Weygandt Wines to Have Grand Opening Wed. in Cleveland Park


We learned of this spot located at 3519 Connecticut Ave., NW back in March. I was lucky enough to chat with the owners and wine consultants on Saturday. Weygandt Wines is owned by Peter Weygandt and Todd Ross:

Todd Ross to the left and Peter Weygandt to the right

Peter Weygandt has been an importer of wines for 20 years with Weygandt Metzler Importing based out of Pennsylvania. Peter and Todd chose DC for their first brick and mortar store because “DC is filled with educated, sophisticated people who like to drink wine”. I couldn’t agree more. The store will be unique in that it will have a tasting bar much like you may see at a vineyard. They will be offering wines from 120-130 different producers (nine of whom are photographed on the walls). If you have a tough time deciding which wines to purchase you can be guided by their two wine consultants, Tim O’Rourke and Matthew Stintz. Tim and Matthew are a bit unique in that they were both formerly chefs. Tim at Citronelle (among others) and Matthew at Terra (in St. Helena, California).

Tim O’Rourke left, Matthew Stintz right.

The store was still being stocked but this’ll give you an idea of the size of the space (formerly Blockbuster video store):


You can see where the tasting spot will be in the back right corner of the photo. Speaking of tasting – their Web site says they’ll be having “Our first tasting: The wines of F.X. Pichler
Saturday, October 24th, 2:00 – 5:00 pm”. Though, they mentioned that tastings will not only be reserved for special events.

So if you wanted to check out a store devoted exclusively to wine – check out their grand opening Wed. starting at 10am!

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  • Congratulations and I wish them the best of luck. They were wise to move out of Pennsylvania. I spent a year in Philly and it doesn’t get much more unsophisticated than that place.

  • I have to give a shout out to Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits. They are half a block south of Weygandt on Connecticut Ave. and have been there for years. They have a great selection of beer, wine and liquor and really excellent customer service! They also host frequent wine tastings in the store and I have had a chance to meet many winemakers and spirits producers there when stopping by.I regularly travel across town from Petworth to shop at Cleveland Park Wines and will continue to do so.

  • While I’m glad to see another wine shop, I’m sorry to see it opening in Cleveland Park and directly competing with Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits. Like Petworthian, I make special trips to shop there for the selection and the service. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and have always worked with whatever budget, large or small, that I throw at them.

  • Yeah, what is it with retail in Cleveland Park? Other than Mount Pleasant, is there another neighborhood with such a supremely messed up retail situation? One new business opens (as three or so close down), and it’s a store that competes directly with an established, respected long-time business. With all the luck that neighborhood has, they’ll end up driving each other out of business.

  • This is truly sad. Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits is an institution. They have always had great customer service and a fantastic selection. The issue with that strip is that there is little diversity of business. This just adds to that problem.

  • The retail situation in Cleveland Park is greatly exaggerated. Seems a bit like a media-fueled myth to me. I went through there the other day, and most neighborhoods would kill for the type of retail they have. Awesome movie theatre, two great delis (Vace & Byblos), one of the city’s great restaurants (Palena), some bars (CP bar and Grill, the Billiards Place, 4 Fields, Ardeo/ Bardeo, etc), and some above average restaurants (Sabores, Dino, Fresh Med, Indique, Spices), and some nice little grocery, liquor, and convenience stores. For a two block stretch, this seems pretty great to me. The 5 empty retail slots will get filled eventually. We *did* just experience the worst recession in 25 years, after all.

  • Looks like a great space run by good folks. Unfortunately, I have to say ditto to the above comments; I will continue to make special trips across the park to Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits based on their great track record. I’ve had too many good experiences there to take my business anywhere else.

  • cleveland park wine and spirits is great. i moved out of cleveland park 20 yrs ago and i still go back ther for wine and good advice. i would hate to see them have to struggle in this economy after the hard work and time they have put in their business over the years

  • @ Crank: were you by any chance hanging out in King of Prussia? Philadelphia has a thriving BYO restaurant scene, which generally means folks buy some nice bottles of wine to bring with them. Being able to choose from the selection at a store means you’re not stuck with the boring old Cab/Merlot/Shiraz choice that most restaurants offer (with the occasional Chianti thrown in).

    Having said that, we used to drive out to Jersey every so often to buy wine. There was a fantastic wine store outside Camden.

  • Congratulations Weygandt Wines! Best of Luck with your new business! It is nice to see that there will be more wine choices in the Cleveland Park area. If Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits is as good as people say, they should have no fear of a little competition. Competition will benefit wine consumers with greater selection and competitive pricing.

  • Looks nice, but seems an odd retail choice for the location, considering there is already a well-stocked wine and beer store half a block down the street. No doubt the retail mix in the Park and Shop is being driven by Cleveland Park’s poorly thought out, NIMBY-crafted limit (the infamous “zoning overlay”) on the number of restaurants and bars in the neighborhood.

  • I am so excited to see that Weygandt Wines has persevered through the red tape of opening a business in Cleveland Park – bravo!! On the CPW&S issue, there’s no reason that both businesses can’t succeed in our ‘hood – note that Van Ness has both Calvert Woodley and a full-service liquor store similar to CPW&S. Instead of wasting time building up this silly opposition, perhaps CPW&S should be thinking of ways to turn this to both businesses’ mutual advantage – perhaps partnering with WW and the local bars on a neighborhood wine tasting “crawl”, offering shared happy hours, etc.

    Regardless, I plan on visiting Weygandt Wines frequently, and hope others will do the same!

  • Its great this new wine shop in opening. Ive known several of the folks involved from their longtime work at another great wine store in Annapolis, Mills, and am glad to see them making the move into DC and Cleveland Park. Its beyond me what anyone sees in Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits. Its fine for beer or liquor but seriously their wine selection is haphazard and pedestrian. There was a time they had some folks that worked there with good wine knowledge but that time is long past. I know they are very paranoid to have the new competition which should tell you all you need to know. Looking forward to my first visit to Weygandt!

  • Are they going to validate? I despise that lot that is in front of their store.

  • Yep, they validate.

  • I don’t see why people are fussing over CPW&S vs WW. They are two totatlly different animals. CPW&S is a full service beer, wine, spirits and tobacco store. WW is a boutique wine store specializing in Burgundy and Rhone wines. True, both stores sell wine, but there is not one single wine in WW that you can find in CPW&S (and vice versa). WW has daily tastings of some of their wines in a really nice feeling store with a nice, knowledgeable staff. The last time I went into CPW&S (a week ago or so), the service was fine, other than the fact that I was sent home with a fairly poor bottle of wine. I realize that will happen occasionally as people’s tastes differ, but I for one had a great experience tasting some wines and going home with what I knew. WW is not for everyone, but my thought as a convert from CPW&S, is that it might be for more than you think if you just go in for a taste. I’ll still go to CPW&S for beer and liquor, but I like my choices at WW for wine.

  • This is an amazing an amazing store.

    I too am a fan of Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits. Keep in mind, CP W&S sells beer and spirits — as well as a wide selection of wines — including domestic wines. So they do offer a larger selection of items that Weygandt does not.

    Hopefully Weygandt will increase wine sales in the neighborhood and make Cleveland Park more of a wine and food destination and be a benefit to the entire neighborhood. The neighborhood should be able to support more than one wine store.

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