Wonderland Captures Sweet City Signs


I’ve always been a big fan of Wonderland (11th and Kenyon Streets, NW) but I think the real love comes from our shared love of old city signs. (Their cousin Looking Glass Lounge, at Georgia and Princeton, (a PoP advertiser) also has many great signs). Anyway, I’ve been meaning to put the amazing one from above up for a while. It’s is a real sign that Wonderland’s owner Matthew salvaged.

Also of note, which I surprisingly just learned, is that they have the original Nob Hill sign (former occupant of the building) on the ceiling toward the bathrooms and kitchen:


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  • I saw that please do not urinate sign on Georgia Ave a few months ago!!!! (I wanna say it was next to Parkview Realty) I kept reminding myself to bring a camera so I could take a picture for PoP, but it disappeared before I got the chance.

    Glad to know it found a good home.

  • My favorite sign in Wonderland is actually the one above the bar. As big as it is, it’s still easy to overlook the corner liquor store sign right over the bar. Or I should say that was my favorite before I saw that sign on the men’s room a couple weeks ago, too.

  • Sigh. Wonderland is truly the best thing about DC. Miss it.

  • I miss Nob Hill!!!

  • Nob Hill was fantastic. But I have to block out all of the dirty, sticky, luscious debauchery that took place upstairs at that place, whenever I visit Wonderland.

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