Dear PoP – WMATA Map Fail

eastern market metro fail

“Dear PoP,

The photos show a WMATA map posted at the bus stop on 8th and D SE, across from the Eastern Market metro stop. You’ll notice, though, that the map indicates that the bus stop is located on 8th and D NE. This has got to be very confusing for tourists…but amusing for my father-in-law who noticed it after a weekend lunch at Belga Cafe.

Just another proud moment for WMATA, I suppose.”

eastern market metro fail

The reader writes, “Even the “you are here” is wrong…it’s 8 blocks north of where the map is actually displayed.”

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  • Vonstallin

    LOL, thats what happens when non DC peps create maps of the city…
    well I guess.

  • The platform map at the U St Metro is missing the Petworth Metro station.

  • I live at 8th and D NE and there is no bus shelter, no really space for one. When WMATA decides to correct this error, I’d love to receive the map. (Hey, free “You are Here” map.)

  • There’s one at Cleveland Park that shows Sidewalk Friends School.

  • I’m just glad they have maps in the first place. For decades, bus stops never had them (and then at first, only generic ones that didn’t indicate where you are). Matching thousands of maps to specific stops for the first time, they had to make some simple mistakes.

    Now, about the spelling on our shelter at “Gerogia Ave.” and Decatur, I have no defense.

  • Are you shitting me?? What a waste of 10 seconds of my life reading this gripe. To call this nitpicking would be an insult.

    Oh, and PS: tourists don’t go to SE or NE, so problem solved.

  • normantown: “Oh, and PS: tourists don’t go to SE or NE, so problem solved.”

    Actually, a surprising number of not-from-here people do find their ways to Eastern Market and Barracks Row as well as the Library of Congress and Nats Stadium, all in SE; and, of course, Union Station is in NE. But you’re right to the extent that few if any of them would be interested in boarding buses at the 8th and D stop pictured.

  • Normantown, make that 20 seconds. Ten to read it and 10 to tell us it was a waste of time to read it. Good use of time for you all around. Tourists may not take the bus, but they probably look at the giant maps in the bus shelters.

  • Are you sure these maps aren’t made/installed by DDOT? I took a peek at one walking to get some coffee a minute ago and it had the DDOT logo and contact info at the bottom of the poster.

  • With a system this large, such mistakes are bound to happen. That said, has anyone actually bothered to bring this error to Metro’s attention, or are you content with complaining about it on the internet? I’ll bet that they’d come out and replace the map in a reasonable amount of time if you were to let them know about it.

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