Crazy Protest Outside of Marriott in Woodley Park


Well this was an unpleasant scene on Woodley Road Sunday afternoon. I believe Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is in town. But man these are some vicious signs. As a Jew I can tell you they made me laugh because they were so absurd but I was really disturbed to see some children maybe 8 or 9 years old holding signs like this as well…


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  • Wow. Seriously?
    And is that a Pride Flag tucked into her fake blood splattered Israeli apron?

  • Lol. Religious people are so funny – and not only the nut case ones like these!

  • I would say this is a pretty poor representation of a “religious person.”

  • That’s Fred Phelps traveling group of morons. they run and are based out of one church in Topeka, KS. Don’t pay them any attention, it consists of 3 inbred families that keep breeding. Pay them no mind.

  • I think I’ll donate more money to the Holocaust Museum because of this. Geez.

  • i once made a sign that said, pancakes are disgusting, just because its in big print doesnt mean its true.

  • So did you share a recipe with her?

  • I drove by those idiots yesterday. What royally f’d up lives they must lead.

  • As a fellow heeb, PoP, I concur. Hilarious.

  • This just makes me sad for those poor children who are being raised in that environment of prejudice and hatred.

  • Wow – I didn’t know the Westboro Baptist Church also hated Jews, too. This is new.
    I really loved seeing these people at the Equality March a few weekends ago – I saw several couples making out in front of them. I think they either got too disgusted or got chased away – they didn’t last too long there.

    There’s a fun documentary on the YouTubes about them (called “The Most Hated Family in America)- a British journalist follows them around for a few weeks and is completely befuddled by them. It is sad yet funny. You get to see just how f’d up their lives are.

    BTW – is that a pride flag that woman has on her belt?

  • This group is also known for showing up at soldiers funerals with signs stating that they deserved to die because…well who knows considering their warped, twisted logic.

  • Here’s a link to a terrific speech by one of Fred Phelps’ disaffected sons that describes the harrowing lives of the Phelps clan–this is a seriously messed up family led by a disturbed megolomaniac:

  • I have a headache from reading their wikipedia info. Let me summarize a very long entry for you: they hate everyone.

  • If Jews eat their own babies, as it states on their placard, there won’t be anymore Jews. So they should rest on their laurels and just stay home. Mission accomplished.

  • I saw a bunch of these guys outside mass yesterday at the basilica of the natl shrine at CUA. Shouting that God hates you, God hates priests, the Pope is a pedophile, etc.

    It was a good reminder that if you’re a Christian you should never forget that God loves people, not hates people. Religious folks should never forget that and get overly self-righteous unless they want to end up as hateful and twisted as the Fred Phelps types.

    (And sorry to all who might not like a little bit of religious thought – I’m not trying to offend.)

  • The great irony, of course, is that he isn’t exactly treating Old Glory with respect…

  • They use the same signs for every protest. The ‘you will eat your babies’ signs were at the march for equality too.

    They really are the most hateful people I’ve ever come across. They will even picket events and people completely unrelated to their beliefs. Graduation ceremonies, funerals, you name it, they are there.

  • Emmaleigh504

    They look like weird butterflies with all those signs.

  • I’ve come up with the perfect way for dealing with these SOBs. If you come across one of their protests, get a cup, go to a nearby restroom, and fill it with your urine. Then walk up to them, and dump it on them. They will smell on the outside like their black hearts.

    And the best part is that no cops will help them but even if they do scream for the cops, just tell them that you tripped and boy aren’t you sorry for spilling that on them. And the reason you were carrying a cup of urine is that you really had to go and were trying to find a bathroom earlier but couldn’t – so you were being a good citizen and trying to find a place to dump it out.

    Accidents happen, right?

  • It’s amusing to hear one religious person overlook their own beliefs in mythical figures and events in order to put down another religious person for believing in different mythical figures and events.

  • They also got kicked out of the area in front of the National Cathedral yesterday.

  • I wish they would stay in Kansas & take the tea partiers with them!

  • Very professional signs. Nice font. Very readable. I’ll have to remember it for the “Abolish Religion” placards I’m having printed up.

  • “you will eat your babies”. Priceless. I read an article about how these jerks heckled somebody and got the person so mad that they turned around and tried to run them down in her pickup. Also read a similar article about a town sheriff who came out to mediate, only to grow so infuriated with them that he punched the leader in the face. Moral of the Story? YOU CAN BE FOUND NOT GUILTY DUE TO TEMPORARY INSANITY WHEN YOU GO AFTER THESE PEOPLE!

  • I *love* the expression on the face of the Marriott employee: “Why have I been served this turd sandwich?”

  • The metal detectors and the x-ray scan machines at the door to the WP Marriot make total sense now.

  • [email protected]:16, I could not have said it any better. Fantastic caption for that picture! Its good to find humor in something so horribly wrong.

  • Fags were soooo 2007. Jews is where it’s at in 2009-10. Who next for 2011?

    a strange~there’s a doc (referenced above) where Kansans routinely throw stuff at them (unfortunately the kidss too) and ridicule them.

  • I am speachless.

  • Westboro Baptist Church hate a lot of people. If anyone want more information, without visiting their site (they count visitors, so don’t check them out), check out this info page from ADL:

  • Anonymous 11:01 – they hate the US, so it’s no problem they’re treating the flag thusly. When they protest they have signs that read: “Thank God for the Shuttle Disaster”, “Thank God for IEDs”, “Thank God for 9/11”. They hate the gays so much that they hate the US for being so tolerant. I wish they’d just find an island somewhere where they’d be so much happier.

  • FORTUNATELY but sometimes, as in this case, unfortunately we have free speech in our BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!!

    I personally find these people wearing the signs to be ignorant.

    God bless the USA and God bless our Soldiers!

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