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Museum #2
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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • Rant: One of the two escalators at the Columbia Heights station, east entrance, is blocked off again for repairs. The other one is turned off so people can walk in both directions. Didn’t they just spend months reconstructing these escalators? This looks to be another long-lasting, major repair. Also, doesn’t Metro continue to blame exposure to the elements for escalator breakdowns, while this one has been covered by a canopy from day one? Sheesh.

  • Rant: My boyfriend is apathetic about Halloween costumes, but I’m really psyched about mine this year. I’m afraid we’re just going to sit at home and do nothing on Saturday.. Laame. Also, boyfriend’s friends are grating on my nerves lately.

    Rant: Work’s starting to get stressful–but I’m grateful to have a job.

    Rave: Friday? That’s about all I got.

  • Rave: Tonight is my widely acclaimed Horror House Halloween Party! If you see a mob of beligerant drunks in costume en masse on Newton Street tonight, you know why!

  • Rave: The big boss is extending his vacation until the middle of next week. The office runs smoothly and no drama.

    Rant: Teenagers on the red line running from car to car while the train is moving while the driver continuously calls for security to meet him at the next station. At the station we sit for almost 10 minutes while the driver continues to call for security to respond. Good thing it wasn’t a truly serious situation. If the stupid teens had fallen between cars I would have testified on metro’s behalf.

  • Rave: the first thing I saw this morning after I opened my front door was a black cat with its back arched and tailed fluffed on my front steps (it had just been startled by my neighbor’s cat) — very Halloween appropriate!

    Rant: A STORM DRAIN IS NOT A TRASH CAN. I wish people didn’t litter.

  • @Kalorini – don’t let your boyfriend’s apathy stand in the way of your awesome Halloween costume! I’ve had that happen in the past where I had an awesome costume and the former bf didn’t want to do anything. Fight for it! 🙂

    Rave: I’m being Marie Antoinette for Halloween – carrying around a tray of petit fours with a sign that says “let them eat cake!” (I know I know she didn’t really say that)

    Rave2: my boyfriend is being a guillotine 🙂

    Rave: PoP Launch party! So excited to meet all of you!

    Rant: general exhaustion

  • Rant: Teens calling each other “son” and “ni^ga”, as if somehow that makes them cool or something, or part of something really enriching and meaningful in life.

    Rave: free lunch!

  • Rant: writers block with a deadline looming.

    Rave: There a rave in here somewhere, just don’t know how to express it today.

  • @Kalorini, just remember what The Hold Steady says…if you get tired of your boyfriend’s friends, there’s always other boys, there’s always other boyfriends. 😉

  • @Kalorini – tell him you’re going out alone to 18th St. to look for somebody who knows how to have fun on Halloween! That’ll get him off the couch.

  • Rave: Having a real, true-to-life date with a cute guy this evening. My 2-year drought might be over!

    Rant: I can’t lose 25lbs. in 6 hours.

  • Rave: My boyfriend’s mother is visiting today and we are meeting her for a lovely dinner and then going to give her a tour of his newly purchased rowhouse in Columbia Heights.

    Rave: He actually cleaned his grimey house for her visit! It was way past due!

    Rant: The restaurant where we are going does not serve alcohol and he is out of wine at home. I sure hope his mom doesn’t mind if I make a run to the liquor store during her house tour!

  • Buy cups, Genghis. All glasses are still packing in totes during kitchen renovation.

  • Rant: Teens at metro, rec centers, playgrounds, grocery stores, calling each other “son” and “ni^ga”, shouting, fighting, spitting, littering, blocking the sidewalks, as if somehow that makes them cool or something, or part of something really enriching and meaningful in life. Feeling like the neighborhood is backsliding, despite crime being down.

    Rave: Looks like a nice Saturday after a few rainy weekends.

  • Rant: Training materials.
    Rave: Friday.

  • Rant: Spent the morning with swine flu infected husband at urgent care after he kept us both up all night with horrible coughing.

