Dear PoP – What’s Going on at 500 Block of Decatur?

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“Dear PoP,

I live near the corner of Kansas Ave NW and Decatur St NW and there is some interesting police activity tonight that began around 11am Sunday the 22nd. A police helicopter was circulating above my house with its spotlight shining near Decatur. Near the intersection of Kansas and Decatur there was an abandoned pick up truck with some frontal damage. The police taped off the entrance to Decatur with police cruisers posted on each side of Kansas Ave. Around midnight an officer has been on his loud speaker addressing residents in 515 Decatur St NW to come out and talk. He has been repeatably saying someone needs to come out or make a signal with the lights to make sure someone is ok in the house (also referring to some altercation). As of yet no one has answered.”

Many readers have written in about this incident. So far this is all I’ve received from MPD:

“4-D units along with units of Special operations Division are on the scene of a barricaded suspect in the 500 block of Decatur Street NW. The suspect is wanted for Assault with a dangerous weapon. No injuries are reported at this time.”

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  • I wondered what the heck was going on….. Around 10:30-11:00 PM last a night a giant caravan of 10-15 police cruisers with a huge emergency response/rescue truck in the middle came blaring up New Hampshire. About an hour or so later, the whole caravan came back down New Hampshire. I thought maybe it was some kind of training but this makes more sense.

  • Does anybody know what happened around 10:00 p.m. on Saturday around Kansas and Allison? There was a lot of police activity.

  • In all likelihood the suspect pulled a gun/shot someone and fled into his mom/grandmother/baby momma’s house and refused to come out. That’s when the Emergency Response Team responds to handle the barricade situation

  • I live on 5th between Buchanan and Crittenden and the entire block had Police cars parked end to end. Surprisingly, we’ve had two major shootings of 6 – 12 shots in the last 4 months and the second more severe time there were 0 police cars. It would nice if they could find a healthy middle ground.

    PS: “baby momma’s house” – totally racially loaded and gives credence to the yuppie argument. If we don’t want to be called yuppies (and my low tax bracket ass sure doesn’t) we should try not to act like them.

  • Not so sure that it’s yuppies who use the phrase “baby mama.”

  • “baby momma” and “baby daddy” have crept into mainstream use

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