Friday Question of the Day – Help Name a Bar and Decide What Entertainment it Will Have


Back in April I gave some scuttlebutt mentioning a sports bar possibly coming to Irving St. just west of 14th in the retail of the Highland Apartments.

So it’s definitely coming! It will be called something with the word Lou’s in it as a tribute to the owner’s father. So for the name would you prefer – Sweet Lou’s Bar and Grill, Lou’s Bar and Grill, Lou’s Sports Bar or something else (remember Lou has to be mentioned)? And for the entertainment – there will be lots of tvs to watch sporting events. And it is a pretty big spot around 4,000 square feet. So for other entertainment options would you rather have a pool table, shuffleboard table, air hockey, or something else? It can’t be all of them so which would be best?

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  • Call it “Griffith Stadium”- name it for the old Senators and Redskins stadium which sat at the site of Howard U Hospital. Redskins lost a 73-0 NFL Championship game to the Bears there. They also won the rematch. On Dec. 7, 1941 during a playoff game with the Eagles DC citizens got their first notice of the Pearl harbor attack over the PA system.

    Old and new, combined.

  • Sorry: “Lou’s Griffith Stadium Grill”–how’s that?

    Place was also home to the Georgetown Hoyas football and the Negro Leagues Homestead Grays.

  • “Thirsty Lou’s (Bar and Grill)” … Shuffle Board for the game. Love me some shuffle board. And maybe even squeeze in Big Buck Hunter.

  • I would be there every weekend if they had a good pinball machine or two. Air hockey would also be excellent.

  • name: Lou’s Brass Pole
    entertainment: strippers

  • I don’t care about the name…

    entertainment: Ping Pong. It’s a no brainer. Do you know how much business comet does for sub par pizza because they have 2 ping pong table.

  • name: Lou’s Junk Yard
    Entertainment: All male review for blue collar bric-a-brac enthusiasts.

  • Lou’s Family Feedbag

  • Very awesome news! It will be great to have a sports bar within walking distance!

    Name: Win or Lou’s

    Love to see shuffleboard and air hockey…two best bar game IMO.

  • It would be great if they had pool with quarters instead of $4/person/hour ..

    and air hockey and ping pong!

    Show terps games!

  • Foosball!

  • Skee ball! The best game ever!

  • Win or Lou’s is pretty good.

    I’ll plus 1 on shuffleboard. Would also say no to air hockey. Sorry, but the constant clanking drives me nuts.

  • For more play on the word “Lou,” how about “Lou’s Stool”

  • I second the ski ball

  • Skeeball

  • I think a few pool tables are in order

  • The name of the bar should be: Born to Lou’s.

  • Chairman Lou’s Magic Wok.

    Madman Lou’s Pressure Cooker.

  • Loopity Lou’s.

    And shuffleboard (less annoying noise than pool and air hockey).

  • The name of the bar should be: Born to Lou’s.

    It could be a Redskins/Nationals specific sports bar. Johnny Thunders on the juke box.

  • Win, Lou’s, or Draw! Pool tables and Pictionary! Actually having a huge collection of board games for people to play would be awesome. nothing like getting drunk while playing scattergories, pictionary, or yahtzee.

  • Lou’s Beautiful Life Crepes and Sports Bar.

  • “lou lou lou i’ve got some apples”

    entertainment: south park

  • Big Lou’s House of Meatballs

  • Name: Lou’s. (just Lou’s)

    Entertainment: Skeeball or Ping Pong, plus tons of board games at each table. Board games rock.

  • Air hockey, YES! Along with some decent NHL sports packages (NJ Devils, please!). My good friend and I had to search high and low for a bar that aired pre-season hockey games, so it’d be nice to have one close by.

  • oh man if they have buck hunting they’re bound to get lots o’ business!!!

  • Pingpong and board games. Pingpong is just fun, and board games will keep people sitting and drinking for long stretches.

  • skeeball would be awesome. (awarding happy hour prices if you get a really good score.) Also dont put “Sports” in the title. please. “Lou’s Bar and Grill” is fine. And yes can we make this a sports bar that supports LOCAL teams PLEASE.

