Red Bull’s The Art of the Can at Union Station


Someone mentioned this exhibit back in a previous comment thread last week. I checked it out last weekend and gotta say – it’s kinda cool. I know it’s basically an advertisement but man these are some creative ads. Anyone else check them out? The exhibit, Red Bull Art of Can, is up at Union Station until Oct. 19th. You can see the full gallery online here. What do you guys think – cool or kitsch?


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  • I was there, too, Dan! Not a fan of Red Bull, so I didn’t find it too exciting, but it’s nice that they liven up the space with art. Best exhibit was a few years ago, the repurposed Yugo art cars. A few pics:

    Robot Boyfriend:

    Exploding Bull Butt:

    Red Bull Bull:

  • I saw it. ick

  • Nice cans.

  • They should call this “The Art of Trash”. Total kitsch.

    (However, the octopus was really cool, but only because I like octopi).

    I will remark that this exhibition is slightly better than that inflatable “A Christmas Carol” debacle that was there just a few weeks ago.

  • As far as this kind of advertising goes, I liked the Duct Tape Formal competition better. It pushed the envelope a little further, imo.

  • What does not liking the beverage have to do with appreciating art made from the can? If you don’t like eggs should you be “unexcited” by tempera paintings like “The Last Supper?”

  • That octopus is amazing.

  • There is a guy that sells creature made from cans pieces but on a much, much smaller scale at Eastern Market on Saturday/Sunday. Lots of giraffes, crocodiles, elephants, frogs, and the like. I like them.

  • @Victoria, if I didn’t like eggs, I sure wouldn’t like art made from raw drippings of eggs, with visible yolks and shell bits. The Red Bull cans are inescapable here; there are no plain cans or cans from competitors. I didn’t like the art in part simply because of the overly commercial nature of the exhibit, based solely on a product I actively dislike.

  • So as one of the artist in the Art of Can DC exhibit I read everyones comments with great interest. I know this is a free country with freedom of speech etc. but I have to ask the question, how much time did you spend looking at the work? Did you pass through quickly and assume it was all Kitsch because, a. you hate red bull, b. the stuff looks cheap c. Your artistic taste is insulted? or how about d. all of the above? Most of us are not established artists, but we are trying to create something to share with others that we think they will enjoy. This is my third competition and what brings me back is the challenge I face of creating something new and different each time. This is the most difficult material to work compared to clay, paint, plaster. It is very unforgiving and time consuming. One of the other reasons I enter is the wonderful artists and the public viewers, even you.

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