Totally Random Reader Sighting on Saturday

photo(2), originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

The reader writes:

“Just saw four guys on horses going down Columbia road, near Ontario. One of them trotted on the sidewalk and the horse left a nice pile of manure behind.”

Who are these people? Isn’t there some horse show going on at the Verizon Center? Totally bizarre sighting for Columbia Road…

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  • yeah, they were in front of the grocery store (I forget the name…not Safeway) on Columbia Rd. when I went by on the bus. I thought maybe they were the federation of black cowboys, based on their outfits (and races) but don’t know for sure, and have no idea why they were there

  • Washington International Horse Show, October 20-25,2009.

  • Perhaps they were in town for the Washington International Horse Show at the Verizon Center.

  • I saw these guys. One of them asked me where the leather bar was. I pointed them towards DC Eagle and they went on their way.

  • I was scraping paint off my porch in Fairmont Street and they came from Howard University. Perhaps they went for alumni and horse show in one weekend.

  • These guys were in the Howard University Homecoming Parade on Georiga Ave. It was a great time. POP, you should have featured this event.

  • On WPFW Saturday afternoon, Texas Fred (the Zydeco Cowboy) mentioned that several folks he knew were in town for the parade and brought their horses down to the studio on Champlain St. I bet they were on their way to or from there.

  • oh, parade horses, of course….still doesn’t explain why there was a literal pile of horse crap outside my apartment all weekend. did they stop by adams morgan for some Super Tacos then trot back to Shaw?

  • I saw just one of these guys dressed the same way mozying down Columbia (at 11th) in April or May… I was shocked to basically just see a cowboy trotting through CHV… It seemed he was just out for an afternoon ride. Haven’t seen him since though.

  • He was a Buffalo Solja…dreadlock rasta…

  • This shot clearly is begging for a caption contest.

  • FWI horses – being animals directed by people, are the only means of transportation that has a greater right of way than bicycles. Bicycles must always give way to horses and horse-drawn carriages. It’s in the DC code, somewhere, as I recall.

    Automobiles have only the privledge to use the road under the terms of licensing, registration, insurance, etc… and must give way to human powered activities, but humans must give way to animal powered transport where the animals are being directed by people. – LW

  • Yeah, that would be true in an ideal world, but in this town, bicycles seldom give way to anybody or anything.

  • there are horseback riders every year in the HU homecoming parade.

  • Now I’m thinking maybe I’ll get a horse to commute to work. Sweet!

  • We were out just enjoying the day and trying to bring something different & positive to the area. We’ll see you soon.

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