4800 Block of Georgia Ave Becoming Restaurant Row


Thanks to a reader for the heads up about a new restaurant coming to 4809 Georgia Ave, NW (right next door to Moroni & Bros. Pizza). So this section of Georgia will now have Moroni’s, Fusion and now this spot. I spoke to the owner of Moroni’s who thinks that the restaurant will be Ethiopian. The permit on the window said there will also be a lounge on the first floor. I think this’ll be great news for the block as the more foot traffic here the better for all the restaurants.

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  • I know! And it looks like they’re going to have Snapple! I loves me some Snapple, holmes.

  • Finally! I frequent both Moroni & Bros and Fusion and can’t wait for another option.

  • This is awesome news!

  • i LoVe the name! i hope “Restaurant Row” sticks! SUPPORT OUR LOCAL BUSINESSES!

  • Yes, 4 Restaurants. Look out U & H street.

  • Ordered from Fusion for the first time on Friday. Had no idea what I was missing! So Good!

  • Nice! I really want to try Fusion soon. Hopefully soon this area will get to be a critical mass of restaurants and retail for the Petworth/Brightwood Park neighborhoods

  • My wife and I moved into the neighborhood this weekend, about four blocks from there. We already ate at El Togoroz, and we look forward to checking out Moroni, Fusion, and others really soon. If they put in new restaurants, we will definitely support them.

  • will that is good news,went to fusion many times for dinner and now for sunday brunch,food is always great,they are doing a special menu for thanks giving and i am planning to take my partner for thanks giving dinner .

  • If you haven’t been to these places, they are great. Moroni has arguably the best brick oven pizza in the city. Fusion is great–especially when you eat in the restaurant. Try the fried spinach. It sounds weird/strange, but I couldn’t believe how good it was. The owners of both restaurants are friendly and appreciate your business. They are both clean and the food is much better than some of the “pricey” places downtown.

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