What the Helen of Troy is the City Tavern and Sign of the Indian King?



Well a quick google search hooked me up. Their Web site says:

“The City Tavern Club is a private social club located in the heart of Georgetown, 3206 M Street, NW, Washington, DC. The Club provides fine dining, elegantly appointed rooms for entertaining, popular member events and a diverse membership. City Tavern is also a top venue for private parties and meetings throughout the year. The historic Federal-Style clubhouse, acquired by Club founders in 1959, is one of oldest buildings in the nation’s capital, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Our membership is comprised of Washington professionals from all fields, including government, law, medicine, architecture, consulting and many others. The Indian King Society, or IKS, is chaired by younger members and organizes a variety of fun events. The Club maintains reciprocal relationships with over 100 clubs worldwide.”

You can read more history here. So how do I get invited to be a member…?

And while we’re on the topic, I’m just curious – what’s the most “exclusive” private club in DC?

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  • I vomit a little in my mouth even thinking about these types of places but I would have to go with L2.

  • Oh, Sully. I think you have the wrong kind of club. That’s a nightclub with a VIP list. The City Tavern and Sign of the Indian King are more adult only fraternal organizations.

    I was at a wedding at the Cosmopolitan club. I think it’s pretty exclusive. A few former US presidents, invite only for highly acclaimed academics and benefactors….

  • After many years of wondering what this place was I went to a foreign policy event there about five years ago. It’s like a time warp in there…it’s musty, it’s crusty, it’s, well, old (as are most of its members, I would imagine).

  • Whoops, I need to drink my morning coffee before blogging.

  • I’m going to go with the club on the corner of 3rd and C st NE, on Capitol Hill. I think its called the 300 club or something. There is no name on the building but I’ve seen the address and name associated with lobbying organizations.

  • sign of the indian king? wonder how many of the members are actually native-american……. bah.

  • Is consulting really a field all its own?

  • I used to bartend there in college. It’s a lot of Georgetown folks and other east coast Republican types. No Native American members. Dues are actually quite reasonable. To become a member you need to be sponsored by two members then confirmed by a board.

    The Cosmos Club or Metropolitan Club are probably the two most exclusive.

  • I was asked to join that by a member who is only a few years older (I am 41). I do think the membership skews a bit older but I think they are trying to get newer members – think college republicans from the 1980’s.

    I didn’t join. While they were giving a nice discount for the under 35 crowd, it was still pricey at that time in my life. And then there is the fact that I was/am not Republican and it is in Georgetown and I was/am on the Hill which ain’t convenient. I am not the exclusive-club type.

    If I remember correctly they had the big dining room on the main floor and a red leather booth-oriented place in the basement I think. There were some interesting architectural details inside.

  • @Ragged Dog, I think you probably mean either the Metropolitan Club (17th and H) or the Cosmos Club (Mass and FL).

    City Tavern Club actually skews younger than most of the rest of the private clubs around town. It’s nice enough for what it is. You absolutely do not have to be a Republican (It’s not the Capitol Hill Club! I know several members who are Dems); you pretty much just need some references and the ability to pay the club dues.

    Up there in exclusivity w/ Metropolitan and Cosmos is the Alibi Club (started by some rogue Metropolitan Club members sometime just before the turn of the 20th Century). Their membership is limited to 50, and I believe they’re still all-male (they might be the last all male club left in town since both Metropolitan and Cosmos started admitting women in the 90s) so they’re actually more exclusive in that regard.

    There’s also the Alfalfa Club, but they don’t have a club house or anything; they just exist to throw a really fun dinner every year!

  • The Friends of the Miss Ann Club of course!

    Though I was always intrigued by the Jefferson Island Yacht Club for old school dems….

  • Isn’t the most exclusive club in DC the Family/Fellowship?

  • @Anon 12:05 ([email protected], since I believe you’re also referencing the same thing), the Fellowship is a different sort of thing. City Tavern, Metropolitan, Cosmos, Alibi – those are all what are traditionally known as gentleman’s clubs. The Fellowship isn’t that; it’s technically a nonprofit advocacy organization. Wheras gentleman’s clubs are like country clubs in the city, for leisure pursuits.

  • @eric- are you talking about the 116 Club? That is very exclusive- a lot of retired members and lobbyists belong there. It’s really just a lunch/dinner place though, not really a “gentlemen’s club.” It’s true what they say about the crabcakes though- to die for.

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