Progress at Building on 2110 19th Street, NW

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This is an interesting development as it seems they’ve bricked the top part. I wonder if the whole building will eventually be bricked. I was kinda digging the light color but will be interested to see how this one turns out.

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  • The needless, silly preservation of the front facade of the Hilltop Apartments at 2110 19th Street with these small windows and allowing above one more new level of the same lamentably results in what you see here, and the extension for yet another century of a badly designed building on a low light level site.

    We know better today how to design and build to bring in more light to a center block site. A far better new residential building could have been built on the wide expanse of this site had the original owner been allowed to just finally bring it down and rebuild with modern large windows around an open center courtyard on a site with only brief morning sunlight in the shadow of the huge Washington Hilton complex, the tall 2100 19th Coop building next door, the tall Wyoming building and the Gelmarc Towers.

    The long saga of The Hilltop Apartments at 2110 19th Street is a perfect example of extreme preservationists who think they know better by holding to such an extreme and silly never tear down policy resulting in what you see here, the death of one construction worker trying to preserve it; and again, the extension for another century of a badly designed building for a site with such low level sunlight.

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  • I know nothing about the building’s history, but I agree that it’s pretty unspectacular.

  • Well I think the original facade is technically brick too, just a lighter color than the more traditional bricks we tend to associate with “brick”. I like the original color too, but either way I’m glad to see this building getting fixed up.

  • Is the original structure covered in cream-colored bricks, or were the bricks painted? I would assume that once construction is complete, the whole building will be painted the same color…

  • I think it usually works better if the work from the ground up, rather than from the sky down.

    Regardless, I’m glad to see some color. And I think preserving older facades is more important than bigger windows. We have plenty of 50s and 60s era apartment blocks with plate-glass windows if that is what someone wants.

    Allowing an owner to tear down doesn’t mean they would have built something better. Usually the result is worse.

  • Glad to see some progress on that building, it’s on a great block near the Hinkley Hilton and it’s been a facade/dangerous site for far too long. Once the Hilton finishes their renovation and hopefully reopens their outdoor pool & gym this could be a great walkable place to live. Check out the coop next door for affordable units (except their elevator is super scary!)

  • Walking by earlier this week I heard one of the contractors telling another curious onlooker that the whole thing is going to be painted over.

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