/Christmas tree in the Civic Plaza. Same sourpuss poster?

  • @interesting 4:33
    “If they’re not going to turn people away, why isn’t it just called a “dance party”?”

    I noticed you left out “ladies night” in your silly list.

    Care to explain how that is a night dedicated to ladies, yet they dont turn away men? Or they just don’t call it “drink night”?

    Heck there is more discrimination in most ladies nights than anything being proposed here, as usually ladies nights involve special prices or discounts based on gender.

    So now that you have to put away the homophobia and try to present a logical argument, would care to explain what the problem is?

  • I would also be curious how “interesting” thought something like a gay night for only gays would be enforced?

    How exactly would one prevent someone who was striaght from getting in? Do you have to have sex with someone of the same gender at the door in order to be let in?

  • Tmoney, I was wondering that myself when i saw the original post. What if a person showed up wearing a t-shirt that said “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” or something similarly stupid. Would they be turned away?

  • duh, T-$, haven’t you ever heard of a Gaydar???

  • CPT Doom said “The law does not allow those establishments to refuse service to the breeder community”

    That was my point, it wasn’t clear to me from the announcement that the establishment was not planning on refusing service to non gay folks. The organizer has now made it clear that it won’t be discriminatory.

  • Just curious, does Wonderland still hold the parent happy hours earlier on Wednesdays? I’ve always wanted to go to one of those with my kids.

  • People (like “interesting”) who wish to feel excluded will find a way to do so. The first thing I thought when I (hetero female) saw this was “I am SO there”.

  • Intersting: Just an FYI for the future…it’s pretty common for bars to have “theme nights,” whether that be gay night, or college night, or Football night, or whatever night. I’m surprised that this is apparently the first time you’ve ever heard of such a thing and had to question if that meant non-gay people (in this case) wouldn’t be allowed. These types of events are open to anyone, but are geared toward a specific crowd. I think the event promoter assumed that this was common knowledge and didn’t need to be explicitly stated.

  • PSA, of course I’ve heard of theme nights. But being in or out of college, or liking football, or whatever, isn’t a protected status under the law. Sexual orientation is. So, my radar went up on this one. I have no problem at all with the premise, I just thought they would be walking into a lawsuit if it was an exclusive event, which I now understand it’s not. Thanks.

  • If you post something anti-gay, it means you’re gay.

  • Dang there is alot of concern goin on from “interesting”- THANK GOD the organizer cleared it up for you. This unprecedented level of concern actually set off my Voice of Reason-dar- is that you VOR?

  • Centzon, huh? I’m not really concerned, was just interested, hence my name.

  • I would like to post this on facebook to let my friends know about it!! Is this guy on facebook also?

  • Interesting, it seems like you are a pretty nice reasonable guy with an open mind… I hope the world is filled with more people like you…

  • is it the 18th or the 28th? Man, dates are misleading… the website is down. sketchy sketchy gays. I need to know bc I work at the Eagle and we are bringing our crew!!

  • no more baby happy hour it’s all about the $ now…

  • @DAve it’s the 18th and the third Wednesday of every month there after!

    The site will be up tomorrow, sorry for the confusion. Wasn’t trying to be sketchy 😉

    So pumped that you’re bringing the Eagle crew! Eagles on the war-path HOO-HA! Sorry, I went to Boston College. Couldn’t help myself.

  • what about pansexuals? do i have to label myself along a false sexual binary to attend this party?? can i just BE?

    also, re: anonymous…
    true that…Homophobia is SO GAY!

  • hello, frisco!

  • Gay nights are exactly what is needed to distract us from the horrible criminal activity we must endure every week. Teens running around with guns and shooting is illegal too, but it’s done all the time. I say pink socks and gay night happy hour every week. Add a high heels race too! Maybe even some country western.

    And at the root of it, gay night doesn’t mean that folks who like having sex with the opposite sex can’t attend and experience their gay side now does it? But keep those big swinging ones away from the toddlers please. And please dispose of your condoms properly.

    @interesting, Is the Congressional black caucus illegal too? Is there a “white” caucus?

  • I’m sure straight guys that show up and want to dance with dudes will not be turned away. of all the things to be offended by, this should be pretty low on your lists.

  • Good luck Pink Sock!

  • Oooh, this looks like it will be fun. Nice to have a different gay dancing option…everytime I go to Cobalt a part of me dies inside.

  • Finally a gay night for me and the gf to go to. I don’t mind the straight bars and straight nights (Sun-Sat) we have in the neighborhood but i’m excited about one night a month dancing with the ladies ;0

    Good Luck, Pink Sock!

  • Anyone who has been to wonderland would realize that the whole place wouldn’t be a dance party, there’s the bar down stairs, the patio, and THEN there’s the dance floor upstairs. Come on, the gays get the short end of the stick on a lot of things, let’s welcome a gay night in ColHei! It’s sorely missing. And, the gays in ColHei are the fiercest bitches on the planet.

  • Good news everyone, Pink Sock’s website is finally up! Sorry for the confusion yesterday, but you can check out the site @

  • @Bob: Interestingly, Cobalt will soon be hosting a once-monthly gothic industrial night. I about fell out of my chair when the organizer told me, but I give them credit.

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