Dear PoP – Recent Spat of Daytime Muggings


“Dear PoP,

Just wanted to drop you a line about recent day time thefts/muggings in Columbia Heights, maybe you can warn your readers to be extra careful! This past Saturday, at about 2:00pm, in broad daylight, I was robbed at the Exxon station at 14th and Parkwood in Columbia Heights. I was putting gas in my car when a guy pulled up next to me, which I didnt pay attention to because its a gas station and cars are always coming in/out. Another guy jumped out of the passenger side, reached into my car and grabbed my purse, and they took off before I could do anything about it (luckily for me I had my cell phone and my wallet in my hand at the time, so the jokes on them). But when the police came to take my statement, they said the same two guys had struck at least one other time that afternoon in C.H. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up!”

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  • Vonstallin

    thats super bold of them…
    Police stay park around that gas station. like you said its normaly crowded.

  • Interestingly, there was a specific warning about this exact type of gas station robbery at the PSA 404 meeting last week. Might be “the cool thing to do” in ’09 robbery trends! Also, um, lock your doors while pumping gas.

  • Were your glasses in your purse? Tag number? I’m glad you’re okay, lock those doors.

  • I believe it is a “spate” of muggings.

  • thanks for sharing, that really sucks. I have worried about that at the 14th/Euclid BP gas station when I am pumping gas. That station is also a drug dealing hotspot (and yes, the cop and CM Graham know and surprisingly that has no effect at all on the dealing around there!). Now when I am walking home at night in the ‘hood, i always put my phone and keys in my pocket. I figure if someone wants to grab my purse they can have the wallet but damn, I need to get into my house and call 911.

  • yes, it’s “spate”

  • Yes, spate, though a spat of muggings is sort of poetic, like a murder of crows….

  • unless he’s referring to a quarrel about the daytime muggings, then it would “spat”.

  • would be* “spat”.

  • I always, always put up my windows and lock the door when I’m getting gas. It has always struck me as the perfect theft opportunity.

  • good point, WashingTRON. A quibble about the daytime muggings? A to-do about them?

  • I recommend dousing the muggers with gasoline and burning them alive. It may be extreme, but totally worth it nowadays.

  • exactly, LG.

    and for the record, my gas station strategy is to put on my jean jacket and lean up against my car like a badass. like, all, “go ahead, pal. i unlocked it just for you.” it gets the message across.

  • Vonstallin

    True Wash….
    Although i feel like a badass and a native….I still look around..constantly frowning, almost as if im ploting to make a jack move, lol…

    Anyway, i stop using that gas station because of all the >$*%&#*> non driving, non parking, never knowing what side their gas tank is on drivers. Always crowded also.

    That exxon use to be one of the cheapest named brand gas stations on this side of DC. The one on Ust is rather cheap at times…but I use the BP station on Georgia and kansas ave. Its mega Crusty and Mad Hood, with shity gas pumps …. but i feel as tho i can get in and out in a hurry.

  • Hey, I have to provide for my children and mugging is the only way I know how.

  • Everyone, please do be careful along Euclid. I was mugged at about 10pm two weeks ago at 11th and Euclid. he had a gun, so I gave him my wallet and phone without argument. But this was a nice evening and lots of people were out in the neighborhood, so it always pays to be alert.

  • So “Derek Five kids and counting” is commenting? Didn’t PoP say cool it with the douchebaggery, or didn’t you get the memo? LOL

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