4700 14th Street, NW Becomes Dance Studio (Since April)


We looked at this spot a number of months ago and had wondered what would go in. This past weekend I picked up a flyer announcing that it is Capitol Movement Studio. Their Web site says the space has been open since April:

“In April 2009, CMI also opened the Capitol Movement Studio, located on 14th and Crittenden Streets, NW in the 16th Street Heights neighborhood. The studio is as diverse as our organization, offering classes in Ballet, Pilates, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Afro Cuban, Salsa, Modern and more…We strive to keep participation fees low to ensure that all who are interested in training can afford to do so.”

Sounds super cool.

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  • storefront right next door seems to be awaiting a tenant next.

  • Yeah, I noticed it was empty a couple of weeks ago. I suppose that Mini Gallery must have folded.

  • i went to a performance fundraiser last year at the Lincoln theatre – i cannot tell you how amazing these kids are. the skills and positive outlet this dance company provides is so powerful. i tell ya, this has become my non-profit of choice.

  • Yeah I think Mike’s done w/ Mini, working on another space in southeast somewhere I hear

  • Does anyone know if a woman who has 2 left feet could take classes there or is it for advanced and or children??

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