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Thanks to all who sent emails about the new Peruvian Style Chicken & Steak place. While it wasn’t open when I walked by today they did have a new “coming soon” sign up. I didn’t even know it was going to be called Senor Chicken. That’s a freaking awesome name. Thanks also to a reader for sending these photos. It is located on Park Road a bit west of 14th Street, NW. But from the photo below – it really does look like it’ll open soon. Stay tuned…


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  • Not sure I would say “Señor Chicken” is a “freaking awesome name”. Pretty lame if you ask me. And didn’t it strike you as worth asking if we need yet another chicken joint in this area? Kiko’s on 14th opened and closed within about 6 months, and it’s being replaced by *another* Peruvia chicken place. Don’t people learn?

    And I’d be willing to be that between your house and my house, there are a dozen places to get chicken.

  • Since chickens are female, shouldn’t it be called “Seniorita Chicken?” Unless they’re cooking roosters, in which case they should consider calling themselves something family-friendly like “Hot ‘n Spicy Cocks.”

  • I think Señor Chicken is a chain. There is one in Alexandria. I also consider the name to be freaking awesome.

  • I was University Ave in PG earlier this week, and I saw a “Don Chicken.” It sounded so … distinguished. (And incidentally, I was driving to REI; too bad there’s not one in DCUSA!)

  • what a shame that the decor is just so uninspired. to some that does’t matter and to others it does.

  • Sickachicken- Kiko’s closed because it had a terrible business plan. it was an expensive chicken place in an expansive building with mediocre food. Why would you go there when you could go to a non-chain Peruvian chicken place like Pollo Sabroso for cheaper, better food? You wouldn’t. I can assure you that there is not a lack of chicken lovers around 14th and Spring. They just need to stick to the basics to succeed.

  • I am a HUGE fan of the Señor Chicken on New Hampshire/University. Better then Pollo WOW (the self acclaimed best rotisserie chicken in Maryland). So congratulations to those of you that’ll be enjoying the finest peruvian chicken in the area. Salud.

  • Señor Chicken sounds like the name of a transgendered chicken. I wonder if they’ll be serving the meat of transgendered chickens exclusively.

  • > Kiko’s closed because it had a terrible business plan.

    Point well taken, and I agree. Way over-done for a chicken joint, especially when their food wasn’t so great, and it was surrounded by plenty of good hole-in-the-wall joints. I just think enough is enough with the chicken already.

  • Another chicken place? Really? There are tons of them within a few blocks. There’s another chicken place three storefronts away. Any bets on how long this place lasts? I’m all for encouraging local entrepreneurs, but did anyone even think this is a viable business plan, especially with such a drab interior?

  • Question: What is the difference between this and Pollo Sabroso? I just checked the reviews for this chain in other locations and they said their specialty is a 1/4 chicken with rice and they loved the green sauce. I rechecked the listing because that is EXACTLY what Pollo Sabroso serves. Considering that this place is opening up about 4 stores down from Pollo Sabroso, it seems to me that either the “1/4 chicken market with green sauce” market has yet to be fully tapped on the block, or one of these 2 places is going out of business in the next 6 months.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love new stores and new options. But out of every type of food in the world, I just might have wished that something that isnt already being sold by at least 5 other places within a ten minute walk might open up….

    I’ll still go and try to support it, but yeesh.

  • I refuse to eat at a chicken place unless the decor is inspired. Won’t set foot here until they have some chicken-themed tables, a strangle-your-own buffet option, or at least a giant chicken-shaped fryer filled with hot fat and live chickens in their death throes. That’s freshness!

  • “Strangle” your own buffet Monkey? I prefer “Choke” your own buffet for obvious reasons.

  • if pronounced as intended, maybe it should be called ‘Senior Chicken’ also in which case I’d expect the mascot to be a blue haired chicken listening to Tommy Dorsey with a cassette Walkman.

  • How ’bout ‘Mr. Pollo?’

  • mmmm ill give this place a try

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