Sadly Already Many More Shootings to Report

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Just in from CM Bowser (received around 11am):

“Neighbors- MPD is on the scene in 800 Block of Upshur ST NW investigating a police pursuit and officer involved shooting. Expect heavy police presence and road closures.”

From MPD Friday evening:

“Earlier tonight, around 230 am, MPD units were called to the area of 2nd and Elm Street for the sounds of gunshots. The units canvassed the area and located a crime scene in the 2200 block of 2nd street where 2 adult victims were both shot and transported to local hopitals. They are both in stable condition. Anyone with information relating to this incident is asked to cal 727-9099.”

From MPD (Friday 11:35pm):

“4d units are on the scene of a fatal shooting of an adult male in the 1200 blk Crittenden Street, NW.”

UPDATE on Upshur St. Shooting from MPD:

“This morning at approximately 1020 we received a call for suspects attempting to break into a car in the 700 blk of Randolph. The officers arrived on the scene quickly and chased the suspects. One suspect was caught in the 4100 blk of 8th St. As the officer was attempting to place him under arrest, a struggled began and the suspect pulled a gun on the officer. The officer defended himself by firing at the suspect. After being shot by the officer, the suspect still managed to retrieve his weapon and run to the 800 blk of Upshur St where officers apprehended him. Unfortunately, the suspect did not survive the gunshot wound. We arrested 3 suspects and recovered 2 handguns in this case.

Commander Linda Brown
Fourth District”

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  • Anyone hear something resembling gun shots around 4 am near Belmont and 15th street? Or hear anything about it? There’s nothing on MPD about it. It woke us up, it was very loud, but I’m hoping it was just a car back firing or maybe fireworks?

    WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– DC Police say that an officer shot and killed a man on the 800 block of Upshur Street in Northwest Washington.

    Police officials say the incident occurred at approximately 10:30 AM when officers responded to a call reporting thata person or persons were tampering with a vehicle.

    According to police, the suspect or suspects fled the scene but then there was a scuffle with police and that’s when the officer allegedly shot and killed the man.

    More information will become available when DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier holds a press brieing.

    Written by 9NEWS NOW

  • This is absolutely in my hood, half a block from my house. This was why I couldn’t drive east down Upshur at 11:00 am this morning. I’m trying to get a news report, more than what channel 9 (29) has to offer at this time.

  • I walk my dogs around the time of day that these 2 shootings happened. This is crazy that this stuff is happening in the daytime! We are all going to need to be extra careful & keep our eyes open. I’m thinking the MPD or neighborhood should hold a meeting where we can come together as a community to figure out a way to fight this increase of crime!

  • wadda they got like gangs or somethin’ up there?

  • Is it just me or is Fall the new Summer?

  • F’n depressing.

  • I witnessed the chase and scuffle! It was so quiet and peaceful right before it all happened! It was surreal and it happened so fast.

  • @Anon,

    Tell us what happened. Were they breaking into a car? Did you see the shooting?

  • I shared everything with the cops.

  • Could this be related to the Safeway shooting earlier this week? Anyone know if it’s related to all of the other shootings happening around the city?

  • The only way this is “related to all the other shootings happening around the city” is that all these shootings involve guns and bullets. Why would you even ask a question like that?

  • I know this young man, he was not trying to steal a car he had his own damn car. I just hope the truth comes out. I walked up on the scene 10 minutes after it happened, and saw them arresting someone that is not from my neighborhood. I had never seen him before in my life. So, that probably was the one tampering with someone’s vehicle. There have been so many police involved shootings in this city recently. I have lived in this city, this neighborhood for that matter, my whole life, and we have never had all of this police violence. I feel their is something fishy about it. It always seems to be the suspect was shooting or had a gun, most times it is never verified, but it’s the police so they get away with it. I’m not saying that it is the case this time, but the police have been killing young people in this city left and right since we’ve had a new police chief. I miss Ramsey, he knew what he was doing. He’s working wonders where he is now, like he was doing here. Fenty had his own personal reasons for getting rid of him and now our city is suffering. I can’t wait until the Election. I’m so Tired.

  • Anon 5:35, you can’t see the young man tampering with a car, but can you see him carrying a gun and pulling it on a cop?

    Sounds like pcp.

  • According to our neighbors etc…. there is a long history of rival gangs and biefs getting bigger around homecoming season and football games etc…. The emails from commander brown tend to make it sound more isolated than it is. This happened on my block heard and saw it all. Its like we are supposed to be happy that they caught and shot the suspect. Dont break your arm patting your own back MPD, where are you in our neighborhood and youth programs preventing these tradgedies. Heartbreaking. The police response after is amazing, but the lack of proactive police work is disheartening.

  • to anon 5:53pm, are you in your neighborhood volunteering with youth programs?