  • I second Thirsty Lou’s – it’s a fun name. Also, AIR HOCKEY! Sorry to shout, I really enjoy it.

  • just go with Lou’s. Simple is better.

    have a couple ping pong tables… and foosball.

  • In my honest opinion. While this space is big I think it could get crowded quick if you try and cram a little bit of everything into it. Here is what I would like to see.

    Booth seating
    Pitchers of beer
    a couple skee ball lanes
    a couple shuffle board tables
    and a couple pool tables.
    Maybe a couple arcade games?

    Air Hockey and Foos ball are cool and all but for the space they will take up I dont see them getting as much use.

  • I like Born to Lou’s, and Redkins and Nats banners would be very appropriate.

    If they go with shuffleboard, though, I hope they skip the part where they charge $12 an hour like most places in DC. I’m still amazed anyone pays that much to play shuffleboard. I’ve played it in four or five other states and before I came to DC, I’d never paid more than $5 for shuffleboard–and that was a deposit, bring the pucks back, get your $5. I’m looking at you Buffalo Billiards.

  • Air Hockey is a lot like an above ground pool. They are fun for like five minutes and then you are bored with it.

  • this is fantastic news.

    how about “the House that Lou built”?

    Whatever he does, go check out Green Turtle, that’s what sucks. Then go check out Velocity Five in Arlington, that = awesome.

  • Lou’s Your Inhibitions

  • Lou’s Stool.

  • Druncle Lou’s

  • E-rich- Im all for cheaper shuffle board. I play it often. But 12 bucks an hour. With 4 players. Thats 3 bucks a peice for an hour of fun. Hardly highway robbery. What id really like to see are CHEAP DRAFTS. really. Can We get some 2 dollar pints of Boh or PBR. I drink beer in large quantities so it kills me when I go somewhere where the cheapest pint is 5 bucks.

  • Looky Lou’s

  • Lou’s Stool’s

  • “Lucky Lou’s Sports Bar”

    Heavy bass you can feel in your seat for the big game.
    LOTS of beer on tap
    Wings and some more healthy munch food

    Can’t wait!!! I’ll be there opening day!!

  • Skip to my Lou’s – not my idea – saw this last night on ESPN – oh never mind…

  • I vote for Sweet Lou’s Bar and Grill; it has a nice ring to it, and not stupid-original like typical new DC build.

    Also, how about some beer pong/flip cup?


  • To the air hockey folks – you really want that nonstop clacking while you’re trying to watch the game?

    I vote pool – the gentleman’s bar game. Leave air hockey, skeeball, and Big Buck Hunter to the adolescents.

    And (as others have mentioned): Pitchers, Game Day specials, wings, and lotsa TVs.

  • My vote would be for Lou’s Griffith Stadium Grill

  • so uh. gonna be open in time for the super bowl?

  • I like Sweet Lou’s for a name.

    But more importantly, Please, please have shuffleboard!! Air hockey would also be a winner. But I really love me some shuffleboard.

  • Lou’s The Attitude – make a really good local sports bar with a limited menu – doing it all really well. Then every now and then change a few items for new ones. No need to have 10 apps, 12 entrees, 3 pasta dishes…keep it simple lou.

    Darts and shuffle board – a fireplace would be nice too.

  • Anything with a name deriding DC sports teams as “Lou-sers” is pointless – that’s not what you want for a sports bar name. Same with “Lou’s Stool” or whatever – are you guys trying to make a poop reference or something?

    Personally I like the ideas involving Griffith Stadium, not sure if you can use that name though.

    I vote for shuffleboard or pool, and please for god’s sake have some pitcher specials at happy hour or something that makes a half-decent beer (even PBR and Boh count as half-decent) less than $5 a pop.

    Also, $12 is not outrageous for an hour of shuffleboard – like the commenter above said, if you have 4 people it’s only $3 each. The tables and equipment do cost money to buy and maintain, I don’t know how you could expect it to be free with a deposit, unless you want the tables to be broken and the pucks to be gone.

