Break in at Hadiyah Cafe, 3118 Georgia Ave.


Thanks to a reader for sending the photo. The reader writes:

“Happened this morning. The store is hardly ever open. It was a matter of time.”

We spoke about Hadiyah Cafe back in April and I have to agree it was truly bizarre the place never seemed to be open (even on weekends). Still, always sad to see destruction like this.

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  • I usually assume these always closed places to be money laundering joints. Ie, make a fake eatery and sit at home and ring up $5,000 in drug cash sales per day, then deposit and keep receipts for any IRS review. Has anyone ever seen the Caribbean Cafe in Petworth open?

  • speaking of restaurants that are never open, what’s the deal with EatMore Fried Chicken on Georgia Ave.?

    in my life, i think i’ve seen that place open once.

  • Pennywise,
    Not many of these drug dealers are making anywhere near 5K a week. Let alone a day. This isn’t the Wire.

  • I have bought food from here 4 or 5 times. It’s always been very good. The hours are strange though.

  • Smells like insurance fraud to me.

  • Perhaps a secret sex club?

  • I recall a story where a guy had been a drug dealer for many many years, lived however he lived, and drove a beat up hooptie w/ temp tags. When arrested they confiscated $11,000 from him and he complained in the newspaper that without access to his money he couldn’t hire an attorney. The article was the first time I learned that street dealers didn’t make much profit- there were cops to pay off and lookouts and muscle to pay. The guy was dropping $50 on McDonalds every day.

    At the time I was making like $25k per year and had saved like $4000 of it.

  • Sorry, wasn’t implying dealers made that much, it was a sample number. Use $500 or $50 if you like.

  • Pennywise – you mean Island Cafe?

  • Saw this around 8 am. When did it happen? Pardon me for asking, but was it theft or an anti Muslim crime? Or both? I didn’t see police or hear an alarm at 8. Actually meant to call 911 but I forgot

  • Can you say “DRUG FRONT?”

  • Not many cops are getting paid off by drug dealers in this city. If they are, it isn’t from the drug dealers we see and complain about.

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