  • what the heck is going on in this city? between these shootings, the incidents in shaw and several less publicized killings in NE, there has been a serious uptick in violence. just a couple months ago Lanier was boasting about the drop in crime and the possibility of logging less than 100 homicides.

  • Another shooting just now in the 1300 block of Fairmont:

    [from AlertDC:]
    Shooting 1819 hours, 1300 block of Fairmont St NW LOF 2 B/Males, S1 light complexion, dreads, wearing black sweatshirt blue jeans. S2 wearing a hat, black jacket and blue jeans. L/S going towards 14th & Fairmont DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT #I20090592743

  • Violent youth offender registry. Longer sentences for children caught with guns and ammo. 3 suspects 2 handguns, it’s just incredible the access our kids have to weapons in this city (assuming these were all kids). Police doing a better job tracking the ones they know have a strong history of being up to no good would be nice too.

    Pretty sure I saw the bike being ridden today by a young black teen I witnessed being forcibly stolen from a young hispanic boy by 4 black teens right in front of domku a month or so ago. The confidence they had to jump someone in broad daylight with like 4-5 witnesses is telling, just walked away like they owned the place, and now ride around like they own the place.

  • can’t we get these kids a Boys Club of America or sumpin’? so they can get a hug or have a place to hide out after jackin’ somebody.

  • I say we give the cops a week to shoot whoever they want. That’ll slow shit down for sure.

  • Ugly, ugly, ugly. This conversation is turning ugly. Get with the program people. This shit is real and there are no easy answers. And flip comments do not help. Desperation does not help. Fear and the eventual hate that results DO NOT HELP.

    Keep your heads on straight. Take care of each other. Hold everyone accountable- parents, police, community. No one gets off easy.

  • I lived on the 1200 block of Crittenden St. almost 20 years ago. Was there during the heart of the crack epidemic. There were several shootings in the area. Heard gunfire at night often. Police mostly indifferent; too many residents complacent/complicit. Now live in Montgomery County where it’s nice and quiet. Was hoping that things had changed somehow. One thing though — Georgia Ave truly does look better than it did 20 years ago.

  • Last time I checked, if you jump in front of a bus, you get hit. Its that simple. There is no respect at all for police officers in the petworth area, and thugs think its ok to pull guns on officers these days. Sad, but I’m sure officers feel fear like we do.

  • 1200 Crittenden is my block. I’m selling. This is no place for my 6-year-old … or anybody else really.

  • what is going on??
    Petworth used to be sort of uppity
    you would say yeah i live in Northwest dc
    Petworth area
    and you felt it was a good area
    considering that i moved away from the Penthouse area on Ga ave
    stop the violence !!!
    wake up people
    its not cool
    never was

  • Anon 10:39 — “Hold everyone accountable- parents, police, community. No one gets off easy.”

    See, this is the problem. In your list of everyone to hold accountable, you don’t include the actual criminals. It’s all someone else’s fault. This is what’s ugly, ugly, ugly to me.

  • “Unfortunately, the suspect did not survive the gunshot wound.”

    Unfortunately? Thanks goodness there’s one less armed thug victimizing innocent people.

  • @Skeletor: you may want to rethink your marketing strategy…

  • 2 weeks ago I saw 2 thugs steal a bike – another woman and I yelled we were calling the police – police never came, I am afraid to physically confront a strong young man. As long as these thugs can rule, they rule.

  • @anon 3:57 “See, this is the problem. In your list of everyone to hold accountable, you don’t include the actual criminals. It’s all someone else’s fault.”

    Of course, we need to hold those committing the crime’s responsible! I agree with you.

  • 5:53- where are the “Youth programs?” I will tell you where.

    The people that staff these programs are long-term residents from the neighborhood. they are criminals who call themselves ex-criminals. They associate with criminals. No parent with half a brain would let their children go to ANY programs run by the city. All the community centers are gang recruitment centers.

    Ask white parents if they let their kids go to programs run by black ex-cons. Ask them if they let their kids near Peaceaholics, including the ex-con working at a high school who was convicted of molesting a girl.

    The only programs I let my kids go to are run by non-profits that refuse city money. Otherwise, they’re run by 30 year old crew alumni or overlords. As long as the face running the program looks like the face of the kids on the sidewalk, my children shall not EVER go there.

    Read the Post about who is getting arrested for molestation. Read about the Latin American Youth Center shooting of 1999 and how it was a gang recruitment center.

    More programs for kids equals more criminals.

  • anonymous 9:18pm – you hit the nail on the head. Its true, the youth programs in this city are run by criminals. Its insane. I’ve been inolved with recruiting some organizations to do more for kids in our city and not one of them made me feel comfortable enough to work with them to bring activities to Pleasant Plains. Peaceaholics is one of them. I’d be curious what would happen if these groups had their books audited as well. The only group that I think is even close to being run well is the Columbia Heights Arts Collaborative.