  • Win or Lou’s!

    I also veto air hockey due to the clacking sound.

  • Lou’s Sweet Spot! Skee Ball PLEASE!!! When is it opening??

  • lou malnati’s. DC needs some chicago style pizza. combined with pete’s, columbia heights can become DC’s pizza central.

  • Sweet Lou’s is by far the best choice.

  • -The Lou
    -Lou’s Sobriety
    -Nothing to Lou’s

  • -Lou’s Booze, or Lou’s Blues

  • “the lou” is fun!

    i just hope for an affordable booze joint.
    pitchers for sure.
    anyone mention darts?

  • My Vote is for Sweet Lou’s or just plain Lou’s I guess. Please no cutesy Puns

  • can we all remember the owner is trying to incorporate the name “Lou” into the title to honor his father. Not because it lends itself to cheesey punnerific bar names.

  • “Lou Heights Bar and Grill”


    Pool Tables
    Shuffle Board
    Dart Boards

  • Beer Pong would be great. Might get a bit fratty sometimes but you’d make lots of money. It could work because it’s such a large spot.

    I also second the limited menu. Do a few things well and people will come.

  • Disliking cheesy puns is un-American.

  • I’d also like to add that I am pretty happy this is coming to the neighborhood.

    No to air hockey though – I really cant stand the clanging noise. Shuffleboard would be great, though it takes up some space.

  • How about Lou’s Brews ‘n Booze?

  • Lou’s Normal Bar

  • I think DC alcohol beverage laws or at least most so-called “voluntary agreements” prohibit drinking games and some “va’s” ban pitcher sales. Not sure what the ANC climate is like there but it’s something to consider.

    Also skeeball and air hockey? You all really just want a chuck-e-cheez with alcohol or a Dave’n’Busters franchise…continuing the Rockville-pike-ification of Columbia Heights?

  • oh hell, i don’t want air hockey but the one in the bubble…what the hell is that called?!?! sort of like foosball but with hockey players. that games destroys air hockey.

  • Oh, and whatever you do, DO NOT let a kickball team talk you into sponsoring them. That crap is the ruiner of once-cool bars.

  • How about:

    Thelma and Louie’s
    Thelma and Lou’s

  • Whatever you name it (simplicity is best) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cater to local sports teams. We really need to cultivate local interest. Screw the out-of-towners.

  • no kickball. no flipcup. no beerpong. there will be enough dbags there already. No need to lure them in the doors.

  • The name should just be “Lou’s.” That is 10x better than any alternative.

    I second the pitcher specials. Super important.

    There needs to be Direct TV sports packages: football, basketball, etc. Most of us are transplants!

    Prevent it from getting fratty, as much as possible. Keep the lighting low. Make it an old-school sports bar and not an 18th street den of sadness.

    Wings specials.

    That’s all. I think all of these things are clearly necessary.

  • Tootle-Lou’s. And there can be music.

  • Name: Papa Lou’s

    Game: Pool

  • Here is my vision if you will. A LOCAL sports bar with a vintage feel. DC sports memorabilia from the past lining the walls. Of course there are a lot of Transplants and Im not saying there wont be enough TVs for everyone to happily watch their perspective games. But lets have this be a Columbia Heights DC bar. I dont think Skee Ball is fratty or Dave and Bustery. It along with shuffle board would add to an old school feel. I know its going in new construction but I think this concept would work. DC has a lot of sports History.

  • Or ToodeLou’s…I don’t know how to spell that.


    Lou’s Bar? Anyone?

  • also strongly supportive of ping pong.

  • Lou’s Local

  • saf

    The transplants already have FAR too many places that cater to them. A sports bar that showed the Nats, rather than the damnYankees, would be great.

    OK, there are already plenty of places to watch the football team, so whatever.

    And there are lots of local colleges too – the GW alumni IN DC would love a place to watch our teams, rather than having to go to VA. I’m sure the other local alums feel the same.

  • Also like:

    Lou’s Drinking Establishment
    Lou’s Pub/Tavern/Bar

    “Lou’s” by itself is good. I’m jumping on the plain bandwagon a bit.

