Porter Street Residences – Looking Good


It’s been a while since I checked in on the progress of the soon to be Porter Street Residences located on Porter east of Connecticut toward Rock Creek Park. Looks like the finished product will match the rendering. Does anyone remember if these are going to be condos or apartments? I feel like someone said previously that they were going to be residences for the Chinese Embassy? Is that right?



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  • Correct, they’ll be private residences for Chinese diplomatic staff. Not for sale or rent.

  • Re: who’s going to live there… that explains a lot. I’d seen this construction not long ago, and was thinking that building a big new complex over there was kinda like building a high-rise in Detroit. The horse is pretty much gone from Cleveland Park…. not exactly a happenin’ place these days.

  • All sorts of ugly rumors about them bringing in Chinese slave labor to build these things…crazy stuff. I doubt that’s really the case, but it’s relatively common for counties to bring in their own nationals to construct diplomatic compounds due to fear of listening devices/transmitters being built into the structure.

  • At least its not made of popsicle sticks and glue.

  • Does anyone know what the complex on the top of the hill behind these residences is? There is a gate that bars access to quite a few large houses on a street that does not appear not maps.

  • Dood: Those are some rich peoples’ houses. I believe PoP has featured one of them on here before, albeit as viewed from down at the bottom of Porter Street.

  • “The Homestead (La Quinta) is located at 2700 Macomb Street and was the last country house built in Cleveland Park. It was designed in 1914 by Frederick B. Pyle and in 1930 was enlarged into a Georgian mansion. In 1945, the newly independent Indian government purchased the house as a residence for the Indian Ambassador.” http://www.nps.gov/history/Nr/travel/wash/dc4.htm

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