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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • Rant: WTF is up with no Fall? It’s like we jumped from Sept to Jan.

    Rave: Keeping fingers crosed HVAC service will get to my house today to inspect heating system

  • I want to know what is up with the electricity themed wood sculpture house thingie on the corner of New Hampshire and Webster. What is that thing? Why? It’s neat, I just don’t get it, and it seems like it might actually “DO” something.

  • Rant: I wish this rain would stop so we could see fall foliage!

  • Rant: You guessed it, the weather sucks! i can’t seem to get warm. I had to turn my boiler on last night, much sooner than expected. 3 blankets on bed last night.

    Rave: No raves just yet as the weather is really getting me down.

  • @Heather.

    We live across the street and I honestly don’t think anyone lives in that house. I saw someone come take the weedeater to the weeds a few weeks ago but that is the only sign of life I have seen there.

  • Rant: I dropped my new camera last night while taking a really cool picture of mist and reflections in puddles. The thing’s busted up pretty badly 🙁

    RAVE: Taylore Deli II opens today!!!!!

    (and as a former marathon runner who basically ran 8+ miles/day for about 15 years – this weather is AWESOME!)

  • Look, I know you are new to the place. you know I did a re-org for a reason (because i felt like making things difficult and confusing for all of you). But there is something you should know. And pass this on to the other 25 people on my team. Because, Im not sure about everyones name yet, and I have some meetings to cancel and reschedule and cancel.

    do not bother me when I am eating.

    Ya see, I am thin. not because i get any excersise at all, ever. I am thin because i never get time to eat anything while I am at the office. so dont come into my office for guidance or to ask questions If i am reading the wsj and eating eggs, just go away. Im trying to be nice here. I am 100% sure your problem can be solved later. But my eggs are getting cold while you yammer on about some process or system that has no impact on how much money I might make

    Cold eggs can impact how much money you make though. Just remember that, if you keep yappin at me your year end performance review might not go well. Dont make me make you have unreacheable goals thus tanking your review and future income.
    let me eat my eggs in peace. Its a good career move for you.

    rave: friday?

  • Rant: I usually love the drummer that plays from his terrace in the new Donatelli Bldg. on Ga.

    Rave: Last night, the sound of his drums made my splitting headache worse!

  • Rant: I usually love the drummer that plays from his terrace in the new Donatelli Bldg. on Ga.

    Rave: Last night, the sound of his drums made my splitting headache worse!

  • Rant: I usually love the drummer that plays from his terrace in the new Donatelli Bldg. on Ga.

    Rave: Last night, the sound of his drums made my splitting headache worse!

  • rave: i love this weather. biked to work from shaw to virginia this morning. glorious! also, slept with my windows open last night (still needed a fan though).

    rant: it will be in the 60s next weekend for the marine corps…

  • Rant: This weather. My office is freezing.

    Rave: Elevator boy. 🙂

  • Rant: Ginko trees. Is there anything smellier on earth than their seed pods? They take the paint off of your car. Cut them all down and replant some oaks please!

  • Rant: Weather. Ruining my plans for VA Gold Cup tomorrow.
    Rant II: The Trader Ming’s Asian noodle bowls from Trader Joes are officially nasty. Pad Thai one was mushy and sweet and overly saucy. Peanut Noodles were downright disgusting with multiple sensory offenses: smell that lingered in my office for days/taste/looked like baby poo/mushy noodles. I don’t even want to touch the Kung Pao one I got.

    Rave: Friday?

  • Rave: I get schadenfreude listening to people complain about the weather!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Rant: The weather is killing my walkabouts.

    Rave: My new camera is amazing!

  • Rant: I’ve been laid off for a few months.
    Rave: I’ve been laid off for a few months.

  • Rant: There was a family in my office not too long ago, registering for the Christmas program my organization offers. They had a 2 year-old with them, whom they let run around the office. Now, my office is not set up for the wee ones. Nothing to play with, sharp objects everywhere and things she could pull down on her head. So: If you bring your child to an office, PLEASE do not let it run rampant. It is not my job to babysit. And on top of that, she had a dirty diaper. It STILL smells in here!

    Rave: It is FRIDAY! And while this weather is a bit of a downer, it gives me a great reason to curl up on my couch tonight with my Snuggie and my new Netflix movie.

