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A few weeks ago I posted that View 14 located at 14th and Florida Ave, NW has begun leasing. Last night I attended an event sponsored by the Urban Land Institute and was able to get a tour of the building. (More on the event later.) Here is a pricing sheet for the apartments:

Studio – $1,780 – $2,060
One Bed/One Bath – $1,910 – $3,025
One Bed/Den/Office – $2,680 – $3,235
Two Bed/Two Bath Jr – $2,885 – $3,160
Two Bed/Two Bath – $3,185 – $4,855
Two Bed/ Two Bath Duplex – $3,885 – $4,415

More info here.

Following is a look at a 2 bed/2 bath jr:


More photos after the jump.




Following is a large living room from the 2 bed/2 bath:



View from roofdeck:


Lobby (I just dug the fish):


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  • Studio – $1,780 – $2,060

    I don’t understand paying this much for a studio. And I’m not just saying that because I couldn’t afford it. For the people who CAN afford this, you could clearly also afford to buy a condo, so why not just do that instead? These are nice places but $1,780+ is just pissing away money to live in a shoebox.

  • holy balls that is expensive

  • Lovely but spendy!

  • Pricey? Yes. Shoebox? Yes. But think how shithead trendy you can be! And where else can you get such a generic space utterly devoid of any character? Oh, wait…. in any of the fifty bazillion glass and aluminum condos towers jammed into the nooks and crannies of this city!

  • PoP, please tell me you have photos of these $2K studios. Are they located on 14th & Florida or in Manhattan?

  • I love these posts. I can just look at the lowest number – see that it is much too much for me to pay, and skip the rest!

  • Holy cow. I cannot fathom why anyone who could pay 2k for a studio wouldn’t go rent a nice one bedroom in a rowhouse. Or why they’d want to live at 14th and Florida.

    Different strokes, I suppose!

  • I guess people spend this much money so they live in a building full of people with money to burn? Birds of a feather, I suppose…

  • I imagine you get a parking spot included in that price?

    Perhaps a 24 hour concierge who will do your dry cleaning, hold your packages, score you drugs (LOL), etc?

  • I see an extended period of major vacancies in this building’s future.

  • Outrageous pricing. And just yesterday I was talking with someone who lived in NYC for a decade and paid less–hundreds less–than DC rents go for.

    Just curious though, PoP, did you happen to get a closer look at the curtain walls in the apartments? From the photos it looks like there is room between the glass and that ductwork to get a curtain or drapery rod, but the gypsum board soffit makes it look like it might not be possible. Do you think a tenant could put up window treatments? Because it would be a big drag to not be able to have any privacy with all that glass.

  • When the term “yuppie gulag” makes it to Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary a picture of the studio apt’s in this building should be featured.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Sorry ogden didn’t notice the curtain walls. Also I didn’t get to see a studio.

  • I wonder if they’re running specials to get people to move in. my 1 bedroom is technically 2000 / month, but I got 3 months free and a free parking spot, so in reality the price was very reasonable compared to the listed price. Then again, I live somewhere thats not nearly as trendy nor in as high demand as the U Street area….

  • That pricing is laughable.

    WHO, with $2k a month to spend on rent, would choose a STUDIO?

  • Shuffleboard is worth $250 a month alone… I don’t think many people are moving between Thanksgiving and Christmas… so while the original sticker prices are high, i’m guessing there will be sales after NYE, but then again some people spend $10-$15 a day on Starbucks, so maybe they also spend $60-$100 a day on housing.

  • Yeah, I agree with all of the other comments. Is this even that much better a location than 14th & Monroe, where the Allegro couldn’t rent out their apts for a lot less while also giving 2 months free? Dollars to donuts this is going to be another apt building foreclosure in 6 months.

  • WDC: my guess is someone who just finished college, doesn’t have a lot of stuff and whose parents are footing the bill – likely a similar situation to some of the younger folks who live in the Allegro.

