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  • Simply heaven!

  • There is already a Posh restaurant. Do we need a POSH consignment store? Spice up the names a little bit, people.

  • Nice! Thanks for the heads-up. I love the idea that it is recycling AND shopping. If you love a good consignment, hit Secondi on CT and R in Dupont (above Starbucks)also – excellent inventory and prices.

  • I’m surprised they didn’t decide to call it Aroma Consignment Store.

    And speaking of aroma, do people actually buy used shoes? Yuck!

  • @Goot Lemmon

    Of course. Nice consignment stores accept only gently used, clean shoes. They certainly don’t smell. It’s not like someone wore them over to posh, pulled them off and stuck em on the rack.

    Haven’t you ever bought a pair of sexy heels, wore them once and then got rid of them because they killed your feet? 🙂

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