Yogurt Shop Closed at 1813 Columbia Road, NW in Adams Morgan


I spoke with the owners who also run the wine and convenience store next door. I asked if they were closed just for winter but they are unsure at the moment if the Yogurt section will reopen. They said that there was a problem with their HVAC. In order to reopen it will depend on how much space the new HVAC unit takes up. In the meantime you can still check out the nearby Caliyogurt at 2473 18th Street, NW.

Do folks eat frozen yogurt in the colder months?

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  • I hope they are able to accommodate the new hardware, neat idea for a hard to work location. If they could only also sell meat on a stick and pizza late night! The owners seem to have a knack for renovations. Glad they kept on the old guy when they took over from todito.

  • I actually feel kind of sad for these folks.

  • They should be able to overlook any HVAC until springtime. The heat off the pizza ovens and meat stick grills should be sufficient till then.

  • I feel bad for them too, and hopefully they will take something away from the experience. this.
    if we open a restaurant in a high volume high rent area where all of our door traffic starts after 8pm we should sell something that isnt overdone in the area but still fits a niche in the market.
    I havent been to AM in ages, but for high turnover passig traffic i would think kabobs, egg burritos or anything that is easy to consume and not already done would be the next store to open. who are our customers: drunken frat boys. who are our competitors: sit down joints and some pizza. seriously a fuckin yogurt stand.

    I bet if they re-opened selling street pretzels they would be killin it.
    just call them something else like the morrocan word for Pretzel???, then fold them differently. Walla, instant cache “quick upscale”, throw some cummin on em. Bengali Poppers. who knows.
    but fuckin yogurt, a bank loaned you money for this. get outta here.
    /free b school advice for yogurt boy.
    //makes perfect sense. banks loan money for any idea. banks go under. banks take money from taxpayers. bankers get bonuses. econ sure has changed over the last year.
    //yogurt, really this was a b plan. I should start a ponzi scheme, call it Ponzi Investment Corp.

  • I actually don’t think froyo was a bad idea at all. At that time, no one knew that Caliyogurt was opening a highly visible location shortly thereafter. Froyo is a fairly high-margin product and requires very little space. Who knows why or if it failed.

    I do think that pretzel idea is good. If you have a very niche product, it becomes something of a destination and the competition is much less. I wonder why more places don’t do doner kabob or other such street meat.

  • Doesn’t help that Cali Yogurt is just awesome. Best fat-free yogurt I’ve ever had. We walk from CH every now and again just for a cup in the warm weather. I can’t believe there is not one opening in CH actually.

  • Clearly RG you haven’t been to Adams Morgan in a while if you think that all the door traffic starts after 8 p.m. (btw, this wasn’t a restaurant, it was a yogurt stand inside of a convenience store…once the new owners took over from Todito, it stopped being a market).

  • This store sucks since it changed from Todito.

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