Dear PoP – Chipotle on 14th Street Looking Good


“Dear PoP,

Just a quick note to pass along these grainy-but-exciting photos I couldn’t help but take on my way home last night. They’ve taken the paper off the windows at the Chipotle going on on 14th, where they’ve got menus, furniture and other fixtures all ready to go. I can practically smell the cilantro!”

Last I heard they were going to open by December so it looks like they’re gonna make that goal! This Chipotle will be opening up at 3113 14th Street, NW.


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  • A neighborhood addition I am not looking forward too! Keep out the chains!! Support local.

  • Yeah! Keep the storefront empty! Boo!

  • Do not care. Love burritos.

  • Hooray for Britas! If you want local, then go to the local restaurants. GOD!!!

  • saf

    CohiArkie – have you have the burritios at Taqueria Distrito Federal?

  • Hi, Billy Mays here with Chipoltaway!

  • Does anyone else think TDF is overrated? I’ve eaten there a handful of times and don’t see what the fuss is all about.

  • I’ve been to Taqueria DF many times and love their tacos, but prefer the burritos at Chipotle. Looking forward to their opening, and picking up a burrito for dinner on the way home from work.

  • I’m with Dirty – for burritos TDF is way overrated. Just not good.

  • As a resident of Kenyon Square, where this ‘potle is located, I’m happy that build-out is complete and they’re done shaking the concrete at 6AM. Serious construction that could be heard throughout the building for 2 months.

  • The food at TDF is authentic California/Mexican. Reminds me of the taco trucks of my college days. PLUS the name is a pretty good pun. PLUS the owner is about the nicest guy on the planet. Reason enough for me to stay faithful.

  • Burritos are more tex-mex than mexican and TDF probably just threw ’em on the menu to bring in white people.

  • Chipoltaway – ha! Me likey that episode.

  • TDF is great but it is completely different than Chipotle. there is room for both in this neighborhood, morans!

  • CH is well on its way to looking like every other neighborhood in the USA.

  • I think we should get a big archway at the intersection of irving and 14th and call this area Little Suburbia.

  • If only, VOR. I’d love to have the murder rate of Duluth. And I’ve always had this idea that people in Duluth are super-friendly.

  • somehow I don’t think Chipotle is going to solve the murder problem.

  • Hey, If you folks don’t want that Chipotle, just send it up to the GA/Petworth Ave metro stop. We’ll be happy to take it.
    And if you don’t like chains, I guess that means no REI, Whole Foods, or Ellwood Thomson’s either.

  • We must acknowledge the exquisiteness of VOR’s ability to infuse the most innocuous topic with race/class warfare, social injustice, corporate malfeasance and general apocalypse.

    I propose a contest to come up with one single topic in the world that s/he cannot corrupt.

  • For the fans of local – most of these “chain” restaurants including Chipotle and McDonalds are actually franchises that are owned and run by local business leaders and some of the hardest working men and women I have ever met. While they buy the concept and the equipment from the corporation, they view their businesses as belonging to them and take a lot of pride in that.

    Before you go screaming “buy from local business,” think about the fact that many chains are actually local business in corporate clothes.

  • I’m happy to have Chipotle in the neighborhood (wish there was one on GA Ave too).

    FWIW, Chipotle does not have franchises.

  • Correct, Chiptoles are all corporate owned, dcmom.

  • saf

    “Hey, If you folks don’t want that Chipotle, just send it up to the GA/Petworth Ave metro stop. We’ll be happy to take it.”

    No, we wouldn’t. Ok, some might, but those in my house don’t want more fast food trashing up the place. The Wendy’s wrappers all over are bad enough. No more fast food, PLEASE.

  • Marcus A. – Ellwood Thompson’s is not a chain. It’s a single, independently owned grocery store in Richmond that will almost certainly become DC oriented since there is more opportunity here to do a second store. Definitely not a chain !!

