Shootings Continue This Weekend

On top of yesterday and this morning’s shootings I’ve just received word that there was a shooting on the 1300 block of Euclid Street, NW at 6:19pm Saturday night. A DC ALERT message went out saying it was 1300 block of Fairmont but unless there were two shootings within minutes of each other it was probably on Euclid. I’m told a Howard University student went to the hospital and it seems like the shooting was random. More info as it becomes available from the authorities.

Ed. Note: I’ll be on Fox 5 News at 10pm tonight speaking about neighborhood violence.


“At about 6;00 pm an adult female was shot in the leg while in the 1300 block of euclid St. There is no known motive at this time. Anyone with information is asked to call 202 727-9099.
George Kucik
Third District”

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  • I think this one is solved… Cops just arrested someone in the alley in the 1200 block of Euclid about an hour ago… It happened two houses down from me. Copter and 4 cop cars were searching the brush around a garage. I eventually saw one cuffed male.

  • Just saw the Fox news report. Good job POP! They mentioned that Muriel Brower & MPD have scheduled a meeting for wednesday night. I went to her website & didn’t see any information about the meeting. Anyone know when & where?

  • I was three or four houses away. Heard 3 shots. Tons of cops showed up, blocked off the street.

  • PoP, I missed you on the news – is there a clip you can post?

  • Not sure why POP’s piece wasn’t on here, but he’s mentioned in the story

  • Ditto Ditttle’s request~

  • And by the way, what does this mean? (from the story linked above)

    “Blowing up his blog”??

    > Dan Silverman who runs the blog “Prince of Petworth” says his neighbors are blowing up his blog.

  • blowing up, ya know, like “the bitches was blowin’ up my cellie last night”

  • @ a strange:

    [From Email]

    We are all appalled by this week’s violence. I will be convening a Special Meeting on Crime this Wednesday, October 28, 7pm at the ROC, 801 Sheperd St NW.

    Chief Cathy Lanier and 4D command staff will address concerns and actions necessary to increase public safety.

    The meeting will focus on:

    – recent homicides in Petworth at Safeway and 1200 Bl Crittenden ST with updates on the investigations.

    -Increased reports of sounds of gun fire
    and MPD response

    – Gang activity in 4D, and neighboring 3D and 2D.

    -Petworth Metro station safety

    Do not hesitate to reach me with any questions or concerns, 202-491-4842.
    Muriel Bowser
    Ward 4 Councilmember
    Sent via Blackberry. Please pardon any typos.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I was told the video archive won’t be available until after the weekend but I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Also, just for the record, I would never use the expression “blowing up my blog”. Just not my style…

  • Yay, another Bowser meeting where she says it will all get better! Just what we need. Don’t forget to smile for the photog so when you’re pic appears as part of her propaganda you look happy.

  • Pennywise: Will you be there? I will be. It is up to us to be there and NOT smile, and NOT allow Commander Brown to do her routine for an hour about the same policing strategy without addressing serious questions.

    It also up to us to keep the meeting on topic: guns, gangs, policing. Last time Bowser and Brown came to one of these at 404 we wasted half an hour on a question about stop sign enforcement and speeding. If that is your question/comment, please save it for later.

    I hope the Prince will devote a post to this meeting today, and will be there on Wednesday, and will post about it on Thursday. This blog is the biggest megaphone in the neighborhood.

  • Nope, I won’t go. The problems in this city are systemic and generally staring us in the face. The idea that we need a community meeting to identify problems and solutions is silly. The thugs make no secret of their activities, and the problem is a government so weak and corrupt that it cannot really do anything. So, they host meetings and want you to go so they can make the case that they are doing something and thus keep the lie alive. That keeps money flowing to them, which is an aside of course, but the root of our problems. Your best bet for change is voting against Mendelson next year, in my opinion, as he maintains absurdly lax laws on the books. You think that for the thugs in this case, this was their first offense? I doubt it, they’d likely be jailed for life in 90% of other jurisdictions out there. Not in DC, why? Because they and their family can vote, thus councilmembers seek to placate them, and every person below the poverty line in DC is worth cash money to our government in the form of housing and medical support.

    I’ve given up and am getting out ASAP.

  • Hope we can make some noise at this meeting and let the police know the gangs are not welcome and the “snitchers” i.e. law abiding citizens are (thankfully) taking back the neighborhood.

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