Bike Lane Construction Begins on 15th Street

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As a reader noted in the comments on Friday, construction has begun on 15th Streets. These orange cones have sprung up on a huge section of 15th Street (where it is one way). Back in February we learned that there was going to north and southbound bike lanes. So far there there was only cones on one side of the street. Do you like the idea of north and southbound bike lanes?


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  • What we really need are good bike lanes south of Mass ave. i.e. Downtown. While it is nice to see more bike lanes going up, I hate biking down from CH and then get to about Mass Ave. and you’re thrown right in with the busiest traffic.

    For them to do this will take REAL BALLS to take a car from the cars.

    Hopefully Fenty reads PoP and can make this more than a symbolic thing. Without safe bike lanes in downtown, you can almost get there and then you’re thrown to the lions!

  • Will this reduce the number of traffic lanes for cars or just make them narrower?

  • As far as I understand this will reduce the travel lanes from 4 to 3. The southbound “contraflow” (in the direction opposite of traffic) bike lane will be of generous width compared to a typical bike lane to protect cyclists from opening doors of from drivers and passengers of adjacent parked cars. There will no longer be a dedicated northbound bike lane, but the right-most travel lane will be designated as a shared lane for cars and bikes (and will be signed as such).

  • They actually took away one lane of car traffic? This is going to raise a stink with the pro-car/anti-cyclist folks. What about parking? Were any parking spaces taken away? And don’t churchies double park there? I see a sh|t storm in the future…

  • If they did take away a lane of traffic, it does kind of suck. I like to use 15th st in the evenings because it is one of the few streets where traffic actually flows. Taking away a lane of traffic is not going to help matters.

  • lordscarlet

    Yes, they took away a traffic lane. It’s excellent.

    My understanding is that the parking on the west side of 15th will be between the bicycle lain and the automobile lanes.

  • Car traffic won’t be affected. 15th northbound had way too much capacity. Bikes in the contraflow lane getting hit by cars that don’t expect them to be there…that will be a problem.

  • Great Update.
    I just hope the work gets done sooner rather than later as currently we have cars parked in the bike lane and you can tell most don’t know what’s going on. Too bad DDOT didn’t put up some signage to explain what they are doing.

    Related to loosing a lane of traffic, as an avid driver of 15th street because of it’s timed lights, I do believe loosing 1 lane of traffice will be minimal. My worry is making left hand turns on to streets like R and U, might get scary as you may not see bicyclists coming towards you behind the parked cars.

  • I agree – the left turn into cyclists may be a real bad problem here, especially with the number of large SUV’s and vehicles with [illegally heavy] tinted windows. As the first “contra flow” lane in the city there are bound to be problems – I just hope none of them are fatal.

    As for the reduction from 4 to 3 lanes or car traffic – in a city where almost every major road [Massachusetts, Connecticut, Wisconsin, NY, 16th etc] gets choked down to 1 lane at some point I don’t think this is really a big deal.

  • I personally think this is a great idea in theory. However, I biked by it last night and there were already cars parked directly in the middle of the bike lane putting anyone trying to use it in an impossible situation btwn 2 parked cars. Good idea in theory but then all bike lanes are really just extra parking/standing lanes for cars to use right?

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