    Rave1: As I’m feeling fine (just really tired) it looks like I may be spared the wrath of the swine this go round.

    Rave2: Free halloween cupcakes greeting me in the lobby when I finally showed up at work!

  • Rave: Finally tried out BETA Academy (brazilian jiu jitsu and muay thai studio in the basement of casa del pueblo between 14th and 15th on Columbia Road, formerly in the Capital Charter school) last night. Very well run program, cool instructors and nice facilities. So happy it is right here in the neighborhood.

    Felt great to get back out there, rollin around and beating myself up again. Seriously sore today, but full of good energy. I’d about completely fallen off the wagon in terms of going to the gym – just so damn boring/no motivation to go anymore. This stuff is a great cardiovascular/anaerobic workout. I highly recommend this place to anyone interested. http://www.betamartialarts.com/. PoP – from one former wrestler to another, you should check it out. Definitely post-worthy.

    Rant: It costs more than my current gym membership and I’m not sure if I can handle the increase right now. This will require some creative budgeting.

  • Rave: MY DOG REMEMBERED THAT AT LEAST HALF OF HER ANCESTRY WAS BRED TO KILL RODENTS!!!! She killed a mouse last night, and delivered it to me! That is carcass number 2 for those keeping track, which means if history is any indicator, we’ve only got one to go! (My mice come in 3s; I don’t know why – the old adage has never held true for me!)
    Rave: Hilloween tonight at Eastern Market, followed by Thriller on H St.! I don’t like Halloween and think costumes are dumb, but Hilloween is just neighbors hanging out; Thriller on H will just be fun to watch!
    Rave: Pig Roast around the corner tomorrow night!
    Rave: Doggie costume contest @ Lincoln Park tomorrow. I think costumes for humans are dumb, but I’m not above trotting the pup out especially in light of Rave #1 since her costume is a cat!
    Rant: Before all this fun can commence, I have a bunch of errands to do for the upcoming CHAMPS Hillys Awards and I have to drive to both MD and VA today to pick stuff up. Will bring good music and the pup along for a fall ride though!

  • Nichole: What kind of dog do you have? My husband is allergic to cats, and i’ve got some rodents that need to go!

  • Rant: Overheard two teens at lunchtime, 13 and 14 yrs old, discussing how she, the 13 yr old, was pregnant by her mother’s 32 yr old boyfriend and she was glad because her momma made her sick because she wouldn’t let her wear her hair in a certain way and slapped her. The 14 yr old replied that it only happened because her momma was 30 yrs old and no man wanted somebody that old. The 14yr old knew this because she was sleeping with her brother’s 19 yr old friend who aparently was still in high school and that’s what he told her men want….and on and on.

    Rave: Neither one of these little ignorant bi-otches are mine.

  • What is going on 15th Street! I’ve heard they were doing studies about changing the traffic flow, making it 2 way, adding bike lanes etc. But I never saw any plans about removing parking on the entire left side, from Rhode Island Ave to V Street, for a bike lane? I’m all for more bike lanes in DC, but to remove all that on street parking? That’s just irresponsible. Hopefully its temporary.

  • @too many mice, she’s a schnoodle – half schnauzer (the killing half) and half poodle. She doesn’t shed and is “hypoallergenic” (to the extent that’s possible). If you wanted better odds on a dog that will control rodents though, you could get a rat terrier, or a cairn terrier, or a full schnauzer. There are rescue orgs for all of those breeds in the area, if you wanted to go that route. I’m partial to schnauzers for the no shedding/low allergen thing, but that’s just me!

  • @ GAAYYYYY! Chop off an arm, 25 lb problem solved *and* instant Halloween costume! Bonus!

  • Rant: It’s really hard to stop smoking.

    Rave: Halloween Party TONIGHT at the house!! Can’t wait!