  • Buy instead! That pricing is more than my mortgage on a bigger 3 bedroom home…And I bought when prices where at there highest! They are nuts!

  • If I see any more brown stone/tile in any bathroom on the walls or the floor I’m going to puke. We won’t even discuss the money…

  • I agree with DCGirl53. I’m paying something comparable to the 1BR for a roomy 3BR home with a huge backyard, two car garage, basement and stand-up attic less than a mile from CH metro. Not bragging, just saying…..

    I suppose you’re paying for the freedom to pick up and leave when your Capital Hill internship is over, but damn, that’s just a stupid waste of money.

  • Renting is *supposed* to be more expensive than buying though, because as Taylor St points out, you are paying for the freedom to move at the end of your lease, and also to not have to deal with maintenance. If you’re only going to be DC for 1-3 years buying would be a losing proposition because of the transaction costs of buying and selling a house, even if the monthly payment were lower. The comparisons to mortgage payments on a house to have some value in illustrating the silliness of these rents, but there are also examples of apts with much lower rents, which make for a more relevant apples-to-apples comparison.

  • Way overpriced for an up and coming area none the less!! I’ll sick with my $1300 junior one bedroom in awesome neighborhood thanks!!

  • Some people value VIEW, which this building has from every angle. I checked it out and if I could afford it I would be in the penthouse unit. It has the best city view in Washington DC.

  • i like the fish too. and that view fucking kicks.

  • “I see an extended period of major vacancies in this building’s future.”

    Probably a phony price list so they can give ‘deals’ and ‘specials’ making people feel like their 1500 studio is not over priced at all.

    The view is nice, but it’s a crappy location. Sure, it’s within walking distance to U Street, but really, it’s in da hood. For this sort of price, I would expect it to be around U & 14th.

  • Two words: Babe Lair. Subtract the cost of owning a car, which you won’t need to live here. Subtract your monthly spending for ‘a cab ride home’ because you live so close to the bars & music spots on 9th, 11th, 14th & 18th (although I suppose this person will be hitting a lot of trendy clubs, which are further away.) Add the nookie you will get when you take her/him home for a night cap…and then let your company/lobbying firm/record company pay for it all.

  • Another thing to consider re: buying versus renting, is that while the monthly mortgage payment might be lower when buying, sometimes people need a place right now, and don’t exactly have $100k saved up for a downpayment, which is what you’ll probably need these days on a comparable place.

    Having said that, I hope that they’ve hired leasing agents that aren’t easily hurt, because they’re going to have to get used to people laughing all the way out the door, after they hear those numbers. This place is going to remain very empty for a long time.

  • This — exactly.

    DCGirl53 Says:

    November 19th, 2009 at 11:45 am
    Buy instead! That pricing is more than my mortgage on a bigger 3 bedroom home…And I bought when prices where at there highest! They are nuts!

  • $2000 on rent? Money down the toilet, it never ceases to amaze me.

  • They are offering 2 months free (and I suspect you can get 3 if you ask) so those studio prices are really closer to $1500 to $1700 a month once you get it prorated. Big buildings do this because in the event the economy drastically turns around they want to be able to charge you full market value. DC’s rent control laws mean that if you sign a $1700 a month, 12-month lease for 2010 with 2 months free, then in 2011 they can up the rent to $2034 a month. If you signed a $1500 a month lease they could only up rent to $1800. It’s also why many of the nicer buildings in the city wont offer leases over 12 months long.

    Also, the “security deposit” is only $500, most independent landlords charge a full months rent for a security deposit and can make it a pain in the butt to get it back. Add in that you wouldn’t need to join a gym and you’re talking about over $1000 in saved up front costs over the junior one bedroom in a group house. Can you not see the appeal?

    Some people like studios because they want to live alone and don’t have a lot of stuff. I saw mentions of group house living, yes it’s cheaper, but some people don’t want to share the kitchen or bathroom with a bunch of peace corps hipsters. There studios are really large with a good amount of storage and a lot of light. If you’re going to pay $1500 a month, why not live on the eleventh floor with light over a basement with a wall demarcating a bedroom?

