Features Video of Thievery Corporation and Their DC Pride

Thanks to a reader for sending this sweet video They write:

“Thievery Corporation takes us inside their musical empire in Washington, DC, and it’s a completely different side of our Capitol than on your high school field trip. As we tour the DC underground, Thievery brings us inside their custom studio (aptly named the Thievery Consulate), as well as their bar and bistro, an homage to Marvin Gaye.”

Don’t forget to get your tickets to their upcoming concert in Jan. at 9:30 Club. I’m going Sat. which sold out. But you can still get tickets for Thurs., Jan. 21st here.

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  • Funny. I was flippin’ records in SOM on my lunchbreak when they came in to film that bit. Seems like ages ago (ha, at least we turn around PoPTrekkers faster ‘n that!) But still, decent folks. Always good to remind the world that this city is more than monuments & murder stats.

  • “Why not D.C?”

    Amen to that.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I do not get paid for posts like this. I just love Thievery. If I did get paid for a specific post of course I would disclose.

  • Especially since it was submitted by a lovely reader such as I. I am expecting my check PoP

  • …YEAH! I’m still waiting for the payola for all those positive comments I’ve been leaving, to make this teetering house of cards seem “fair and balanced” — well, no more, buddy. I’m blowing the lid off this thing, and the world will know what a DEVIOUS CONSPIRACY this site is!

    Honestly! As if something with an essentially cheerful tone could be legit! You must think us all such fools, “prince of petworth”… if that IS your name… HA!

  • They’re soooo Washington. Not saying whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, just sayin’.

  • I can’t believe I’ll be out of town that week!! Argh!!!

  • Almost saw their show at the Virgin Fest a few years back, but then The Who started and I had to hightail it back to the other end of the racetrack…

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