    I really like The Lou. That is just brilliant.

  • YES:
    “oh hell, i don’t want air hockey but the one in the bubble…what the hell is that called?!?! sort of like foosball but with hockey players. that games destroys air hockey.”


  • Please show soccer games.

  • Lou’s Sports Dive?

  • Lucky Lou’s

    shuffleboard and fussball.

  • Poor Scouser Tommy Lou’s
    Liverpool Soccer themed entertainment.

  • You gotta think big and NJ like… Big Louie’s

  • Yes! To local sports teams and soccer, especially DC United games.

  • Flaming Lou’s. The secret ingredient is cough syrup!

  • ALL those games are fun, ping pong, pool, air hockey rules, foosball is also fun but hard to drink while playing it… Go around undercover to other successful sports bars and see which activities are bringing ’em in, like in “Tampopo” where they research the other noodle shops. Then dedicate the floor space based on that. Whatever people say about not having “fratty” games, it’s a business after all, who do you think will spend more? As for not sponsoring kickball, do I smell a broken heart who doesn’t want to run into his ex out drinking with her new kickball friends?

  • Lou’s or Sweet Lou’s is great. People will probably just call it Lou’s anyway. It’s nice to know it has a meaning.

    Yes to shuffleboard and pool and darts! Mostly darts! NO to flip cup – that is a mess of dudes with Collage t-shirts and sticky beer floors waiting to happen. Exhibit A: Adam’s Mill. Ew.

  • a real DC sports bar would be awesome. as it is we usually stay in and watch the game because A- its on TV and B- the bars are full of d-bag Eagles fans. Can we get a Skins bar where the pints are a dollar off when we score if you are wearing a skins jersey?That would be a fun promotion but also one you wouldnt have to worry about losing a lot of money on…

  • I second “Local Lou’s” nice ring to it but not cheesey

  • Lou Bar. I also like the Griffith Stadium reference although it wasn’t in Columbia Heights.

    Lou’s Arcadia – a reference to the the Arcadia, a complex that stood where DCUSA is now in the 20’s. It housed a skating rink, dance hall, bowling alley, billiards room and amusement park activities.

    I’ll be there for Premier league soccer and DC United. NFL football too of course.

    AND, I’d love to be able to get halfway decent food at a sports bar. Every sports bar, it seems, serves only crap: chicken wings and fried junk. I love that stuff but I also try to eat at least a little healthily. In fact, I’m fine with going full hippie – brown rice, tofu but I realize that’s craaaaazy.

  • I would love to see a lot of board games!! And delicious microbrews on tap. I would prefer no shuffleboard, I think its annoying, btu that’s just me…

  • saf

    Arcade – not Arcadia. Otherwise, GREAT idea!

  • How about a DC bar that plays good music. That would be refreshing.

  • saf

    TMKF – I LOVE your user name. And it rather gives away what kind of music you want to see!

  • First, this is great news. Second, another vote for Foosball. Third and most importantly, PLEASE be open in time for the 2010 World Cup. First, you will do a TON of business if you are and it would be financial suicide to miss that huge opportunity for revenue. Whatever you do, expedite the build-out to accomodate the World Cup and start of 2010 football season. Along with March Madness (I imagine it’s too much to hope for to be open by then) those are the three times when sports bars are particularly awesome. Also please pay close attention to placement of TV’s so that it is easy to see a few different TV’s from any vantage in the bar …

  • My response was eaten somehow, so here goes again.

    Daddy Lou’s

    Not interested in any skeeball and pool or any of that. How about some comfy low sofas, dim lights, tasty martinis and good music? Think Tabaq on a Wednesday night when Dj Stylus is spinning.

  • “Win, Lou’s, or Brawl”

  • I second Lou’s Normal Bar. That is a great name.

  • +1 Lou’s Arcade

  • Second: “Lou’s Local”

    “Local” defined as bar/pub. Like this place: Never been, but looks fun.

