The Mysterious Bongo Man

IMG_0179, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Someone referred to this gentleman in a previous comment thread. He plays the bongos in a balcony in the Park Place building above the Petworth metro. While I’m glad I don’t live directly next door to him, I think he’s pretty awesome.

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  • The crackheads on the street corner love him to! The other day I was walking my dogs in front of Park Place & a crackhead was totally dancing to the bongos. Found it amusing & funny. He asked if I would dance with him, I declined. Anyways I think he’s pretty good, and he seems to play only during the day. I still am glad he’s not next door to me though!

  • minor detail, those are congas. probably no one next to him given the ocupancy rate at the parkplace.

  • Love this guy. I wonder if he is a famous musician or producer. He also drives a really nice red car. Maybe a Ferrari – I think. And he plays salsa out loud. Got to love him 🙂 Congas man – please reveal your real identity!

  • I wonder if he’s not one of the Thievery Corp./ESL guys. I know at least one of them lives in the U St/Columbia Heights/Adams Morgan area and they’re all as loaded as they are talented.

  • agree with hilltop, those are congas, not bongos.

  • I’m one of his neighbors in the Park Place and he plays for 3 hours a day. I work from home so it gets a bit annoying……

  • PS – Maybe he’s not loaded. Maybe he’s in the affordable housing program at Park Place. 20% of the units are affordable – rent is based on income.

  • Cuban Conga Man.

  • If the dude were a wealthy musician, don’t you think he’d have something a little classier than cheap camp chairs on his balcony?

  • No, Jimmy, I don’t.

  • saf

    I can hear him (or somebody else playing drums a LOT) from over on 10th St.

  • If the guy was a wealthy musician, I seriously doubt he’d be living over top the Petworth Metro. You couldn’t possibly fit a recording studio in one of those apartments, and the neighbors are bound to complain sooner or later.

  • I don’t wanna work, I just want to bang on my drums all day.
    Sorry, that photo was begging for this…

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