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By the time you’re reading this Tynan Coffee & Tea will be open at 1400 Irving Street, NW in Columbia Heights. I was able to get a sneak preview of the spot Thursday evening while the finishing touches were being completed. They have recently updated their Web site and you can see their menus here. Currently their hours are Monday – Friday 6:30am – 8pm and Saturday – Sunday 8am – 8pm. Those hours could change based on customer demand. In addition to coffee and tea you’ll also have the option of getting beer and wine. There is free Wifi and the seating capacity is 52 indoors. In the warmer months there will be some outdoor seating as well. While Friday is their soft opening on Saturday they will have their grand opening from 8am – 8pm though from 10am – 2pm there will be a sampling of free 8oz brewed coffee so you can check out the spot.


More photos after the jump.




There is a great clean burning fireplace (ethanol):


I particularly liked the wall:



There will be a mural featuring Columbia Heights in this space:


A book exchange:



And for the parents out there – baby changing stations in both bathrooms:


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  • I am so excited about the baby changing station. It’s pretty hard to find a changing station in public places in DC. Or at least it is at Starbucks (which might be the worst coffee anyway.) Can’t wait to try it!

  • Waffles. You just made my wife happy.

  • It looks great! Can’t wait to check it out this weekend.

  • My wife’s knitting circle is likely to start meeting up there instead of Starbucks (Saturdays from 2-5) – looks like they have some nice seating areas. They linger, but order lots of beverages and food!

  • SOUPS. add more soups. fall and winter a good soup selection would be great.

  • i have no doubt this place will do extremely well. especially on weekends. starbuck’s layout sucks and there is not enough seating at sticky fingers. my wife and i will be walking past sticky fingers and starbucks to go here!

  • Looks cool…hope people don’t abuse the book exchange. I was hoping this place would have some outdoor seating, good to see.

    And I really hope they end up being open later than 8:00, eventually!

  • looks like a great space! i’m super excited!

  • Stopped by this morning for breakfast. They didn’t have the full food menu, but the flavor of my chicken sausage, egg, and cheese on English muffin was spot on (and a touch maple-syrupy). They actually pour a latte correctly (as their logo would indicate). The staff was friendly, even with the first day jitters, and the operators were in the store, talking to people and looking for feedback. Plus, they have whole beans! Love that this is here now.

  • Is it just me or does it look all too ordinary?

  • It should be open til at least 10 or 11 pm. Look at the late business Tryst does. 8 pm is exceedingly early.

  • Rat King i agree but maybe the future mural will fix that

  • I know it would be a pain logistically but a wood burning fireplace would have been rad

  • Looks great – I also hope that they will consider staying open later and branching into the dessert business!

  • Cool – I’m going just for the climbing wall!

  • I agree that it would be nice if they were open a bit later…I’ve fallen in love with Mid City above Ms. Pixie’s and that is my main beef with them.

  • Thanks, POP. Saw the space – and the photos don’t d it justice! its beautiful. You can tell its run by ‘detail people’ as any independent place should be. Really look forward to seeing what they do on the wall with the mural art of theneighborhood!!

  • Tynan Johnson fails to disappoint, yet again. Nice work, man!

  • Looks awesome. I’ll be there tomorrow!

  • Coffee was good, space was cool. I’ll be back.

  • Nice! Looked very industrial/cookie-cutter/chain-with-a-capital-c from the outside, but looks promising! Will definitely give it a try, at least.

  • Wow, super exciting. I can’t wait to try it.

  • Can’t wait to have my first cup of Tynan tea. West Coast Pat

  • They have a daily WAFFLE? Wow. I love this place already, that’s brilliant.

  • Just came home from there with the little one and they were incredibly friendly as we tried to find something right for her on the menu. Their pumpkin spice latte was authentic – their cookies were great. One of the owners (I think) told us they plan to have toys for kids in the back near the book-borrow shelf. It is just great – a welcome change. Can’t wait for them to open at the Petworth metro!

  • We’ll be stopping by to befoul the changing tables shortly. (Just kidding!…maybe) Make sure the blueberry muffins are up to par. I can bring some old puzzles for the toy corner.

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