  • +1 for Lou’s Local


    Lou’s Public House

  • Basketball machine—loads of fun and many different people can rotate in to play.

  • Lou’s Lounge.

  • I also like Lou’s Brews (without the “and booze” though)

  • Lou’s – plain and simple.

  • Something about Lou’s Normal Bar appeals to me, and I’m not even sure why. I like it. Lou’s Lounge has a nice sound to it as well.

  • I change my vote to plain old Lou’s (reminds me of my favorite liqour store in DC – Plain Old Pearson’s).

  • I like “Lou’s the Dude” or “Good Times Lou” or “Community Lou” or “The Local Lou”.

  • Dave Bloom – You’re thinking of Bubble Hockey. And yes, that would be awesome. A little Super Chexx makes the day complete.

  • #1 sugestion: “Lou’s Crew Sports Bar & grill”!

    That is much better than my other one: “Lou’s screwed sports bar”

    In any case a Pool Table would rock!

  • “Laughing Lou’s Bar & Fun!”

    Pool tables would be good – just amke sure there are about 2-4…

  • omg yes to Lou’s Normal Bar. distant second is Community Lou

  • Pool table. Please. More pool tables.

    I like Lou’s Normal bar. Or Lou’s Lounge.

    And please take the time to make the music awesome. Looking forward to it.

  • Plain old Lou’s – but could live with Lou’s Normal. Games – Curling! Ping pong a close second (fold-up tables do offer flexibility for the space.) As long as they show Aussie Rules I’m there!

  • Pappa Lou’s Beauty Parlor and Chainsaw Repair Night Club

  • Lou’s Clues?

  • I like Lou’s Griffith Stadium Grill

    and Lou’s Normal.

  • Love the Lou’s Griffith Stadium idea. I think Lucky Lou’s might be my second choice or else I’d be with (just plain) Lou’s.

  • Redskins Lou’s?

  • Lou and you

  • thanks

  • This is disappointing – another sports bar in DC. Can’t someone come up with something more original? Damn.

    Call it Lou’s, and at least have some good beer on tap. Please try to cater to a neighborhood crowd and limit the frat boy sports bar mentality. No need for the Adam Morgan-type harassment on Irving Street when I’m walking home at night.

  • Live Jazz. This city doesn’t have enough.

  • I vote for darts as well!

  • 1) Call it “Lou’s,” “Lou’s Bar,” Lou’s Bar and Grill,” or if you really want to be different: “Lou’s Local” or for an old time-y feel “Lou’s Liquor Bar.” Don’t try to be clever AND make it a tribute to your dad at the same time.

    2) Do not adopt the Commonwealth business model of over-priced faux-haute food and fancy beers (it’s been done next door – see: Commonwealth). Instead, give us a true local (like the red derby) where the beer and food are cheap enough to make it a regular haunt. I’ll spend much more on $3 PBRs at the Red Derby in the course of a month than I will on $7 cask conditioned ales at Commonwealth.

    3) Showing local sports is great, but catering to the homer crowd won’t make you money. People can see every Redskins or Nats game at home. I go to the sports bar (usually Nellie’s) because my non-local team doesn’t get play here. I suspect the same is true for most people.

    4) It’s great to have games, but pool and ping-pong take up a lot of real estate and can be found elsewhere (skeeball, like cotton candy, should remain on the midway where it belongs). Shuffleboard and darts don’t take up too much space and are classic pub games. Board games are a great idea too.

    5) Show football. Sorry, you call it soccer. Show soccer. You would be amazed how many people will show up at a bar and start drinking at 9:00 am for a regular Premier League or Serie A match. Double that for a champions league game. Triple it for the World Cup this summer. Lucky Bar has cornered the market for football in DC and could definitely use some competition. I’d be the first to spread the word about Lou’s.

  • Shuffle Board!

  • Lou and Hy’s Sports Bar!

  • Lou Dobbs’ Grumpy Old White Guy Bar.

    But seriously, call it Lou’s, serve good wings (multiple flavors), keep out the kickballers, and you will be golden. And serve a good club sammy. You’d be surprised how hard that is to find around here.

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