  • Ok, count me in the “some” who would love a Chipotle at the GA/Petworth metro.

    Of all the reasons to dislike fast food places, trash is a pretty weak one in my opinion unless the establishment does not take care of its own trash and lets it blow all over the property and neighborhood. Any restaurant that does that can and should be reported to DPW. I’m pretty sure they will act on it. I got a freaking ticket just because my trash can was outside my gate on a non-collection day.

    It’s not Wendy’s (or any other fast food joint’s) fault if some of their customers are slobs that toss waste in the street rather than in a trash can. I don’t have any restaurant (fast food or other) on my block yet I am constantly finding bottles, cans, foam carryout containers, empty bags of chips, candy wrappers, etc. on the sidewalk in front of my house. And don’t get me started on the practically x-rated postcards advertising various nightclubs. I see lots of trash in the streets in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, there appears to be a lot of people who don’t really care where they throw their refuse.

  • [email protected]:43pm – If or when Ellwood Thompson’s opens a second store, it will become a chain. Maybe it will be a good chain, but it will a chain nonetheless. I have nothing against chains personally. I am just objecting to what I perceive as a reflexive, and in my opinion unwarranted, categorical objection to “chain” stores that some people have. The issue should of whether a particular store is good or bad is not necessarily encompassed by whether it is a “chain.”

  • CH in no way resembles every other neighborhood in the country. Even if you fill it with chains, it is inherently different in that you can walk everywhere. That’s one of the things that make it significantly different. Being able to walk everywhere is what makes urban life great.

    When you make the comparison to “every other neighborhood,” are you referring to lower crime, less trash on the street, higher employment rate, fewer vacant properties? What are you referring to??? These are all positives. What exactly is your complaint? Please explain.

  • w00t! No more long treks to Dupont Circle!

  • bring on chipolte …. love it love it love it!!! also bring on a movie theater, bookstore, good clothing store etc etc etc …. bring it bring it BRING IT! ….. I love living in CH …. and the more I see people crowding the streets the more I see the value of my condo going up, up, up! But what is the deal with no places to get a desert after 9 PM? we got to get a night life going up here!

  • My complaint is that throughout this country, everything is the same. You could be in CH, or pretty much any other place in the country, and it’s the same. Same food chains, same shopping chains. It’s bland and boring and depressing. So you can walk around CH, big deal.

    And Chipotle just adds to the obesity and bad health that permeates this place.

  • What no mention of the Chipotle talking points:

    1. it’s owned by McDonalds!

    2. no McDonalds is only a minority shareholder!

    3. Chipoltle uses Neiman Ranch pork!

    You guys are most assuredly not in the know . . . pshaw

    This message brought to you by my moral compass, Voiceofreason. Cut to montage of happy Latino workers at Chipotles across the land, music: Natalie Merchant’s Kind and Generous

  • VOICEofREASON: Sure they are a chain/fast food/owned by McDonalds, but at least Chipotle uses naturally raised meats and sources produce locally. The one in Charlottesville sources their pork from Polyface. The one in Dupont is offering a Garden Blend (vegan blend of plant proteins, grains and vegetables). I recommend you do some research before you say “…Chipotle just adds to the obesity and bad health that permeates this place.” Start with renting Food, Inc. and reading “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan.

  • ANONYMOUS at 7:11 pm: ROOM 11 sells dessert past 9pm 7 days a week (I think kitchen closes at 11 and midnight on weekends). I recommend the Honey Goat Cheese Cake, the Lemon Olive Oil Cake, and the Espresso White Chocolate Torte. They have like 6-8 more including Ice Cream from Morrenko’s in Silver Spring and homemade cookies and cupcakes. The dessert chef also does dessert at Cork Wine Bar and another place which i forget. Oh its yummy….

  • I’ve seen Food, Inc. I still don’t buy that Chipotle isn’t adding to the problem. Check out the nutritional info on their burritos, which is what most people buy, no matter what else is on the menu. One of them is enough calories for a whole day.

