Dear PoP – Hiatt Place Car Fire

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“Dear PoP,

Have you heard anything about the car fire that happened last night on the 3200 bock of Hiatt Place NW. I live across 16th Street from Powell Rec Center and just before 10pm last night I heard a huge boom and when I looked out my window I could see rapidly rising flames on a parked car. I also thought I heard 4-5 gunshots in the following minutes between the explosion and the arrival of the fire trucks.”

I haven’t seen anything from MPD or DCFIREEMS yet. Anyone else who lives around here see what happened? I’ll be sure to update as more info becomes available.

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  • We saw it too! I’ve been looking around the web all morning and haven’t found any details!

  • If it was a Chrysler/Jeep vehicle it was probably a dumped stolen car [car-b-que]. What sounded like gunshots may have been the shocks or tires exploding from heat… or they may have been gunshots… but hey, it could have just been bad wiring like happened on Meridian Pl last year.

  • I can ALMOST see that part of Hiatt from my place, and I didn’t hear anything (I think I had dozed off).
    I’m actually surprised that more criminal activity doesn’t happen on that street.

  • No info on this one, but this morning on my way to the metro i noticed a firetruck and ambulance at the corner of 13th and Irving, and a handful of firefighters searching for something on the sidewalk. The scene was not roped off so I walked into their search and noticed a large pool of fresh blood on the curb, the circumference of a basketball in size. I almost stepped in it. Kinda gross.

  • Saw the smoldering remnants at around 7 this morning. Good thing it’s street cleaning day, right?

  • I walk on Hiatt Pl on my way to metro every morning and saw charred remains of what I guessed was a car, on the football field side of the street, right by the gate entrance. Curious to know what happened too….strange that the fire dept would have left that much debris…

  • I live three blocks away and heard the BOOM last night. I was watching TV and has my dishwasher going, and I still heard the explosion. I also heard gunshots as well…but at this point I don’t even flinch anymore.

  • I actually came out of my apartment building about two minutes after it happened. People who were parking their car about five car-lengths in front of the exploded heap said that there was a sketchy guy running around claiming it was a car bomb, but he mysteriously disappeared as soon as the cops showed up. People seemed to be a little shaken but also amused. They said nothing about gun shots and I certainly didn’t hear any while I was there. It is always interesting on my block though…

  • I was walking along Park Road when I heard the explosion and turned the corner onto Hiatt to see twelve foot flames. One witness said he saw a guy running from the car just after it went up, and if that’s true it probably wasn’t faulty wiring. Is it possible someone thought Devil’s Night (usually observed on October 30) was the night after Halloween?

  • I was walking my dog on Park when I heard the explosion. I ran up to the corner when I heard people shouting “call 911”. I saw the sketchy guy people are talking about and he was saying something about a bomb. Someone was concerned that there was maybe somebody in the car. Sketchy guy was insistent on the fact that there wasn’t. As soon as we started to hear sirens he disappeared. The gunshot sounds were something in the car exploding not actul gunshots and didn’t start until right as firetrucks arrived. I suspect that as someone pointed out this was a ditched stolen car. Could have been sketchy guy, but who knows. Cars rarely just explode on their own. The funniest part or, maybe not, was the person talking to the 911 operator trying to explain that there was in fact a street called Hiatt and he was standing in the middle of it and yes there is a car that just exploded on it. That took longer to resolve than for the firetrucks to show up. Google maps people…Google maps.

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