2 Shot on Rock Creek Church Road Friday Night


A number of readers inquired about a police presence last night around Spring Road. Here is what MPD has sent out around 10:30pm Friday night:

“At this time two adult male victims were shot in the 3500 block of Rock Creek Church Road. Both victims sustained non-life threatening injuries and are currently being treated at a local area hospital. The suspects in this case were last seen fleeing westbound on Spring Road. Anyone with information in reference to this crime please call 1-888-919-CRIME”

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  • I was told at least one home’s window was also shot out by stray gunfire during this incident.

  • 3500 block

  • Silly me, I was surprised when I logged onto PoP this morning and didn’t see a “Friday night crime” posting. I knew it was too good to be true…

  • can you please link to the report?

  • I think Anon above is right – this was the 3500-3600 block of Rock Creek Church and Spring Rd instersection. Latest post on the MPD 4D list serv is here:

  • Yeah, I don’t think there is a 5300 block.

  • welcome to the beautiful life

  • It’s still the beautiful life. But have any of you heard about the shooting and the death of an employee of Casa de Morata on GA Ave near Kennedy during a hold-up last night? It was in the Post but I’m wondering if there have been any arrests. The employee was a female, a widow raising her kids who had been cooperating with the thugs, who then shot her.


  • So, does anyone remember that story from the Post over the summer about the family that didn’t want to pay the funeral home and so the home was holding their loved one’s remains? In that story, we learned that if you are shot in DC, the DC govt pays you $5k or something (this family had gotten that money and spent it on furniture rather than pay the funeral home).

    Does anyone else wonder if all these non-fatal shootings are a scam to get that money?

    And does anyone know the details of that program and how we can get rid of it?

  • Hmmm… I wonder if it was related to the guys I saw hanging out earlier on Saturday dealing drugs in plain sight…

  • How about a Violent Youth Offender Registry? It’s just awful around here with all the gun play that starts at an early age, and seems idolized, just really awful.

  • Yeah, this was my welcome home present…I had just finished bringing the last of my stuff upstairs to my apartment, and then about 8 shots were fired all in a row. From Minnesota, to DC…yeah, the beautiful life!

  • Sick Says:
    November 8th, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    How about a Violent Youth Offender Registry?
    Ok. And then what? We have a sexual offender registry. Most people pay it no mind. Including the sex offender. What would you like done with the names once we collect them?

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