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Autumn's Arrived
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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rant: I seem to be the only person working downtown
    Rave: Free on-street parking today!

  • Rant: spent all weekend sick in bed
    Rave: at least it’s not swine flu! (at least, I don’t think so…)

  • @ Herb – I know! I was approaching the McPherson Square metro and thought–oh no, they closed this entrance because of the holiday!

    Otherwise, I don’t have any rants or raves today… not yet, anyway 🙁 / 🙂

  • Rant: Gloomy weather today…

    Rave 1: Ran the Baltimore Half Marathon 🙂

    Rave 2: Shot a succesful set of baby portraits 🙂

  • rave: good turnout at the equality march yesterday!!

    rant: everyone in DC has today off except for me. and Herb.

  • Rave: Just came back from vacation and I’m at work but hardly anyone is here. All the loud mouth people stayed home, the cool manager is here, the 2nd in command didn’t show up and the big boss is staying in his office. Everything is quiet, peaceful and serene enough to get all the work that you missed done with no interference. Is this what it’s like to work from home?

  • Rant — Am too at work whereas no one is.

  • Rave: Ran my first marathon on Saturday!

    Rant: Wishing I could still be celebrating instead of at work…

  • Does anyone know what was happening at 16th and Park last night, around 6 pm or so? There were a ton of police cars out and helicopters buzzing the area.

  • Rave: Seconding the great turnout out the Equality March yesterday.

  • Rave: Peaceful day at home w/neighbor’s dog, laptop, tea; Ethiopian food tonight with some good friends visiting from Alabama
    Rave: Attended two conferences this past week, won a prize at each. Maybe this would be a good time to buy a powerball ticket~

  • Rant: Packing all of our stuff to move on a day best served resting.

    Rant: Moving from Petworth – to Petworth. Sherman Circle or bust!

  • Rave: Sat in box seats at the Ravens game yesterday
    Rant: Not a fan of the Ravens
    Rave: Free food.
    Rant: Working today..

  • Does anyone know much about going cable tv free…? I’m thinking about cancelling Comcast cable, it’s just too expensive for one person. Before I go marching to Best Buy where they tell me I need a $500 antenna, I’m wondering if anyone here can help inform me a little. I have an HDTV Panasonic Viera… so I don’t think I need a converter, but do I need a special antenna? And if so, does anyone have any comments on the quality of the signals? Thanks in advance!

  • @anon319: I’m thinking of doing the same, at least you have the HD Panasonic already, I have a boxy 15in tube, good times. Yours most likely has an antenna built into it, so you should check to see if you get NBC4 at least, once they disconnect the cable and before you go to best buy. Otherwise, my advice, connect your computer to it with an HDMI and watch hulu and netflix streaming, thats my plan.

  • Please explain to us the old convenience store at 500 Irving NW (at Warder) that is now being outfitted as a apartment house or single house with MANY rooms. Can you change permits or zoning like that? This is a little weird…now I am hearing from a neighbor that it might be “group home” (as in many single people or families who are unrelated?)


  • Rave: Washington Animal Rescue League took in 89 puppy mill raid dogs. It’s actually not exactly rave worthy except that they are on their way to happier days. They need lots of toys for the new dogs to pass time while new homes are being found. And, they are hosting a class on Friday to address what to expect and ways to train a puppy mill rescue dog.

    Rant: I don’t think my husband is as excited about the prospect of adopting a #2 dog.

  • Rave: In love.

  • Rave: Went to Philly for the first time this weekend…pretty sweet to see the touristy/historical stuff.

    Rant: Took the Chinatown bus. Never again.

    Rant2: Working today.

    Rave2: Going to Buffalo Billiards tonight to watch the Caps game!

  • Re: the cable TV question, I did a few months ago and am happy without cable. I had to get a converter box but had an old rabbit ear antenna laying about. I get about 15 channels I’d say, with 3 being 24/7 weather radar and news feeds, 2 being spanish, and 2-3 others being religious. The big bummer is no more Monday night football as that’s ESPN.

    In general its great, I find that whether you have 400 channels or 10, you get the same amount of watchable content. Ie, with cable, its hundreds of channels of total crap.

    Best part of antenna TV: RetroTV, which shows only old stuff, and I am back in the groove with Night Rider and Buck Rogers!!

  • Rant: Going over a week now without a shower because of my bathroom renovation. Getting a lot of unintended use out of the office gym these days. (At least it’s new.)

    Rave: Should have a brand spanking new bathroom in 2 weeks!

    Also re: cable TV. I canceled a couple years ago and am thrilled to not be throwing away $100/month on it anymore. However, I bought a converter for my TV and installed it a year ago, and it worked just great! Then the actual turn-over date came (June something?) and suddenly I get unwatchable reception for NBC/ABC and lost the RetroTV station all together (and yes, I reprogrammed after the switch). Not cool! So just beware you may not be able to get all your stations back.

    However, I still watch a ton of tv on Hulu and Netflix Watch Instantly, which suits me just fine. I like that I actually only watch stuff I intended to watch, rather than sitting in front of the tube for hours during whatever Law and Order marathon came on.

  • There was a time when I’d turn on the TV because it was there, watching shows I wanted to see but also spending too much time watching shows while waiting for a program, etc.

    I moved my TV into the basement which meant I had to be deliberate about watching TV, not just watch because it was habitual behavior. I started to tape the shows I wanted to see, but then I didn’t get around to watching them, so I stopped watching altogether.

    Freecycled my TV and don’t miss it a bit. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me.

  • Right on, TVFree! I have a TV in the basement I use for an occassional of watching cartoon DVDs or my monthly subscription to the Ironweed Film Club monthly documentary. I honestly haven’t even turned the TV on in 3 months, though. Too busy writing music, traveling, doing other things.

    I applaud all who kill or freecycle their televisions.

  • We got rid of cable when we moved to a new building where it wasn’t connected yet. After many unsuccessful calls to Comcast, we gave up and got used to the no cable broadcast only option. It’s great- with this and hulu, I don’t know why we would ever go back!!! It’s a huge savings and we don’t miss it at all.

  • rave: fantastic weekend. took the little guy to the park a few times, cooked some bbq. spent the weekend with the kids not working.

    rant: ignoring the office, not replying to emails on the bb. doing a test to see if my second in command can step up. Since I am looking for another gig.succession planning. fark the vp’s, depsec, SES, pmo, svp and sectretary of the ___, acio and the customer.


    Im going back to consulting biatches.


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