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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

How many people have Monday off for Columbus Day?

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  • Forcing massive entitlements on the States and saying you aren’t raising taxes…


  • Prince Of Petworth

    From an email:

    “I wanted to share the lovely experience I had this morning with you. I was on 16th Street, on the sidewalk, literally about to step onto my bus, when a man on a bicycle hit me in the back from behind, running over my foot and shoving me forward. I turned around, shocked, when he yells “DIDN’T YOU SEE ME COMING!?!?” and I said, “clearly I didn’t since you hit me in the BACK, and I’m on the SIDEWALK anyway!” He then sped off without any sort of apology. I am so furious! Where do people get off thinking actions like that are ok!?”

  • Rave: I’m staying in tonight with the roomie; I’ll be renting a movie and attempting to make ricotta gnocchi (any good wine suggestions?)!

    I don’t feel like ranting today! 🙂

  • thanks for posting my email (above) to you PoP, i was just about to!

    rave, however: this beaaautiful un-fall like weather!! and the equality march this weekend!

  • was the guy on 16th on a bike headed northbound, in sweats? I’ve nearly been run over by such a guy recently.

  • Rave: Taking a “memorials at night” stroll with my boyfriend this evening to enjoy this beautiful weather!

    Rant: Having to get up in the morning while it is still dark out. And, my credit card balance .. grrrr.

    But, rave: I checked my credit report and score this morning and I’m actually doing better than I thought 🙂

    Happy Friday everyone!

  • MnomeNa:
    I personally am a red wine person, so I say a malbec or pinot noir. I know that D’vines on 14th has some great malbecs. High Note being one I enjoy. And there are a few others at that price ($14-$19) that rock that I can’t think of off the top of my head. OR… we buy a cannon of cheap Frontera cab-merlot for $10 every night – double the wine, half the price. And it’s really not that bad!

    having to go to a “workshop” for work until 6pm tonight, and then from 8-5 tomorrow.

    flex-scheduling. i’m taking friday off to make up from missing my saturday, and heading to atlanta to see one of my best friends.

  • Rave: My friend is heading home from Iraq for good! (although the air force has not made his transport home very easy) I had an AWESOME educational time at the the Coalition for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Stategy summit this week.

    Rant: I am totally exhusted and I have to work tomorrow morning at 7. Yuck.

  • Rave: going to Memphis this weekend to visit middle school friends I haven’t seen in 15 years!!

    Rant: contract for condo I’ve been waiting on for two months came in today so now I have to deal with that stress while I’m out of town!

  • I’m really confused as to what exactly are the rules are with respect to bicycles on sidewalks. I’m a recent transplant from LA where bikes were street only. People generally obeyed the law of the land and cops actually did a decent job of enforcing the rules without citations. Here, I am getting kind of tired of nearly being taking out by bicycles on crowded sidewalks especially from behind like KC. Sometimes you get a nice little bell warning about one second before they speed pass you but usually there is no warning.

    Now I don’t know if they are allowed on sidewalks or not in DC but they certainly don’t obey the traffic laws when riding in the street either. I got brushed last night crossing 16th on Columbia Rd at 8PM by a cyclist who ran the light. Since when is cyclist momentum more important than pedestrian safety?

    I have a bicycle that I ride myself and I ride in the street and obey the traffic laws. I don’t see why this is so hard for a lot of people in DC.

    Sorry to rant but this has been happening to me too frequently lately.

  • as i cyclist i agree that there are some people out there who dont respect pedestrian right of way, but there are plenty of pedestrians who act as it they dont need to watch out for cyclists like they do for cars. the other day i nearly hit an oblivious woman crossing new hampshire at dupont circle when i had the green – she wasnt looking around at all as she stepped off the sidewalk into the street

  • Bobby – in LA, only celebs get to break the rules. In DC, that right is given to anyone.

  • Haha. Thanks tonysmallframe! I think I’ll start riding my bike down the sidewalk and treating pedestrians like small cars in a monster truck rally. (just kidding of course)

  • Rant: Was threatening and assaulted by DC yellow cab driver this morning (cab #693 a minivan), female driver, NOT provoked at all. Called the police but I doubt anything came of it, called yellow cab and they hung up on me.
    Rave: Beautiful day at least, trying to not let this morning completely ruin my mood.

  • andy- didn’t catch what he was wearing b/c i was too busy GLARING at his face… he was a smallish dude, and clearly not a gentleman. he was riding northbound though, on the west side of the street. next time, i will be armed with a stick to throw into his spokes.