    Rave: PoP Anniversary party – is it just at Wonderland or at Looking Glass as well? Just curious…

  • @Matt – I officially stated that I would quit smoking back in February… I’ve relapsed a bunch of times (mostly when drinking), but you’ve just gotta push through! I now find myself craving the nicorette and not the cigarettes, which is good, but I still get a hankering for a smoke every now and again. The biggest help for me was the Quit Rewards program that Nicorette offers – there’s a red logo on the box of nicorette that gives you the info. You can get $5 – $10 off a box of nicorette, and every few boxes you enter into the program you get either a Visa gift card, or at the end you can get a portable DVD player, ipod shuffle, or $50 (I think) gift card. That really helped me push through. Also, I used to smoke about 18-20 cigarettes a day, and the 2 mg was just not enough nicotine for me – get the 4 mg if you smoked a lot.

  • Rant: Dammit, E-Rich, now that Hold Steady song is stuck in my head.

    Rave: At least it’s a good song.

    Happy Halloween, bitches!

  • @ Mal – Thanks for the tip – tonight will definitely be a challenge.

    Happy Halloween everybody!

  • Emmaleigh504

    RANT: Do I work with a bunch of children? These so-called professionals need to quit marking their territory in the bathroom. There is no need for piss to be anywhere but INSIDE the toilet! gah!

  • Rant: No plans for tomorrow night…might just stay home and deal with Trick-or-Treaters.

    Rave: Going to the Caps game tonight! Let’s go for 7 straight!

    Rave2: Still healthy even though most of my co-workers have been/are sick (including one with Swine flu).

  • @too many mice – my Cairn and Westie have managed to kill a squirrel outside if that’s any indication of their hunting prowess. I’m more than happy to rent my Cairn out for rodent control.

    Rant: Was a complete slacker on doing some show designs due to low creative energy and now they’re late.

    Rave: Once they’re out the door, I can work on fun stuff like costuming!

    Rave: Halloween at home with no costume but friends, wine and cheese, stupid scary movies, and throwing candy at hooligans. Need to get my pumpkin!

  • Rave: meeting a friend (who is deploying to Afghanistan in a couple of months) at Birch & Barley/Churchkey in about an hour. It will be my first time there and we’re both sorta beer geeks.

  • Rant: my coworker can’t shut up and talks so loud I can hear every conversation…

    “hon take the baby out for a walk, its good for him. Take him out, take him out.”

    “Cowbody, its good to hear that; yeah yeah; no I have baby duty tonight. OK see ya Cowboy love ya.”

    “And that is why I started the program, b/c there was a need….”

    “AND I said to her, you can’t learn if you are not challenged. Look at me if I stayed in that agency…”

    “brother, its good to hear from you brother…”

    “People looked up to me and saw me as I couldn’t do a single thing wrong…”

    Jeezus SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. Or at least shut your frickin door!!!! You narcassistic jerk!

    Rave: only 1 hr left of work.

  • @Steve

    The beer is awesome. Amazing selection (for a fun time, ask them if you can order a bottle). Food kind of blah/bready, at least in the upstairs.

  • gsHoeflinger,
    You think your story is interesting. I over heard two young girls in SE this summer talking about how a ni _ _ a gave her sister AIDS and what she would do if a ni _ _ a gave her the AIDS. Meanwhile, one of the girls in the group had her jaw wired shut. Why? Well, her sister’s boyfriend broke her jaw in a fight.

  • horrible day so far, but should be good and drunk in a few hours.

    anyone know of someone looking to rent out a room in the petworth or columbia heights area?

  • Rant: Guy in the post office yelled at me. I was dropping off a package –all the postage was paid, I had hoped to just drop it off–but he wanted me to wait in line. I was in a bad mood, and more sensitive than usual about getting yelled at. It turned into a heated exchange in both directions. I’ve convinced myself that he threw my package away in revenge. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Rave: I settled on my new Petworth house today

    Rave: PT Crittenden will be a terrible moniker.

  • finalllyyyyy….my chance to rant….

    snark snark snark!!

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