Sweet New Mural on Georgia Ave.

IMG_0113, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This was recently painted on the side of 2608 Georgia Ave. Though it’s still not clear exactly what the new business is inside. It never seems to be open when I walk by. I do love this mural though.

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  • Artist was outside touching up some spots this Sunday. Looked like he was painting on the opposite wall as well.

    The store itself looked like it sold incense, oils, etc. No idea how stores like that stay in business, but I digress.

  • I guess those are beads, but they look more like spooky fish eggs or eyes floating near the lady. (don’t ask why I think eggs or fish eyes are spooky – maybe the time of the year!)

  • She’s green like she-hulk!

  • Whoever envisioned this was certainly under the influence of some hallucinogenic substance at the time.

  • she just needs a black eye and some boxing gloves…

  • I give it 2 weeks before it’s destroyed by graffiti.

  • Jay’O: They look like olives to me.
    Christopher: I think Ledroit Pork answered your question – they must be selling more than incense and candels.

    This is much better than boxier girl. What is funny is that a lot of people are up in arms over the boxer girl but what about M.M. in Woodley? or Madam’s Organ in Adams Morgan? Who knows Boxer Girl could become the face of the neighborhood.

  • I love it!

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