Dear PoP – Good Samaritan Shout Out

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“Dear PoP,

Last night I was extremely fortunate to be the the recipient of some anonymous goodwill from a fellow DC resident, and I would like to thank him…so I need your help in relaying that message. After exiting a cab at 16th and Park around 11:30pm, I quickly realized I left my cell phone in the cab. And, since I had no idea how to locate the cab, I decided to use my apartment building’s phone to call my cell with hopes of the cabbie finding it.

Luckily, the cab’s next client answered the phone, and negotiated with the cab driver to return the phone to me ASAP. A short 20 minutes later, the cabbie returned to 16th and Park, with the message that the mystery man paid the fare for my phone’s ride home.

So, a special thanks to that guy for his awesome act of kindness. I’m guessing that most people would have handed it to the cabbie and went on their way.”

I love getting emails like this!

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  • I left my phone in a cab once, and I called it and the cabbie answered it and came back and returned it, and didn’t even charge me anything! It was in CoHeights too. SO nice!

  • That is fantastic! I try to be a good samaritan when I find cell phones in cabs (found a few in DC, one in San Fran).

    Unfortunately, every encourter I’ve had with reuniting cell phones with their owners weren’t like this one; each person has been ungrateful, or downright rude! If I was on the other end, I’d be as psyched as you were, “Dear PoP”-er!

  • I had two instances this year when someone has lost a wallet and I ended up finding it. In both cases I got the wallet back to the owner intact. It is really cool to reunite an owner with an important lost possession.

  • It’s always great to hear stories like that. My husband left $140 worth of medication for the dog in a cab a few weeks ago. After we’d already called the vet to see about getting a replacement the next day, the cab driver called our home number to say he had the bag and could drop it off wherever we wanted. Our address was on the vet receipt, but no phone number, so he actually took the extra step of looking us up or calling the vet to get our info. He brought it down to my office the next day, free of charge (although I gave him $20 for the trouble)!

  • Doing something nice for someone can feel pretty awesome. I found some guy’s address book once at the triangle park at kenyon and 14th. He had a lot of stuff in it, notes, business cards and even some cash. It was obviously very important to him. I found his phone number so I called him and he came and picked it up. He offered me $10 or something when we met. I refused of course. However good he felt, I felt better. I made that dude’s day. How sweet is that?

  • I was at the grocery store and saw a guy looking vexed because he realized he left his wallet at home and had rung up about 2 bags worth of groceries, did not have enough cash and had a cranky baby with him. I looked and realized he was the same man that had given me a ride to work when I got caught in a rare DC snow/ice storm. The wind was painfull, I was no where near metro or my car and I had been waiting for the bus for 45 minutes. I paid for his groceries. He recognized me and smiled and said, “We’re even.”

  • I once left a folder full of paperwork for a DCRA permit on the metro… original designs from the contractor, property plats, the whole nine.

    Someone got my address from the forms and mailed it back to me. (He called to tell me he had it and was returning it, so I didn’t even have to panic for 24 hours til it arrived.) And he completely blacked-out the return address on his company envelope, so I had no chance of knowing who he was. I’d’a sent him a starbucks card or something.

  • Great story!!!

    I found a (stolen?) backpack from one of the Clark construction workers building DCUSA. I called the phone number a few times and there was always confusion/lack of Spanglish at the other end of the line. The backpack was full of nice clean socks, jeans, an old wallet with some worker’s comp claims, a keyring, and a nice ham sandwich.

    So I went into the Clark construction office at DCUSA and confirmed there was a worker by that name. I gave the backpack but have no idea if it ever reached the worker.

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