Beautiful Old Mansion


This mansion on 3rd Street, NW near the Anna J. Cooper Circle has been in a sorry state for a while. I haven’t been able to track down how much it’s going for but maybe Hipchick can find out. Anyway, it reminds me a bit of the great old mansion in a similar state of disrepair off Monroe in Mt. Pleasant. What do you think would be a reasonable asking price for a huge home that obviously needs a ton of work?

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  • took two seconds to look it up on redfin here.

  • Some one has been working on it as of late. I assume trying to keep it from degrading further. I have lived near by for two years, there were squatters for a while that had electricity working. People have been using it for a while as a place to park run their dogs. The price of 1.1 M is crazy, crazy by a factor 2.

  • This place is listed on MLS for $1,095,000. Probably trying to avoid paying vacant property tax… It has been listed for a very long time.

  • This is my wife’s second most loved old house in DC (right behind the other old mansion recently PoP profiled on 16th and something like R st.). This could be a really nice property again if the Million Dollar price tag droped a little.

  • I was amazed to find out the asking price back when I was looking in Ledroit as well. For those that checked out the yellow house across the street, that one sold for like $285K or something. Although rather elegant on the outside, I’d can’t see why this house would even sell for twice as much as that yellow house. Perhaps people are right about the vacant property part.

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