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  • I believe it is Fantom Comics in Union Station.

  • LJ is correct. Also, the guy with the black backpack with orange straps is holding a “Fantom Comics” bag.

    The drawback of both Fantom and Big Monkey Comics (RIP) was that neither managed to find enough room to stock a decent number of back issues.

  • Unfortunately the back issue market, as sold in stores, is dead — the internet did that quite nicely. Because it’s so much easier to find what you’re looking for via places like eBay or Mile High, what used to be 30% of a store’s business dropped to less than 5%. It’s why almost all comic stores have killed their back-issue sections, it was taking up space that could have been used to stock things with a greater sales velocity.

    Anyway, for all the talk of Big Monkey being gone, I’d say that DC is well served with Fantom over in Union Station and Big Planet in Georgetown. (To say nothing of all the good stores in places like Bethesda, College Park, Vienna, and others outside of the district lines.)

  • Sad to hear about Big Monkey – I don’t know much about comic books, I just find something and read what I like (right now, loving Greg Rucka), and despite my non comic-book-afficianado demeanor, they were quite lovely and took the time to reccommend other series that I might like. Meant to go back but currently broke. Hurray for DC public library!

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