  • bikes are allowed on sidewalks in dc except for downtown.

    as for the idaho stops, as much as they make sense and should be legal (legal idaho stops wouldn’t allow a biker to almost hit pedestrians who have the right of way), it is illegal and i’ve seen people get tickets for them.

  • RANT: People at work who have offices with doors, but insist on holding loud, disruptive conversations in the hall in front of my cube.

    RAVE?: Free flu shot at 2.

  • Slight correction to Charlie Jones, bikes are not allowed on sidewalks only in business districts. See http://www.waba.org/areabiking/bikelaws.php for nice summary of them all. Of course, bikes on sidewalks are not supposed to run you over or anything like that, but like murder the law just ain’t enforced much.

  • Rave: painting soon.

    Any interior painter recommendations — someone you would trust with 100 year old floors and never painted (and don’t want mistakes on) moulding?

  • Rant: Kohler, American Standard, Toto and I clearly have different standards on what constitutes “comfort height” for a toilet.

    Rave: This weather!

    Rant #2: Dammit. Got screwed out of the Nobel Peace Prize again!

  • Rave: Berkeley Springs, WV this lovely long weekend – it’s Apple Butter Festival time!

  • MnomeNa-I’d go for a Tempernillo or Nebbiolo.

  • @ the Malbec crowd: Any of you guys ever run across Malbecs by Don David (Cafayate, Argentina)? It’s delicious. I’ve looked all over for it, but havent seen it in DC (only in MD so far). It’s sold in Argentina as Michel Torino – for some reason they changed the name when they sell it here. Took me a while to learn that, and better explains why I had no luck finding it.

    If you do find it, report back. I highly recommend it. Don David puts out a good Cab Sav too if I remember correctly.

  • Anon 1:31, if you were actually assaulted (physical contact, not just a heated exchange of words) and you have the identity (the cab number) then you need to follow up with the police. They should track down the driver, take your report, scout for witnesses.

    Hahahahahah….. I just typed all that out without laughing. Oh, MPD… you give me such a chuckle.

  • kc – i used to have those fantasies too. sticks for spokes, rocks for car windows.

  • rant: had a toothache since yersterday, worse this morning. Bought a dental kit from cvs. perofrmed some self dental work at the office.

    Rave: toothache gone i think, not sure due to self medicating

  • I was almost struck by a cyclist making an illegal right on red without even looking. I was inches off the curb but no where near traffic. Pretty sure she would have gotten the worst of it if she clipped me, and I wouldn’t have felt the least bit sorry.

  • I wish other cyclists would stop making a bad name for all of us by doing stupid things.

    Apparently those people aren’t following the first rule when riding on the sidewalk: Yield right of way to pedestrians!!!!!

  • @anon @ 1:27
    CertaPro did a really good job with my house. More expensive than I would like, but actually a pretty good rate. Plus they came when they said they would and really held to the details. Even patched a small drywall hole. Recommended.

  • Rant: Was out walking the dogs this morning; a couple of teenagers were coming towards me on the sidewalk; I moved the dogs into the street to make way for them; got the sideways glare and the inevitable spit-in-my-direction as they passed. Gotta love the youth of today.

  • Rave: Prez Obama is a Nobelo now!!!!

    Rant: Kinda see why some think he hasn’t had a chance to prove himself yet

    Rave: But he sure will!

  • Rant – Legal industry is so tight right now DC barred attorneys living in “““““`other cities are coming to DC to do ‘contract work’ (Document review). Big law school loans and fewer legal jobs.

  • The above post is why I decided against going to law school. Way too many lawyers.

  • Rave: Equality March!

    Rant: Last night’s shooting after a Cardoza High School football game, which closed Florida between 13th and 14th.

  • colelady: was there a connection between that shooting and the Cardozo game or did it just happen nearby? There was a shootout up at Coolidge a few hours later in which a few kids were injured – wonder if they were connected somehow.

  • I don’t know if there was a connection between the shooting and the usual post-football melee, but the shooting did happen less than a block south-west of the school just after the game.

  • “Anon 1:31, if you were actually assaulted (physical contact, not just a heated exchange of words) and you have the identity (the cab number) then you need to follow up with the police. They should track down the driver, take your report, scout for witnesses.

    Hahahahahah….. I just typed all that out without laughing. Oh, MPD… you give me such a chuckle.”

    God forbid MPD fails to canvas for witnesses to a likely he-said she-said taxi-based altercation several days later with most likely no visible injuries and no other corroborating evidence. I’m sure that wouldn’t be a complete waste of time and that the witnesses are standing around waiting to be interviewed Right. This. Minute. It’s not like they need to investigate the shooting at the Coolidge homecoming, the robbery and shooting on Rock Creek Church et al.

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