  • Call me crazy, but this pricing doesn’t look that bad for a *brand new* apartment in that area. I would compare it to the Ellington or any places for rent in Union Row for a good comparable.

    I recently moved from DC to NYC. My NYC rent is cheaper than this place (I have a 2 bedroom), but I live in a 100 year old building with loud pipes and 4 floors to walk up/down.

    DC has the best job market in the country right now, that is why the prices are so high. NYC is doing terrible, everyone up here is looking for a job, office space is dirt cheap, and apartments are offering 1-2 months free rent (unheard of before in NYC).

  • My mortgage payment + property taxes in escrow + condo fees for a small-ish 1BR downtown are about $2550/mo. About $250 of that goes into equity and then ~$300-$350 of that will come back to me in taxes.

    So these rental deals where you get two months free and your rent prorates out to $1600-1900/mo are decent value wise for new construction. If you have the money it’s not a bad temporary move for that first year while you figure out where you want to buy.

  • This is about what I would expect for a *new* apartment in that neighborhood, with those amenities, and with that (amazing) view. U St. is not Columbia Heights (and I would argue that this is more “north U St.” than “south Columbia Heights” irrespective of what the official map says). These will probably be snapped up by young professionals who either do not want or cannot afford a condo in the area. There is a lot of demand to live in the area but not that many large apartment buildings offering the amenities that the young-professional-types desire. I hope they fill the retail space with nice shops/restaurants (given the aesthetics, you guys should abandon hope for a diner…unless it’s a very chic diner).

  • Your tax dollars, $5.7M helped to bail this project out. We should get a free pass to visit the roof.

  • Visit the roof? Is that all you want for $5.7M?
    How about full use of the gym and access to the drug dealing concierge? Is there an in-house call girl service? Oughta be.

  • Supply & Demand. Why don’t we let the market decide the price of these apartments… If people aren’t renting them, they’ll probably throw a special.

  • @ Jason: “I would compare it to the Ellington or any places for rent in Union Row for a good comparable.”


    Offering a BEAUTIFUL, brand-new, luxury 2Bd/2Ba + Den condo (or use the den as a 3rd bedroom, plenty big enough for a full/queen bed and has its own closet).
    Corner of 14th & Florida NW (3 blocks N of U St.).

    $3300/month OBO.

  • “I love these posts. I can just look at the lowest number – see that it is much too much for me to pay, and skip the rest!”

    Amen to that

  • Why are commenters on city blogs such haters? The fact that a super-lux apartment building is going up at the corner of 14th and Florida should be reason to celebrate. Instead, the crybabies who complain on sites like these cite the negatives. Be happy for once.

  • I say the things I say about these types of developments because I am against them for aesthetic reasons, urban density reasons, conspicuous consumption reasons, and complex cultural reasons, just to name a few.
    Every time one of these buildings goes up, it takes away a piece of the city’s fabric and character. It’s a generic building that could be in *any* US city.

    Sure, it’s shiny and new and pretty, but for all those reasons, I look at it as lacking character and (by definition) history. OK, so not every new building can look like a cool old brownstone rowhouse, but shouldn’t it at least *try* to tie into the community, rather than working as hard as possible to dilute it?

  • At these prices, you could easily OWN a condo for less money across the street at Union Row or Solea. I’d do some serious competitive shopping if I were still in the market.

  • >> “Your tax dollars, $5.7M helped to bail this project out. We should get a free pass to visit the roof.”

    Far too many existing DC residents take more out of the pot in social services than they put into it in taxes. Developments like these bring people who will be net contributors and bring greater balance to the city.