  • Dear Jules,
    My heart is eternally broken, having lost you. You were the light of my life. Unlike anyone else, you pushed me to be a better person each day. The Heavens took you too soon. I love you, my sister.

  • Rant: gloom! 3-4 hour drive tonight bah
    Rave: Friday, seeing an old friend tomorrow, finally got my hair chopped off!

  • Rant: JMU homecoming is tomorrow and I’ll be missing it due to the cold/rain. Don’t want to risk getting sick before MCM next weekend!

    Rave: Sweet farmer’s market at the Ronald Reagan Building today…got some beautiful produce and fresh honey for the weekend at home.

  • Rant: I am so exhusted. I have had something thats kept me out until 10 pm or later every night this week and its not stopping anytime soon. I’ve offically gotten old when 7 days of late nights/early mornings has me wishing for the swine flu so I can sleep for a week.

    Rant2: I have to go to a wedding tomorrow down in Glen Allen VA of a girl Ive known since elementry school. Its going to 47 and raining. I hope they’ve moved this gig inside. The worst part is I wont know ANYONE there and she wouldnt let me bring a guest even though she said there were last minute cancellations and extra space. I’m pretty sure I’m going to leave after dinner.

  • Rave @RG: Amen! Seriously, if one more person comes into my office and sits down to chat while my mouth is full of sandwich, I’m going ape shit.

    Rant: The ass designer who put clear glass walls in every office, making closing the door to enjoy a few minutes of solitude to eat a useless endeavor.

  • Rave: Our ANC rep included note about the street litter all around Petworth in his recent mailing.

    Rant: The ANC rep asserted that the DC gov does a good job cleaning the streets and that residents need to do more to pick up debris left by others. Now wait a minute, if DC gov was doing a good job keeping the streets clean WTF is there litter all over the streets and sidewalks? I’ve only seen them once all summer up here! Can we please get some better (actual) city services before asking residents to do the work for those responsible for such services? Come on now……

  • Rant: After getting a warning notice to get my car registered in DC or I will start getting $100 tickets and 2 trips to the DMV, I’m still not registered and am now eligible for said tickets. Does anyone know how hard they patrol this on the weekends?

    Rave: Gym, take out, wine and snugging on the couch with my girl in just a few hours.

  • Rant: (totally original) the weather
    Rant: Sick
    Rave: Talked to the Matchbox guys for The Hill is Home to get the story on Ted’s Bulletin coming to Barracks Row and am so freakin’ excited! It sounds fantastic. Can’t open soon enough!
    Rave: New phone
    Rant: Had to get new phone b/c I accidentally forgot it in the car and someone smashed friend’s new car window while we were enjoying a beautiful wedding reception at Park Place. I love Petworth, why doesn’t it love me back?
    Rave: Wedding was awesome. Congratulations, friends!
    Rant: Sick

  • Rave: My bathroom contractor told me the toilet and sink will be installed Saturday.
    Rant: he told me the same thing last Friday.

  • Note to DC ANC. The term is “Inclimate weather”. When you say “Increment weather” over and over when addressing the public. One might think you are an idiot.
    ya see, inclimate weather is bad weather.
    increment weather is occasional weather?, or perhaps small amounts of escalating weather.

    ebonics, so full of fail.

  • @rg I believe the word you are looking for is inclement. Almost though.

  • ‘Inclimate’…Ha!

    Reminds me of someone I knew that was convinced that along with a salary, we receive ‘french benefits’ – “I think it had something to do with the French Revolution being for the people or something.”


  • Rant: Ok, I go to DCUSA every morning around 7 to work out at WSC… The security guy there in the morning is usually watching a movie on a portable DVD player.

    What is up with this? I know it is early, but still, dude! There have been multiple thefts, etc around here at all hours…… Should I say something to the management?

  • Rave: I got my coats I ordered today and they look marvelous.

    Rant: I may have to actually wear the damn things this weekend.

  • Anon at 4:37, absolutely.

    But keep in mind security guards in shopping centers can’t do anything about anything. When I worked retail in college we had a guard and he wasn’t allowed to even stop someone from stealing anything, it was more of just the “presence” of the guard that is supposed to stop people from stealing. Problem is, most people understand it is just for show now. Security guards, no matter how vigilant they make themselves look, are useless as hell.

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