Sweet City Signs – Old and New


Thanks to all the readers who sent me word about Samber Market’s new signage on Mt. Pleasant Street, NW. The new signs look great. Any fans of this market? How’s the beer and wine selection?


I’ve also been meaning to post the below classic sign from Georgia Ave. up in the 3 syllable streets:


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  • stoaked about Sambers. they are a great little market and the beer selection is pretty good (im a beer enthusiest, so hard to please but I can always find something tasty here). It’s the kind of place that actually pays attention to their costumers and changing clientel. you can find Amys and Morning Star in the freezers unlike 7-11. But you can still get you bootleg t shirts and other bodega guilty pleasures as well. who could ask for more.

  • I like Samber and Sportsman next door for beer purchases. They are friendly people and the selection is decent.

  • Samber is good and they definitely have a better than expected beer cooler. Also they’ve done a great job in getting rid of the ghetto-fortress steel grating on their windows and now new signage to improve the look of that part of Mt. Pleasant Street. Wish the neighboring spaces would follow suit.

  • Samber is fantastic – the couple who own it are super-sweet and I agree with 4:14, there’s always something tasty and/or weird to find there. I think their names are Mr. and Mrs. Hyunh. Mrs. Hyunh went through a period of putting Blow Pops in everyone’s bag, and Mr. Hyunh has a closet full of pastel-toned polo shirts. A great Mt. P store.

  • I love Samber Market, though I only discovered it a few weeks before moving out of the ‘hood. Best beer selection in Mt. P.

  • Agreed! Awesome beer selection and they are super nice and friendly! Love the new signs and the de-cagifying of the store!

  • I love the folks at Samber! It was definitely my go-to convenience store when I lived in Mt. P. I bought many, many bottles of wine there. Good selection in the $10-$15 range, although they don’t always store their wine properly. Definitely had a few bottles that had turned nasty.

    Glad to hear they’ve spruced the place up. I might have to take a trip up there to see it in person.

  • I think the new signs look great and hopefully will inspire some other businesses to do the same. When we were last in there we spoke with one of the owners (I think she’s an owner) who said that they were even going to do more improvements on the windows. I think they have a decent beer selection for Mt. P street.

  • Samber is great – probably the best beer selection in MtP. Really nice folks too. I like the new signs and disarmament. That’s the direction most of the stores on the street should start taking.

  • Like everyone else, I agree – I love Samber! Very decent beer selection and a great place to pick up other needed items. The owners are incredibly nice. It’s a real neighborhood market.

  • I agree – great place for beer, wine and other necessary items. For awhile I was getting lollipops in my bag and then I was upgraded to a peppermint patty (maybe I made it up to elite customer status since I seem to go there a few times a week).

    If you haven’t seen them, check out the newspaper clippings that are taped up near the door (and behind the counter).

  • I must echo the sentiments of everyone above. It’s a pretty nice bodega and the Sambers are so nice.

  • My first choice for beer in Mount Pleasant – a good and changing selection, always a few interesting microbrews (e.g. Dogfish Head) available, always nice and cold. The owners are genuinely friendly and helpful and a real asset to the neighborhood.

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