  • >

    Well, maybe… but did you see what this building replaced? I think this and whatever replaces the out-of-place strip mall that recently got torn down across the street are likely to be be net improvements for the neighborhood…. as is the future new YMCA in the next block. At least these new buildings are attempting to bring back commercial activity at the street level and an appropriate level of residential density in a metro corridor.

  • “Sure, it’s shiny and new and pretty, but for all those reasons, I look at it as lacking character and (by definition) history.”

    Um, don’t you think brownstone rowhouses were shiny, and new and “lacking character” in 1900?

  • “Um, don’t you think brownstone rowhouses were shiny, and new and “lacking character” in 1900?”

    In a word, no.
    Anyway, following that logic, this aluminum Star Trek tower will reach their aesthetic and historical value by 2118 or so. Until then, IMHO, they suck, they don’t fit and we’re stuck with them.

    @Ingmar: point well taken on the commercial/residential mix being beneficial. I agree in general, just don’t like the shape it usually takes.

  • sorry, I meant ‘its’ aesthetic and historical value

  • @ UStreeter – the key is owning a *comparable* condo, i.e., with amazing views and the same amenities. I don’t think you’d be able to find a comparable condo at Union Row for much cheaper. As for Solea…the reason the rent for that one condo posted earlier is so cheap is b/c the underlying quality/value of the condo is much lower than at places like Union Row, CityScape, Beauregard, etc. Just check the sales prices and take a tour. That said, I haven’t toured View14, and if it’s comparable to Solea, then yeah, it’s overpriced.

  • Ha! If I’m going to pay $1700 a month for a studio, it better be in Manhattan. A friend of mine used to live in a studio in Greenwich Village, and it cost less than that. The building is nice, but the price is hilarious for that location.

  • I happen to like these places. Prices seem high, but it also looks like you’re getting quite a bit for your money. Sure, I pay less to own a similar size apartment a few blocks up 14th from here, but my place is nowhere near as nice as this.

    Walking down 14th street I love the way the two new buildings on either side change the street scape. I like the juxtaposition; it changes things up a little, keeps the eyes moving around. There are definitely some great streets in this city lined on either side with trees and brownstones that will stand the test of time. This just doesnt happen to be one of them and never was.

  • I’m psyched to have this building in the neighborhood, where it will provide tenants with beautiful views of the city & easy access to everything near U street. &, knowing what people pay for comparable units (Solea and Cityscape are not comparable), I wouldn’t expect the rents to go much lower. &, I prefer tax revenue from a building like View 14 than one of the big-box stores.

  • Does anyone know about the retail space at the bottom of the building. They have a HUGE area down there. I’m crossing my fingers for a Gym or a nicer super market (trader joe’s or something along those lines).

    The Solea building across the street also has retail all along the ground floor.

  • Wow… I pay just under $1300 a month for a quaint old but spacious (750 sq ft) place just 5 blocks up the street. Has way more character than any of these places.

  • Any links to more info on the $5.7 million taxpayer money? Was this a Fenty developer buddy bro-deal or Jim Graham related? The building that used to be in this location was actually one of the few reliable, affordable and high quality auto-repair shops in the city. Guess I’m just a little bitter that I now have to go out to Rockville to find a decent mechanic.

  • in some parts of the city you can rent an entire home with a yard and parking for a little over $2000.00. why rent a studio?..all the amenties and convienence i guess..

  • Gotta agree with Vince. I could easily afford the mortgage on a place like this, but I certainly don’t have $100,000 lying around to put down on such a place.

  • You wouldn’t need $100k, maybe $25k… depends on price and percentages of money down you need to qualify… no point in speculating, but it’s not $100k.

  • expensive yes … but it speaks to the coming of age of DC as a major metropolitan area attracting the kind of people who can pay these rents …. my only wish now is how to be get rid of the “housing projects” between View 14 and Kenyon Place? These must go … along with the thus who murder, steal, and make the neighborhood a nuisance


    CFO’s Fiscal Impact Statement
    Bill 18-48 View 14 Economic Development Act of 2009 03.16.09

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