PoP Preview: The Burger Joint, Opens Thursday or Friday at 1514 Connecticut Ave, NW


I ran into one of the owners and his family on Sunday and he invited me inside to take a look and snap some photos. It looks like it’s gonna be pretty sweet. You can take a look at the menu here. (There are veggie options). The space itself wasn’t 100% completed but you could tell it had a comfortable feel. He said the place would open on Thurs. or Fri. but to call first to make sure which day (202-299-1071). There are old album covers, which obviously appeals to me (sorry for the slightly blurry photo), on the wall:


The table tops (which weren’t assembled yet) also look pretty sweet:


So has anyone sampled the goods from their Bethesda or Alexandria spots?


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  • Yay, veggie options 🙂

  • The BGR in Old Town is pretty decent. More upscale than 5G, not as boutiquey as Matchbox.

  • finally. a place i can get a quick good burger and fries AND have a beer. unlike fiveguys or rays.

  • the veggie burgers are EXCELLENT, and so are the onion rings. a little pricey for burgers, but also better than, say, Five Guys.

  • The Old Town location is awesome! It’s a bit tiny, but so are most of the other places in Old Town. As for the food – pricey, but worth it. They have a great lunch special: $9 for burger, fries, and drink. (Normally, a burger alone costs $9.) The burgers are worth it though… not as greasy good as five guys, but much more substantial and premium toppings. If you’re not in the mood for a burger, they’ve got one of the best lobster rolls in town. Not the fake stuff either. I watched my server take the meat out of the claw and plop it on the roll. I also like the choice of asparagus instead of regular fries. I’d skip the milkshakes though… a little too soupy.

  • I’ve been to the one in Old Town, and their Wellington burger is to die for. Not terribly keen on their regular burger, tho.

  • I’ve been to the Bethesda location a few times, like them a lot. I agree with most of the other comments, it’s more than you’ll pay at 5 guys, but it’s a much better burger.

  • I’ve been the Bethesda location a couple times. It’s better than Five Guys, not as good as Ray’s Hell, but a great addition to the city for sure.

    Their veggie burger is fairly unique and well worth a try also. I highly recommend ordering it with bacon on top.

  • I agree that the food is good but I hope that this location is not as loud as the Bethesda one. My neighbors can attest that I like my music loud just not while I am eating and trying to have a conversation with my fellow diners.

  • Why no prices on the menu other than for the lunch special?
    I will definitely check them out at some point. I give them Kudos for including fries and onion rings on the menu, items that should be on the menu at any real burger place. Ray’s, which I have found to be okay but unnimpressive (and definitely not worth the post-Obama visit waiting times) tries to differentiate itself by offering sides instead of fries. It might work if the sides were actually decent, but it doesn’t work because the sides are small, uninspiring and downright bad.

  • I loath the “Burger joint” their bethesda location has an exhaust fan that makes all of woodmont ave reek of smoke/burger meat. I love a burger and all, but i hate inhaling it via second hand. I would suspect this violates some health code…

  • Woodmont ave poster. You’re an idiot! Houstons, tastee diner, blackfin etc. Are all way bigger restaurants then burgerjoint. You smell the combo of them all, um say at lunch time. I happen to love it! Hellooo bgr! Daddys coming in for some char meat baby!!!

  • you know what, i will still be loyal to in-n-out, my favorite burger place ever.

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