Possibly Coming to 1314 9th Street, NW


This is the spot that we looked at over the summer. The copper still looks fantastic. At the time I first looked at it the owner said she was holding out for something special in the retail space, possibly a bookstore or art space. Now this is pure scuttlebutt but word on the street is that there may be a deli moving into this space. There was newspaper covering the windows so it seems a build out has begun. I’ll be sure to monitor this spot to see if it becomes a deli or something else.

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  • Fun! I haven’t heard any details or scuttlebutt. A deli would be a gread addition to the area, which lacks lunch spots.

  • Hot damn. This place is on my block. A deli would be proper. It used to be a deli in the 30’s, so I wonder if the zoning/permits carry over from that long ago.

  • Oh, please make it a NY style deli please. Shit everywhere, no real shelving system to speak of, but really good sandwiches.

  • Dang… if you folks get your way it’ll be ‘back to the future’! Check this link: http://www.shorpy.com/node/5822 Look familiar?

  • Dang ! Dang, TheGeekinMe.

    Well done.

    Think anybody’s still alive that can remember Tom’s Lunch and Deli from 1930 with five cent hot dogs and hamburgers ?

  • My 86 yr old grandmother told me she remembers Tom’s. I kind of like the space will be a deli again. Glad 1300 blk of 14th is starting to finally get businesses.

    • DC Native, it’s possible that you won’t look back on this site and get this message. But if you do, I would love to talk to your grandmother. I am 1/2 owner of 1314 9th and I am Lisa’s mother. We are trying to trace the history of our buildings. We know quite a bit but there is a great gap between Tom’s Lunch and our next reference in 1968. We would love to hear about anything she remembers.
      Sorry no deli.

  • Kosher deli would be excellent. Went to Taylor and was great, but I miss hot pastrami on rye and lox bagels.

  • Please let it be a jewish deli!

  • That would be nice, but unfortunately Jewish delis are an endangered species outside New York.

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