    I thought Room 11 outsourced their desserts to the Paisley Pig. Do they have an in-house pastry chef now?

  • Also, whomever Eric the Enforcer is, he or she doesn’t speak for me.

  • You don’t have to eat the whole burrito. When I go, I usually share mine with someone else or just get tacos. I agree that the portions are big, but again, no one is forcing you to eat the whole thing.

  • Yay! Hopefully this means that VoR will move out of Columbia Heights very soon! Maybe Shreveport will take him?

    voiceofreason Says: …..It’s bland and boring and depressing. So you can walk around CH, big deal.

  • For the record, McDonald’s does not own Chipotle. They used to have majority stock owernership in Chipotle but sold it a few years back.

    VOR – Everything is the same everywhere. If you go to France, there is a baguette shop on every corner selling the same kinds of sandwiches. If you go London, there is a kebab shop and pub on every corner, serving fattening fish and chips. Every country has it’s little bit of the “same”, and most would just say that it’s part of the culture. The best part of most of these cultures is that no one is forcing you to eat what’s on every corner. Just like no one is forcing you to eat a burrito.

    Oh, and I’m just going to throw in an unresearched statistic – most people get the burrito bowl, not the burrito

  • Mike T, not really. Around the world there is quite the variety of dining and shopping options, in most places. I think my real problem is with American culture. It’s a culture of excess, corporatism as religion, greed, and unwillingness to branch out or change.

    If I was to move, it wouldn’t be to Shreveport, it would be out of the country.

  • Mike T – do most people really get the bowl? I’ve never tried it. Perhaps I will one day.

  • All the calories/fat at Chipotle are in the burrito skin, sour cream, cheese. Go with a black bean bol, hold the fatty toppings, and add guac (a good fat loaded with antioxidants) and you’ve got a decent heart-smart meal. Unfortunately, this would end up robbing people of a lot of righteous indignation, but them’s the breaks. At least people aren’t saying, “BUT THEY’RE OWNED BY MCDONALDS!” anymore.

  • I think walkability is going to be one of the biggest, most important changes we make in our lifestyle over the next generation. If that means that the commercial centers are too expensive for individuals, but accessible by many people, I’m not going to get real worked up about it. The greater good is to be served by reducing car use and pollution, not by encouraging more individuals to own small businesses. I realize that the two *shouldn’t*, in an ideal world, be mutually exclusive, but I live in DC. And it’s not ideal. I’m proud to live in an area where the most use my car gets in an average week is being moved from one side of the street to the other for street cleaning. Can’t say that about the town I grew up in. The closest place to buy milk was three miles away, with no sidewalks. This is better.

  • I’m glad you feel good about not driving much, but the factory farming and using heavy imports from China, one of the worst polluting nations in human history, that results from a lack of small, locally owned businesses, is far worse overall than having to drive to buy milk.

  • Chipotle, ftw!

  • voiceofreason/DCDireWolf, you are the very worst of neighborhood listserv trolls. Online, you must be the most hated person in all of Ward 1. Seriously, nobody is going to pay any attention to you unless you chill out with the smug, condescending, sweeping pronouncements about how bad/evil/unjust everything and everyone is. I thought William Jordan was the biggest troll around, but I’m handing you the crown now. Good job!

  • voiceofreason, in all seriousness, you really might want to consider moving here: It’s only about an hour and a half outside the city and definitley seems to be more your speed.

  • VoR is just bitter that his wife’s burritos aren’t as tasty as Chipotle’s!

  • The whole point is to move the culture toward something more akin to Twin Oaks (but not a crazy commune obviously) and away from what isn’t working now. Big change always is met with big resistance, evidence of which is the defensive reaction (or resorts to mocking rather than addressing the ideas) from many commenters when faced with alternate view points.

  • For what it’s worth, I sometimes eat at Chipotle. But i’d be happier with a world without them than with them, and we certainly don’t need more of them.

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