California Pizza Kitchen Closes on Connecticut Ave.


“Dear PoP,

On my way to work today, I noticed that the CPK on Conn and N was closed (with paper over the windows). While I understand that CPK isn’t the heart and soul of DC’s gastronomic culture, I still like a good bowl of split pea and some weird pizza every now and then. No one seems to know what happened and I’ve noticed lots of people trying to peak in to see if a fire or something like that occured.

Any news would be greatly appreciated.”

I stopped by the building at 1250 Connecticut Ave., NW and spoke with one of the building’s employees. She told me that CPK did not renew their lease so they have closed up. She wasn’t sure what was going into the space, though she guesses another restaurant, and she wasn’t sure whether or not CPK was going to open up in another location.

I’m just curious – do other folks like CPK?

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  • No. Absolute nastiest chain restaurant of all.

  • CPK is one of my guiltiest pleasures. Tell no one, please.

  • Can’t say I’ve ever been.

  • I know it’s going to make some folks in Columbia Heights jealous, but that would make a great location for the D.C. flagship Arby’s franchise.

  • Good salads.

  • I work nearby and had been there a few time for work lunches, but I would never spend my own money there. There are plenty of local pizza joints where I would rather spend my money. Hopefully an upgrade will take that spot!

  • Nostalgic favorite of mine.

  • If you actually like CPK you don’t deserve tastebuds

  • @Anonymous 8:54am

    YES! I couldn’t agree more. NW needs an Arby’s now, more than ever. CPK stinks and I for one would welcome a new Arby’s— hell, I’d be there daily!!!!!

  • I loved this place before I moved to the city. Went back a few months ago, and was shocked that I used to love their food, which now comes off as not very good and pre-packaged. Oh how your tastes change when you move from the suburbs.

  • Isn’t there an Arby’s in the Greyhound bus station? Or was that long ago?

  • CPK is a theme restaurant and the California culinary theme has long run its course.

  • houseintherear

    adios to another chain, yay!

  • chains are not all bad, enough with all the kvetching. what’s wrong with wanting to go someplace with standardized service where you kmow exactly what you’re going to get? it’s not like this is area has a distinct neighborhood – it was a good option for workers, tourists, and yes residents.

  • That answer sure came fast. According to a post from Tom Sietsema on the GOGBlog, it’s going to be an italian joint called Casa Nonna, under the BLT umbrella.

  • Vonstallin

    I love the place….
    first place i ever had pinnapples on my pizza and wheat crust….

    never went to this one so as long as crystal city is still around im down.

  • I liked CPK. Fine dining experience, no. But it was healthy, affordable, and comfortable alternative to expensive, hard to get into places. It was a great option for families. I’ll miss it.

  • What are the “better” alternatives for pizza in that area that you all are talking about. I, too, would prefer a non-chain pizza place but, face it, it doesn’t exist by there. Also, it’s really hard to beat that BBQ Chicken Pizza. FInd me a local spot that does that and I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

  • If I liked CPK, I’d also like cooking a frozen pizza and tossing some pineapple on it. A chain bites the dust, and good people smile.

  • Give me Popeye’s or give me death.

  • CPK was okay, but I always will remember my boyfriend and I leaving our table only to see Secretary of State Albright take our place.

  • Vonstallin

    26 November 2009 11:53 AM | dodgecitydave Said:

    Give me Popeye’s or give me death.


    Im rubbing some popeyes cajun fried turkey juice off my chin as we speak….nom nom nom nom……

  • “… it’s going to be an italian joint called Casa Nonna, under the BLT umbrella.” So where’s all the uproar from the chain haters? Or are some chains more acceptable than others. Not that I was a fan of CPK, but I had eaten there on occasion, and appreciated it for what it was – something basic, better than fast food, but not a epicurean delight. Nice to have some middle of the road options – I don’t know about “Casa Nonna” but if it’s too much like the rest of the BLT shops, it may be exquisite food, but it will probably be much too expensive for any other than a very rare treat.

  • Gees guys. The booths were comfy, the pizzas were filling, the salads were always fresh and the wait staff was really friendly. And the red velvet cake was TO DIE FOR. A sad day, at least for me.

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