  • People beg for more rec centers. But has anyone ever taken a moment to think who benefits most from these rec centers? Every rec center I have ever visited has been sparsely used. Hence, I can assume it is not the residents begging for rec centers. The city does not have the funds to maintain them. Is it safe to assume the city is not building buildings it can’t maintain?

    So who does that leave? Follow the money. If I were a big time developer, I’d go pay Willie Wilson or some other big black preacher a visit and drop a cool $25K or so in his coffers. Tell him we need him to stump for more rec centers in the hood. You know, something to stop the violence. Have him tell the council I would be the one to build them. In turn, I would hire the mayor’s Kappa Buddy (Banneker Ventures) to be my construction manager. Sounds familiar I am sure.

    You guys on here begging for more summer jobs, rec centers, etc are being conned. We all are. While we are fighting for solutions, the crooks walking out the back door with our money. They are not interested in solving this problem. Everything they recommend involves spending our money. More cops. More centers. More funding.

  • Vonstallin

    Sad to say that was my little cousin who the officer killed.
    I hears all the comotion saturday, but would never have guessed it was for him.
    Didnt even know until last night about 8pm when my parents called me.

  • vonstallin,
    Hey do you care to give an insider update as to what happened? What kind of guy was he? Was it as the police says? I am curious to know if he has any kids?

  • vonstallin, i’m sorry you lost your cousin.

  • Vonstallin

    No kids. (that I know of).
    I don’t have info that differs from the police’s.

  • Vonstallin

    I hate the fact that people can say what ever they want under “anonymous”. It dilutes the response.

    I lived here all my life and saw the wild wild west days of the drug trade in the 80’s. I hate to say it like I’ve said before. If you look at where “Most” of the murders in DC are… It’s Petworth. Always have been. But almost 100 compaired to close to 500 back in the day is an improvement. Still sad, but I see things changing.

  • vonstallin,
    Are things changing or is it that many of the bad actors have moved on? I tend to think it is the latter. All of the stats that point to things improving among the group that is committing the violence is not in agreement.

    We have excellent medical care these days that has contributed to saving the lives of young men that would have been dead in the 80’s. Just look at the number of men in wheelchairs or with colostomy bags from losing their intestines from a shot in the abdomen. The graduation rate, dropout rate, particiapation in the labor market rate have gone in the opposite direction of what would be considered an improvement. Just because these young men are surviving more gunshot wounds does not indicate an improvement.

  • A couple of ?’s:

    Was the shooting at the playground block of 8th?

    How old was the victim?

  • All,

    There is some pretty sound research supporting the program run by Geoffrey Canada in Harlem (Harlem Children’s Zone). I believe he has a sound case and track record for his approach of focusing efforts on helping parents of infants and young children.

    This is a change in the conversation we need to have. It may take 14 years to see the change in crime on the street, but it would be a paradigm shift.

    There ‘s a 30-minute podcast on This American Life, a website, and a book (Whatever It Takes by Paul Tough).

    Does anybody know the status of funding for this program in the federal budget or what the DC government is planning to do? Or is it a program we need to set up ourselves?

  • Vonstallin

    In all honesty you make a solid point in a way.
    I think the drop in violence is associated with the movement of DC’s poor to PG county locations and the influx of a different crowd. So in a sense the problem just reloacted to Maryland. PG county crime rate is going thru the roof since people who can’t afford to rent places in DC now move to cheaper locations in PG county.

  • @NAB – Good point. I’ll have to remind the agent of the benefits of the “exciting city lifestyle.”

    What I heard about 1200 Crittenden shooting: the problem started on 9th and crit (which has problem houses). The victim ran down to Georgia and crossed to 1200. Tried to hid on a neighbor’s porch, but got found.

    Anybody hear anything else?

  • vonstallin,
    I have a good feeling I am right. Think about it this way. If things are getting better, then there has to be a logical explanation as to why. It would have to be that people have put down their bad ways, stop selling drugs, tossed aside the gangster lifestyle, begun raising their children, going to school, etc. Can anyone honestly say this has occurred? Things getting better would have to represent a cultural change. That very rarely happens. People do not just stop on a dime and change their cultural orientation. That is why I asked you if the deceased has kids. If so, that would be an indication of the cycle continuing. Otherwise, if things are improving, it is because more people are sharing the brunt of this dysfunction. In effect, the ills of a few are dispersed to be absorbed by many. Hence, PGC takes the blow as well as East of the Park in DC.

  • “started on 9th and crit (which has problem houses)”

    Yes, indeed. Though not usually gun-related. But sadly yes.

