Crazy Assault Sunday Afternoon at 16th and U Streets, NW


Saw this disturbing incident on the MPD listserv from Commander Groomes:

“the below incident started off with an argument in the McDonalds… one of the parties then exited and went to wait for a bus in the 1900 blk of 16th ST when a blue Yukon pulled along side and pulled gun demanding his property…. the victim attempted to grab the gun and a fight ensued when the driver of the truck came out and struck the victim with a bat causing him injury – the truck sped off (we are following this lead) and victim taken to an area hospital…. we ask anyone who may have witnessed this attack to contact the 2d detectives or our tip line at 1 888 919 CRIME ..”

The original email:

“As I was coming home from church around 1:45 pm today (Sunday), I noticed a lot of police activity so I walked up to 16th and U. According to a couple of bystanders, a car had pulled up to the intersection, someone jumped out with a bat and began assaulting someone in the bus stop on the east side (our side) of 16th Street. For reasons I do not know, all the activity was over on the west side of 16th by the Starbucks. There was a fire engine and an ambulance which contained the victim (don’t know if victim was male or female). There were around 8 or 9 police cars. The bystanders told me that someone had gotten the car license number as it sped away. Finally, as I was walking home, about 10 minutes after I first noticed the activity (and clearly some additional but unknown amount of time after the assault had occurred), two police officers decided to go over to the bus stop and start to put up some crime scene tape. I asked if they had caught anyone and was told no and directed not to walk in their crime scene. I took another look over at what had grown to at least 12 police cars and was perplexed as to how all these police were helping to catch the perpetrators by milling around the scene talking.”

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  • pretty ballsy as the police station is at 17th and u st.

  • Whatever happened to Omar’s code of no hits on a Sunday?

  • Kalorama Triangle we ain’t!

  • Look, Burger King’s new double stack might finally be taking some market share from the McDouble, but this kind of behavior isnt how we should be settling the debate.

  • @Sammy – haha. Sunday’s the Lord’s day.

  • It’s just bordering on ridiculousness now. This is half a block from the cop station forgodssake.

  • that McDonalds is nothing but bad news as well as a generator of trash

  • that McDonalds is nothing but bad news as well as a generator of trash

  • LOL, you couldn’t write the shit that goes down in this city (Practically in view of the White House) Oh, wait, it’s probably already been done somewhere else or perhaps here and memorialized for decades. Back when that area held Julio’s pool hall there was a late night killing there, so the modern victim is lucky I guess….assuming they survived the beating. Wood beats bullets any day? WTF!

  • Assume we’re talking about the McD’s at 14th & U? About as many drug deals as extra value meal deals go down in that place.

  • Cops have a legal duty to document crimes. They have no corresponding legal duty to actually protect citizens. And they act accordingly.

    Besides, no amount of policing will turn amoral thugs into good neighbors (reductio ad absurdum example: prisons are extremely heavily policed, and yet utterly unsafe). All these criminal punks start out as sweet adorable kids; by the time they come to the attention of the police, it’s way too late.

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