  • Another reason for the drop in crime among adults is mandatory minimums. Many of the adults who got caught up in the crack wars of the late 80’s early 90’s are in jail serving lengthy sentences. So it’s not necessarily that adult offenders have changed their ways – though I am sure some have. It’s that many of them are in jail. The problem is that the young offenders are not being sent to jail, or to any non-jail that does a decent job of correcting criminal behavior. They are free to roam the streets until they kill someone or get killed themselves. Most of the males I see in my neck of the ‘hood hanging out by the Park View Rec Center or the Metro station are teenagers. There are not a lot of adult males. I suspect that some of these kids scare even the adult criminals.

  • I don’t think we have mandatory minimums in DC, do we? These are frowned upon by Lord Mendelson.

  • @Pennywise – In that era, if you were caught with any significant volume of drugs, you were doing federal time, which included mandatory minimums.
    I don’t believe that DC has mandatory minimums for anything. Contrast that with New York where getting caught with an unregistered handgun gets you time in jail, no questions asked. How ironic that a teenage gangbanger in DC who is caught with a weapon gets a group home stay while the sports stars and rappers they idolize – Plaxico Burriss and Lil Wayne – get jail time for the same offense.

  • @ nate- This was a very close friend of mine and I was there. It happened totally different than what the news and papers have stated. I am going to help the family with this, because it’s painful enough if this happens to your loved one, but it is even more disheartening to know it happened for no reason. It was group of my friends that were walking ahead of me to the store, an officer past them on a Segway, then all of a sudden two squad cars pulled up and a huge 6’4″ officer jumped him from behind and put him in a choke hold. He managed to slip out of it and run and that’s when he was shot in the back of the head. After he was shot he continued to run until he collapsed. They were not in anyway tampering with a car. Before they walked to the store, everyone was in the house. This was 10:20 on Saturday morning, so it was just a pleasant, peaceful day before that cop decided to harass young, black guys. He was black himself, but black police do this just as much as any other race. He did not have any kids. He was 23 and absolute gentleman. He was always so soft spoken and well mannered. He was raised very well by his parents. They at first tried to say there was a shoot out. This is so untrue. There was only ONE gunshot, and that was from the officer when my friend was approximately twenty feet away from the officer. No threat at all. The officer was simply mad because, he managed to wiggle out of his choke hold and run.

  • Always look forward to reading posts by nate.

  • Heartbroken friend–

    I talked to a several people in the 4200 block of 8th St. ten minutes after it happened who saw the shooting. Their observations don’t jibe with your allegations at all, at least regarding what happened at the end of the chase. They all observed the deceased with a gun and pointing it toward the police officer.

    None of them claimed to know how the chase began, but they all saw it end. Claiming that the officer just hauled off and killed an unarmed innocent because he was “simply mad” is ridiculous.

  • Heartbroken friend–,
    Did the deceased have a gun? Did he point it at the officer as the police say? I see the Post states he had no known address. Is this so? If so, why was he in Petworth?

    I have seen some terribly aggressive police behavior in this city. So I do not put it past them. But I wonder why did the officer jump out and put him in a chokehold? What did the rest of the people there say or do? I am not disputing you. I am just curious to know why?

  • BTW, The anony comment above @ 9:24 was my comment.

  • heartbroken friend, why did your friend, the absolute gentleman, have a loaded gun?

  • I was also there, and I know for a fact that the kind friend that you speak about pulled out a gun. The gun fell to floor and he tried his best to pick it up. after picking it up, the officer shot him. He ran to the other side of the street and fell.

  • Apparently, “stop snitchin’ ” has morphed into “start lying.”

  • Vonstallin

    He was shot in the shoulder and bleed out. Im pretty sure if he was shot in the head he would not have made it far.
    He did not have a known address but he grew up on Sheaperd street his whole life. My aunt his mother died in the early 90’s from cancer my uncle his father just recently died and my other cousins (his brother and sisters) decided not to keep the house so it went into foreclosure. (cost was too much to repair vs value)

    So thats the reason he has no fixed address and other then my other cusins in bladensburg who he use to hang out with he didnt have many other places to go, so I assume he stayed with friends.

  • # Anonymous Says:
    October 26th, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    I was also there, and I know for a fact that the kind friend that you speak about pulled out a gun. The gun fell to floor and he tried his best to pick it up. after picking it up, the officer shot him. He ran to the other side of the street and fell.
    If you were there, do you have any insight as to what sparked the initial confrontation with the officer?

  • Nate, as soon as the police cars pulled up, all three guys started running in different directions. The deceased ran past the segway officer, who jumped off and chased him. when he grabbed him they both started struggling.

  • I love Pethworth, but I have to agree with those who say that something fishy is going on. There has been shootings in the area and when I’ve walked over to the station on SHepherd St, they told me to call 911, so sad

  • 801 Shepherd st. is not a police station. Thats why they tell you to call 911. Whats sad is that armed gunmen/criminals walk right past it with no fear. I guess they know that they have your full support petworth community.

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